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Only two places for a gun: on your person or locked in a safe. Worried about quick access? We’ll have a look at a new 9G biometric safe later today.

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  1. Don’t even need a biometric safe. I’ve been using Gunvaults for years and I can have my gun out of there in under 3 seconds. And they’re cheap enough that I can keep a loaded handgun in every room of my apartment with the peace of mind knowing that no one has access but me.

    With every right comes a responsibility. Lock up your shooting irons.

    • You obviously mean this as an insulting, tongue in cheek remark. But it’s true, the gun didn’t kill anyone. It’s an inanimate object, lacking any agency at all. The irresponsible dickhead who owns the gun is responsible here, and should be punished accordingly.

  2. James Felix found that remark insulting as well as tongue-in-cheek. That’s pretty funny.

    I like Robert’s idea about where and how to keep guns at home. The regular commenters are pretty much absent from a discussion like that because they know their disagreement reflects badly upon them.

    • Or they agree and so feel no reason to comment.

      Even my pellet gun is securely locked in a safe when not in use. Only gun I own that isn’t is my nerf gun, because it is of no danger to anyone. Most gun owners realize the potential dangers of firearms and take appropriate steps to secure them from other young residents in the household. Otherwise this sort of thing would be so commonplace it wouldn’t be newsworthy.

      But please, don’t let that stop you from thinking we are all crazy Neanderthals with loaded guns hanging on every inch of every wall with lollypops hanging from them to attract the kids. Wouldn’t want something as trivial as facts to get in your way.

    • Mike. I oftentimes make generalizing comments like that myself. Then I catch myself and feel like a dick. What’s your excuse?

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