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As usual a commentator gets there before me: “Ironic that NY and Chicago, both cities with super-restrictive handgun laws, are cited as examples of where very violent crimes occured… and those crimes are evidence of why we need more gun restrictions/laws.” Note to Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: that’s not Rep. Rangel.

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  1. So where are the gang bangers getting their guns? Could there be a New York City version of Gunealker?

  2. Is that really Charles Rangel? It doesn’t look like him or sound like him. Has he been seriously ill? Weird. Of course, I’m figuring that “Mr. Ethics” of the House might be skating on thin ice, when it comes to talking about the NRA. And I don’t doubt that Rangel has no love lost for Wayne LaPierre & Co., but that’s not Rangel. Here’s a recent video of Rangel: Hartmann & Rangel: Is perpetual war about to become law?

        • I sent the link to Cam over at NRA News. Hopefully it will be good for a couple of laughs on his show.

          • I kicked a hornets nest…After I sent this to Cam Edwards, your blog, and this youtube vid, got an honorable mention on the Cam and Company show last night.(For those interested, you can go to, click the shows and archives on the left, and listen to Cam and Company for 7.19.11. The content above is at 54 min into the show.

  3. A thoughtful and dispassionate consideration will allow a person to see that more guns does NOT mean more violence. Econometrics does tell me that lax gun laws in a country will mean that the method of suicide will favor guns, but not influence the total number of suicides.

    Regardless, it doesn’t do any good to argue stats with would be tyrants. It is just an excuse. They just hate the smallfolk having weapons. They love guns. They just want to be the only ones that have them.

  4. That’s not Charlie Rangel, it’s John Conyers from Detroit. They don’t look anything alike and don’t sound alike. Another amazing fail from our friends at the Marsha Brady Campaign for Cheerleaders Against Guns (or something silly like that).

    • +1. I saw a comment on the video at YouTube to that effect, and looked up Google images for both. That is John Conyers, not Charles Rangel. If they’re getting that wrong, well, it makes you wonder what else they’re getting wrong.

  5. Rangel, Conyers, whatever. They all look the same, right? I mean, it’s us bitter clingers who are racist and so insensitive, right? Another epic fail by the Bradys. Sheesh, can’t those idiots get anything right? Pathetic.

  6. What legislation is Conyers speaking of, “The National Surrender All Your Guns Act of 2011?” What’s the context of this press conference, and what especially has inspired that stupid look on the white woman’s face?

  7. Until these morons choose to come to grips with the real cause of “gun violence” in city’s like Chicago (Black on Black violence/crime) there’s nothing to discuss. But don’t worry folks I’m not holding my breath…………….. so I’m going to make it.

  8. He keeps talking about his oath of office. Isn’t there a bit about supporting and defending the constitution? You know like the 2nd amendment?

  9. I love it. John Conyers (D-MI) trying to portray himself as a paragon of virtue while his wife cools her heels in federal prison for taking bribes from a contractor while she was a Detroit city councilwoman. She was sentenced to 3 years in March 2010. She was also accused in 2008 of threatening a trustee of the city’s pension board with a gun after a dispute erupted. Johnny’s gun-control ought to start at home, AND do we believe ol’ Johnny never benefited from any of that bribe money? Maybe he’ll try to bribe the NRA as he’s always trying to concoct some gun-grabbing scheme (hi-cap mags after Tucson).

    Then we have Elijah Cummings (D-MD) standing behind him. Elijah’s nephew was shot and killed in June 2011 near Old Dominion University in VA. The nephew and roommate were both shot in their apartment in a supposed random shooting. You’d think that he would have SOME appreciation for concealed carry and self-defense. All of these idiots make me want to puke.

    • I know one of the neighbores of Cummings nephew, it was not completely random. My friend said everyone knew drugs where in there. Drugs being there plus everyone knowing they are there equals those two boys were killed because they were openly involved in stupidity.

      • I can certainly believe it, Andrew. Thanks. Of course, Elijah and his lapdog media were painting the nephew as a cherub freshly sent from heaven. I could tell something was awry just by the media’s response to the whole mess.

  10. Chicago has some scary districts where not even the police will go, and it’s been like that since the mid-70’s. So I’m not surprised if they can’t track where the drugs and guns are coming from on that front.

    I still don’t see why law abiding citizens are being handicapped in hopes to restrict those who have no regard for civilization…

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