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Jeez, FPSRussia’s getting lazy. No, I don’t mean the lack of ears or eyes, even as he’s exploding shit that could easily fragment and blow back at that mostly empty noggin. All that’s pretty much par for the course by now. No, I’m talking about the accent. Sure, everyone knows he’s about as Russian as Whistler’s mother, but he used to do an almost passable job at an affected Slavic inflection. No more. In his latest tour de farce, he mostly sounds like Boris Badenov – if Boris had been born and raised in Dubuque. If you’re a Glock hater, put some Jiffy Pop on the stove, sit back and enjoy. If you liked the Tex Grebner video, keep your eye on FPS’s cocked-and-probably-not-locked 1911 shoved inside his belt. Either way, it’s only a matter of time.


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  1. At 5:48, FPS place his left hand over and in front of the barrel of his 1911 sidearm. He wasn’t even conscious of doing it. You’re right Dan: there will be tears before bedtime.

    • Think he’ll post the video when (not if) he puts a round through his own hand? Maybe we should start a pool. “Try to guess how many days from today FPSRussia will cap his own ass.”

    • I think he was totally conscious placing his hand on the barrel. However he could have tap danced on the trigger of the weapon and it would not have gone off. At 5:50 he disengages the thumb safety of the 1911 before firing. There are two safeties engaged on the weapon, I am sure he trusted that he could muzzle his hand and not worry about the gun magically going off. He kept his meat hook off the bang switch until he was ready to shoot. You pick apart DGU’s and stress the point that they just dont “go off”. If both the grip safety and the thumb safety were engaged on the 1911 it couldn’t just magically go off. What is the difference between him muzzling his palm, and someone who pocket carries muzzling their thigh?

  2. Sort of wished he had at least tried to fire the glock, I’m curious if it still works after half a magazine of .45. I know I’ve seen a torture test where they can survive .22 lr and being dragged behind a truck and dropped from a plane.

    • I think they are paid to. Their view of him is way to vitriolic for it to be genuine. This level of hate it reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the movie theater.

      • Ha! Sometimes I think Mikeb is a fictitious personality that RF has created for the sake of generating controversy. But then I wonder if RF would go to the trouble of running a whole ‘nother blog just to give his alter ego a background story.

  3. The Safety Patrol cometh. If the guy wants to forego eye and ear protection, what business is it of ours? If he shoots himself, what business is it of ours? For a “Don’t Tread on Me” kind of crowd (like me), the Safety Patrol sure loves to preach to those not meeting their self-defined standards. You safety preachers are no better than the meddling liberal politicians.

    • Ah, but the difference is when we preach, that is the end of it. When a liberal politician knows best, he looks to force it upon you by any means necessary.

    • There’s a difference. Calling someone an idiot for endangering their senses is perfectly acceptable to say–it’s true. Calling someone an idiot for taking video and then posting it publicly for gun people to call your an idiot or for non-gun people to think what you’re doing is safe is also true.

      Legislating against something because SOME people are unable to follow safety rules to use it safely is hand holding adults who should not need it.

    • True- what he does isn’t our business. But it’s legitimate to point out what he does wrong for the sake of educating ourselves about gun safety.

    • There are always those just joining the community and people with experience and know how to be safe are doing those newcomers a disservice by remaining silent in the face of irresponsible, dangerous behavior, especially when it’s put on display for millions to see and presented as entertainment.

      I believe that’s Robert’s primary motivation behind the IGOTD series.

  4. That “torture test” is about as valid as most of the ones I’ve seen online.

    Is this also an admonition to not buy used?

  5. If I call myself FPSMassachusetts and speak with a fake Back Bay accent, can I blow sh!t up too? Because I’m willing, even if I have to pahk my cah in Hahvid yahd.

  6. first time I’ve actually watched one of his videos–

    is this dude related to Rosanne Rosana-dana??

    give an idiot a gun and a camera…


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