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“A man (not pictured above) accidentally shot himself in the leg while he was bowling after the gun in his pocket went off…. Police believe the bowling ball hit his pocket and let off the gun while he was taking a shot.” While it’s hard to be sure, one witness described the gun as a revolver. The thing is, it’s virtually impossible to “let off” a revolver with just a bump from a 12 lb. Brunswick. We’d lay even money that the un-named keggler’s keys, a pocket knife or some other miscellaneous tool was sharing pocket space with his J-frame. Thankfully, report that his injuries aren’t considered to be life threatening. There’s no word, though, how the incident may affect his league standings. Safety tip: for God’s sake, use a pocket holster (to protect the trigger) and keep everything else out of your pocket. Kaythanksbye.

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  1. I still am having trouble seeing how a hit with a bowling ball, even with junk in the pocket, would be likely to cause a 12 lb trigger pull, all the way to completion. Freak accidents can and do occur, and it is a good lesson I suppose.

    • The only discription I saw of the gun was it was a revolver. Not much to go on, especially with the media’s lack of gun knowledge. Was it a good quality revolver in good repair?

      Could it have been an older model that’s unsafe to carry with a loaded chamber under the hammer?

      An NAA single action with the hammer ket down improperly on the round and not the safety notch?

      An older auto like the 1903 Colt could go off under the impact of the bowling ball if it was chambered.

      Not enough info to go on.

  2. I have a hard time letting the bowling ball of scott free, and blaming an inanimate object like a pocket knife for this.

  3. Yup, the dangdest things can happen. Murphy works overtime when firearms are around. Always, always, always use a holster. Naked guns are only for gangsters.

  4. He shot himself in the leg when he hit the gun with his ball. He’s very fortunate that it wasn’t the other way around.

  5. I gave up bowling for sex.
    Your balls are lighter, and you don’t have to change your shoes….

  6. I’m not sure which pisses me off more…reading about these effing morons or reading about common sense measures to curb gun violence.

  7. Wonder if Captain Brainaic had the wheel gun cocked…or if it was such a relic that it had a naked pin/spur on the chambered round.

  8. You missed the obvious picture from The Big Lebowski. Dan Zimmerman’s avatar of Walter pulling his 1911 in the bowling alley.

  9. So either he had the hammer back or he was carrying a relic that isn’t drop/jostle safe and had one in the chamber.

  10. There is something very, very wrong with this story. Either the man had pockets that went to this ankles or the story is a lie. I have been a competitive bowler and certified coach for decades. I believe it to be extraordinarily improbable that anyone could roll a bowling ball with their elbow bent to the degree that the pall would pass the body just below waist level. I have worked with 1st timers and semi professional players and have never heard of, let a loan seen anything remotely in line with this story. Therefor I must declare this story B.S. in the 10th order.

    P.S Only the elderly, women and pre-teens use 12 lb bowling balls.

    • Or he was wearing urban sh¡thead pants, i.e. cargos. Low pockets in weird places, and all lumpy so a gun wouldn’t be all that noticeable.

  11. it doesnt say he was a professional bowler with proper form. Maybe his arm hit the hammer and partially cocked it but not enough to catch but enough for it to fire a round. I would go for a hammerless revolver if I were to carry it in my pocket.

  12. I guess that the Brady people were right. They always told us that there would be blood in the gutters and alleys.

  13. OMG
    i can’t keep reading.
    Holy crap. I’m laughing myself stupid here.
    To have some dumbass do something that fits so perfectly with one of my favorite f**king funny movies….
    Speaking of f**k

  14. ATTN: Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day

    This is not ‘Nam, this is bowling. There are rules.

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