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Bringing a loaded gun into an airport is the social equivalent of taking your mom to junior prom. It’s a bad choice and it doesn’t end well for anyone. Apparently Chris didn’t get the memo. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the airline mechanic from Oklahoma was busted by TSA x-ray techs when they spotted a loaded handgun in his back pack. After being arrested, the thoroughly cowed grease monkey profferred this gem of an excuse, ”This was my first time in Chicago and I stupidly brought it with me for protection.” Stupid?

Yes, definitely. How hard would it have been to do a little research and learn that A) You can’t carry a loaded gun into the airport B) Chicago does not allow concealed carry of firearms? Unfortunately Chris will have a lot of time to ponder that while he pleads out to felony charges and watches his armed self-defense fall into an endless pit.

When it comes to gun laws, the U.S. should be one size fits all. But it isn’t. Not by a long chalk. You can literally carry a gun through Arizona on the way to anywhere, maybe even stop for a chimichanga along the way. In New York, if you TOUCH a gun that was supposed to be in checked baggage all the way through the Empire State, they will give you a night in prison.

A responsible gun owner must know the gun law where he is, where he’s going and everywhere in between. And he or she must do a lot of careful research before making the journey. Do NOT simply call the local police and ask. Not only are the cops likely to give you a bum steer, their ignorance is no defense in court. There are reliable resources on-line, but it’s best to triple verify the facts on three different sites, one of which should be the actual law in question on an official government website.

Remember: it’s not all about you. If you get nailed for a gun law violation, there’s going to be at least a few minutes of high-stress tension and maybe confusion. You could get shot. Your friends and family could get shot. And innocent bystanders could get shot. The number of irresponsible cops is at least as great as the number of irresponsible civilian gun owners. Don’t give them an excuse to do something stupid, and risk losing your right to keep and bear arms, forever.

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  1. You make some fine points Ryan and not all websites have the correct info as you just stated, so it’s best to triple check and even contact a gun lawyer. The cost of paying a lawyer for advise before getting arrested is a lot cheaper than paying a defense lawyer. I checked out at least five different sites before starting my gun permit collection, and a few of them had the wrong info.

  2. I just drove through Illinois on a road trip. I did not even bring my 45 with me because I had to pass through the city. I have been told that Chicago doesnot give a rats behind whether you comply with the Federal interstate firearms transport statute. The last thing I wanted was to get a ticket in the City and then get hauled away for having a gun locked a case in my trunk.

  3. Ryan Finn should really investigate a situation BEFORE he PUBLISHES a bunch of slander against someone. Public record does not give the “details” that he reported NOR did he interview my husband or myself. We were both there, he however was not. Taking the word of someone who got the message from someone else as gospel… ie: the reporter from the Chicago Sun, who also did not interview any of my family involved and did not report FACTS is incredibly STUPID!!!!! Did this guy never take a journalism class in college or even basic english comp? They both tell you, you MUST investigate all facts BEFORE printing or publishing trash.

  4. Mrs. Baldridge,

    We here at TTAG are not really engaging in a journalistic enterprise a la the Chicago Sun-Times. This is a blog, and as such, we report on events as we read them via the internet. This post was written based off of the facts as they were presented to us via the cited article. When we are wrong (we are after all only human), we readily admit that and edit/re-post articles to reflect those changes.

    That being said, if you and your husband would like to set the record straight please provide us with the relevant details. Let us tell your side of the story and if need be correct the errors in our “reporting”. Feel free to add in your story here or contact me at [email protected].


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