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I know I’m not the only nerd out there hoping to be able to buy a TrackingPoint system for less than the price of my car sometime soon. And the more we hear about the Venture X project (Remington and TrackingPoint’s bid to make a less expensive TP rifle) the more excited my nerd-self gets. Make the jump for the latest proposed button layout — it looks like they’re planning on having the “tag” button be located somewhere other than the frame of the firearm . . .


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  1. I’m calling bs…I don’t think this was an accidental leak. I think this is a PR leak.

  2. Hey, wait a minute guys….This was supposed to be stamped “Top Secret” diagonally across the plan sheet.

  3. What makes y’all think that the Project Rhino document pictured above (complete with logos, branding, etc…) is anything other than a leak of a double secret insider-only document?

    A bunch of skeptics, all of ya!

    • It’ll have a voice over function that will say things like “range 312 yards…bub.”

  4. Let’s go with “no shit they’re promotional items”

    Button not on frame means they’re preparing to be able to put these on anything

    when i can put it on a ddm4… sold

  5. I am still not sure what the point of this scope is. Does it just track the target for you? You still have to put the crosshairs on it and pull the trigger correct? Does it only track the target as long as you can still see it through the scope? Sounds to me like it is a fancy range compensating scope. It cant compensate for wind because it would have no idea what the wind was doing 800 yards away. Wind can change direction many times over that distance, what the wind is doing where you are sitting is not worth much. When they come up with electronic ammo that can be controlled by the scope then they will have something.

    • No word on how it’s going to be implemented generically, but on the Tracking Point guns, you pull the trigger, hold it down, move the cross hairs onto your pre-marked target, and the gun goes off when in perfect alignment.

  6. Somewhere on the frame of the firearm? Why not use the trigger? There should be a selector that goes between safe, tag, and fire. Safe is safe, tag is for use with the tracking point, and fire behaves like a traditional rifle/scope combination.

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