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You have to give it to FPSRussia. At least when he’s talking about shooting guns at an indoor range in this collaboration video with EpicMealTime, the simulated Sovietski is wearing both eyes and ears. Only not at the same time. We do appreciate the safety lecture, though. Who’d a thunk it? But this gonzo food and firearms fest goes off the rails with alarming regularity. Guns? Check. Bacon? Double check. Booze? Uh oh. Never a good culinary combination. Tenderizing meat with the butt of a pistol? First, Daniel Boloud would recommend removing the cut of beef from the plastic wrap first. We would recommend treating the gun as if it’s loaded. Always. The same goes for using a Desert Eagle as a serving (and eating!) spoon, scooping the questionable casserole from its baking dish. Sure hope he detail strips the hefty heater before putting it in the dish washer. And then there’s EpicMealTime’s equally epic lasering and non-existent trigger discipline. Emily Post, where are you when we need you?

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  1. Wow. Thats a new low. I guess he’s really out of ideas, so he had to recruit some friends from the trailer park. I feel so white trash for having watched that. It least I fast-forwarded it to keep from getting bored. Hmmm, me thinks his 15 minutes is officially up.

    • +1

      I couldn’t watch more than a couple of minutes. Classic example of How Not To Handle Weapons. Or food.

  2. Normally I love Epic Meal Time(mainly because I love shouting “Listen Up Haters” at my coworkers), but this one was pretty cringe worthy. Also the entire time I was watching it I was thinking it was going to end up as the IGOTD and lo and behold I hopped on TTAG and its the first thing I see.

    Also wouldn’t eating off of a broken vodka bottle rate as slightly more dangerous than eating off of an unloaded Desert Eagle? And if you eat pie with a Deagle does it become a Dessert Eagle?

    • There’s no such thing as an unloaded Desert (Dessert?) Eagle. Rule 1: every gun is always loaded.

      • The firearm can achieve a physical state of “unloaded” wherin there are no primed explosive rounds witin the housing of the firearm. Rule one is not about the physical state of the firearm, but your mental state that is great to teach new shooter and maintains safety on the range but is not applicable in every situation. Following these rules to an extreme extent and being overly literal will be the death of action and comedy movie, and action comedy hybrids, Buddy Cop TV shows, Dramedy Cop Shows, Spy Movies, and will be the final nail in Dolph Lundgren’s movie career. It’s comedy people laugh at it, don’t analyse it and try to make an obvious satire a comentary about gun safety. Thats the joke, it’s funny, and it is made even funnier when you post things like this. Whats next, are you going to criticize Superman for flying without a pilots license?

      • I’m not saying I would do it myself but FPS does show Harley how to reload at some point during the video confirming it is unloaded. Assuming its even a real pistol since I don’t know that I would use a $1500 heater to tenderize meat.

        Not saying I condone it but if I was a Faux-Russian jackass who had confirmed that the firearm was in fact unloaded I would be more comfortable with the grip being next to my face than say a bunch of shards of jagged glass covered in mashed potatoes and bacon.

  3. I would have shot him for spilling my alcohol all over the table. But that’s me…

    Normally I just roll my eyes at FPSRussia, he normally doesn’t offend me enough to make blog posts about it, but this vid is pathetic and well… Retarded… Alcohol+firearms? Really?

    • Alcohol + Firearms = Start the clock on FPSRussia shutting down his YouTube channel because of death/injury. It’s not a question of if, it’s just a question of when. Hopefully, no one else will get hurt when it happens.

  4. I cannot believe I just watched that. What a waste of my 6 minutes. I feel I should have been paid to watch that.

    • Well no one forced you to, everyone here acts like they are some sort of a higher power and if they don’t like it, then it shouldn’t exist. You guys need to stop living in your bubble and realize that FPSRussia is more famous than this site’ll ever be. Plus thats how he makes a living. You see it as unsafe gun practice, he sees it as more views/money that he’ll be able to use.

  5. sitting through that killed a few brain cells 🙁

    These are the kind of videos that my anti-gun rights friends would point to in order to legitimize their views. These are the kind of videos that I would point to to mandate firearms training at a young age to teach respect and responsibility and what not to do.

    Also from a culinary stand point, what a waste.

    And who puts bullets and/or guns in their mouth! Good luck with the oral cancer, hope it was worth the chuckles.

  6. What a waste of Jack. Why mistreat a boneless sirloin that way? At least FPS Russia was truthful in the safety brief when talking about the finger on the trigger. He said he does it because he is an asshole. He then promptly put his finger around the triggers of both firearms as he was loading them. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he won’t reproduce.

  7. At first I thought they were fake, Epic Meal Time is a bunch of Eh Holes, but at the grocery store I saw a American flag on one of the coolers and no Molson.

    Canada’s gun laws made the Canadians go to the guns and instead of the guns to them.

  8. Must be a real hit around the frat house. This is why I never joined one. I had one (former) friend who thought it funny to put his S&W 629 .44 magnum to his head and play real Russian Roulette when he drank. He later shot his parent’s tv and then a round through his parents’ closet-and all their clothes testing the magazine safety on a Browning Hi Power. He would have done stupid shit like this. I noticed the pulling of the trigger as a “safety check”, just like my former friend. He was the perfect example of a spoiled rich kid with little common sense, also.

  9. “Surely they are the most irresponsible people on the internet! EVER!”

    Does this view stem from what you see or what you don’t see? I only wonder how many hours they spent setting this up. How many checks and re-checks took place during the shoot? You don’t see shows like “Sons of Guns” and think that they only go off the cuff with it, do you? Probably not. Why? Because you know it’s a show. You know that more has gone into it than you see. Why would this be any different?

    It would be similar to people assuming that Harley (EpicMealTime host) goes around and does most of his business drunk or using his faux asshole yelling. Not that that would make any sense, WE SAW IT ON THE INTERNET!

  10. Lets see you have 22 responses on this vs Russia and EMT with 49000 comments on youtube. You just seem incredibly jealous of Kyle. Also stop worrying about his ears and eyes, if he dies maybe your site will get decent traffic flow, you sill beech

  11. I find it truly sad that the bastard that runs the trash heap of a website has nothing better to do than trash-talk an internet video. GET A LIFE, GET OFF YOUR ASS, AND GO HUNTING OR SOMETHING. I duck hunt nearly every day of the season, and when I’m not in the blind, I’m in the deer stand or at church. And by the way, WHO THE HELL CARES ABOUT THE ‘ETHICS, MORALITY, ETC., OF OWNING GUNS. IT’S A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, AND UNLESS YOU ABUSE THAT RIGHT AND HAVE IT TAKEN AWAY BY JUDICIAL DUE PROCESS, WHO CARES? For instance, how many crimes have been committed by a REGISTERED Class 3 firearm? None. As long as you’re legal, THIS country boy don’t give a damn.

  12. quit getting assmad about how good fpsrussia is. this site is dedicated to telling lies and hating on fpsrussia’s videos because they ‘set a bad example’.

    this site is just plain boring, now quit wasting your money on this place.

  13. I dont believe any of you guys! We all live in a free world(not so free to others) and we all have the right to do what we want with our lives! So what if FPS RUSSIA doesnt wear ear or eye protection? So what if he doesnt show proper handling of the “culinary arts”. We are all forgetting why we had youtube and TV in the first place, to be entertained! Not to criticize a person on what he is doing wrong. All of you people are just hypocrites on this site, only taking out your anger on who you could find and wrong them. Everyone in this world is a hypocrite whether you deny it or not. So just shut up and stop wasting your time.

  14. Seriously? Everyone’s going to get butthurt over a comedic youtube video? Dear God what is our world coming to when everybody is offended by someone else. If you are disgusted by anything FPSRussia or Epicmealtime does, I have some advice for you…DON’T WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO!!!!
    Now, sure. FPSRussia’s videos aren’t necessarily what I’d show my kids to teach them proper gun safety. I teach them myself…its called PARENTING. If you’re afraid your kids are going to pick up bad habits from youtube videos….don’t let them watch youtube videos! And then take a good hard look at how you are teaching them because if a three minute video can change their gun safety habits, there MIGHT be some problems with your instruction.

    • I think several of you are missing the point of the IGOTD feature. It’s to highlight, well, irresponsible gun owners. FPS happens to be a high profile one and it makes perfect sense to point out when he’s handling weapons in a foolish and dangerous manner.

      As for charges of hypocrisy leveled a little higher up in the threat, is the AAA being hypocritical when it opposes drunk driving?

    • Oh, OK, Josh, now I get it…… the FPS Russia video was supposed to be COMEDY. I guess I didn’t realize that because it wasn’t very funny. Perhaps its funny to the tards with double digit IQs.

  15. Guys FPS Russia makes videos for our enjoyment. Just look at his flamethrower video.
    He isn’t all about safety, but he’s always been saying keep your finger off the trigger. Stfu and grow the fuck up.

  16. haha Ive never even heard of this website until I saw it mentioned in the comments on an fpsrussia video, and yeah it is as big of a joke as everyone says it is. Maybe you should thank him for the few extra hits you got out of it though? The internet is laughing at you right now.

  17. You lot sound like the most boring butt hurt retards on the internet.


  18. Seriously? Why so mad at him, he makes more money of each single youtube video of him than you make a month. He’s a weapon expert and obviously you’ve never heard about dismantling a gun so it cannot shoot.

  19. Did nobody actually pay attention to the video? When they’re at the range, he teaches proper gun safety and then says that people who don’t follow it are assholes. What more can you ask? It’s entertainment. Sometimes gun safety isn’t entertaining. I think that you’re taking FPSRussia way too seriously.

    • Sometimes gun safety isn’t entertaining.

      It’s not meant to be entertaining, it’s meant to keep people from being injured. And someone who uses guns for entertainment at the expense of safety is, as is so often pointed out here, being grossly irresponsible with an object that demands the exact opposite.

      • He’s not putting anybody but himself in danger. How about you mind your own business and leave him be?

        • When something is made public it is everyones business. That’s why they use the phrase, ‘making it public’.

          • He hasn’t hurt anybody but himself. You just go take care of yourself and let the professional Russian handle his own endeavors.

  20. Wow. Really. All this bitching on this damn website can just fucking stop. Teh internetz is laughing at your stupid troll feeding asses right now. On both sides.

  21. The thing people are forgetting , is that this isn’t REAL, its make believe for entertainment purposes…no different to watching people horse around with guns in movies.. people need to calm down.

    When people in here say treat all guns as if they’re loaded I think what they really mean is “Treat everything you see on the internet is real” hehhehe

    Dumb arses….

  22. My beliefs, as long as its within the legal boundaries who cares. He has said in his videos that everything he does is completely legal. He is obviously having lots of fun while making a ton of money and entertaining people all at the same time. What is there to worry about that? People who are concerned about gun safety should just ignore his videos. But seriously, if you really care about gun safety, then obviously you will not be “corrupted” by a not so good example. It appears that FPSRussia has police officers present in a majority of his videos and therefore it could be assumed they are present in them all to take proper precaution to all events that could possibly go wrong. Seriously though, this whole website is a bunch of garbage. Owning guns is a right, and in order for it to not become a right, one must have an amendment to the constitution, and only 27 of these have occurred in the past 235 years. So in all honesty wouldn’t the people opposing gun privileges be in the wrong as it is in the constitution?

  23. Here’s the thing…
    While FPS Russia is a great entertainer, he also knows what he’s doing. I’ve seen all of his live-fire videos and I know that he is being perfectly safe with his firearms. His older videos were done with just a tripod and miles away from other people. Not only that, but he knows his land and surroundings well enough to know where not to shoot. When he has a loaded weapon, he never muzzles anyone/anything that he is not willing to destroy. Only after he has cleared his weapons with a chamber check/mag check does he muzzle his own person. (You CAN say that he’s irresponsible in that instance, but I wouldn’t think that’d be enough to merit the title of irresponsible gun owner of the day… It’s not even in this video.)
    As far as alcohol goes, when I drink, I make sure that all my weapons are empty in order to avoid negligent discharges. I’m sure that FPS Russia does this as well because of how much knowledge he has of the destructive capabilities of firearms.
    Thumbs up for doing all your research before you post something out of anger? (1]we never see FPS Russia fire a weapon in this video. 2]While he was not wearing ears, then eyes in the vid, EpicMealTime was following the range rules as closely as an amateur can. 3] FPS Russia had his eyes up on the top of his head while giving the lecture on the Glock 19 mod.)
    In short, you don’t have the right to accuse someone of being irresponsible when you don’t know their whole story. Also, check your facts and don’t be beech.

  24. This is only unsafe if you consider him to be unsafe with guns. WTF man? It’s okay to joke around every so often, right?

    I could understand if this was marketed as a first time user video but this is clearly meant to be funny. Stick with weaponseducation.

  25. I love tttag but come on. Talk about the legitimately irresponsible people and not these guys who found their niche and are doing well. They are funny. Deal.


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