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An off-duty University of Kentucky police officer managed to cause the cancellation of a YMCA basketball tournament in Georgetown, Kentucky. All because he left his heater in the stall after duty called. In a story that could have been titled, Careless Cop Cancels Cager Kids’ Contest, says, “A coach from one of the participating teams found the gun at the Scott County YMCA and officials had canceled the event by the time the campus officer reported the weapon was his more than an hour after it was found, according to Georgetown police. . .

YMCA official Rob Van Til said agency was counting on money from the tournament. Georgetown Police Chief Greg Reeves said the “Y” probably lost between $800 and $1,000 because of the incident.

All because the copper couldn’t manage a deuce without losing control of his gun. Sure, cancelling the tournament may have been something of an over-reaction. But awarding the off-duty flatfoot our IGOTD award definitely isn’t.

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  1. Dang it, if I’d found the gun they wouldn’t have had to cancel the tournament ’cause I wouldn’t have told anyone. All these cops and TSA people and FBI folks leaving their guns lying around, how come I never find them? I’d give it a good home and pet it and love it and call it George.

  2. Between the ATF and numbskulls like this one,the argument of ‘only Police should be Armed’ gets sillier every year.

    No more Glocks for our lawmen.They should go back to the revolver for our boys and girls in blue until some basics about firearms can be imparted,like rule #5:don’t leave your piece in the $%#= restroom.

    • Suggestion #1) Don’t use a holster that requires you to remove your weapon when you drop trou.
      Suggestion #2) If you are going to remove your weapon, put it in your shoe (can’t take credit for that one, that was one of my PTC instructors).

  3. Don’t lump University Police in with police,
    for the love of God! The entry standards are much lower, and the competence varies accordingly.

    • let me guess your’e a small city cop who enforces the same laws as public school, state, sheriff, unversity, airport, and any other law enforcement officer. To me it doesnt matter what agency their with, if they have a badge they took the same oath and I consider them my brother or sister. Maybe you’ll understand that after you wipe your ears.

  4. Why are so many people pulling their weapon out and sitting it on the toilet? Leave the damn thing in the holster unless you need it and this won’t happen.

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