Maybe the gun control folks shouldn’t be worried about open carry patrons in coffee bars as much as loose boweled cops in bars. reports that Police Officer John Guerrero was off-duty (so to speak) when Mother Nature called. Apparently, She didn’t want Geurrero to answer whilst armed. The Grand Rapids cop left his gun outside the stall. An unidentified woman entered the john and fired his police-issue nine mil. “Sources said the woman was not with Guerrero and that she entered the men’s room minutes after he did because the line for the ladies room was too long. She found the gun lying on a trash can and picked it up.” Switched off the safety and fired it for fun? Sure. I believe that. Nothing suspicious here. “Guerrero, who is on paid suspension while last Saturday’s incident is being investigated, came back to the [Brew-stir’s] bar to retrieve his 9 mm gun, but left before Ottawa County sheriff’s deputies responded to the complaint, sources said . . .  The gun was not fired as part of an assault, but Ottawa sheriff’s Lt. Mark Bennett said police aren’t calling the shot an accident. The bullet went through a bathroom wall and into a beer cooler. No one was injured.” Even if this turns out to be something more than an accidental discharge (so to speak), there’s a lesson to be learned: keep your friends (or whatever) close, your gun closer.


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