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Will Heineman was on a ski trip in Vermont when he caught a Tweet from the YouTube channel Epic Meal Time inviting fans to a Green Mountain State meet-up. “Everyone was hanging out and drinking beers and preparing for the shoot,” Will told TTAG. “Once the cameras started rolling, the presenters brought in two handguns. During the course of shooting multiple intros, FPSRussia pointed a gun at one of the people off camera and pulled the trigger.” In a comment, Will wrote . . .

Sure, the weapon was unloaded and did not have a magazine in it at the time…But that is irresponsibility at its MAX! I believe he also uses the same gun as a fork later in the shoot.

Dan covered this Epic stupidity when the two first collaborated back in July. But this new vid reveals that a dumb deal was even dumberer than we thought possible. Yup. FPS, lowering the bar on gun safety. How low can he go?

Once again, we remind FPS to cut that shit out before someone gets hurt or killed. There are such things as toy guns, but the ones that aren’t aren’t. Ignoring that principle is the height of irresponsibility. Or the depth of depravity.

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  1. Sure, the weapon was unloaded and did not have a magazine in it at the time…But that is irresponsibility at its MAX!

    Seriously? Cleared and no mag. It’s an inert chunk of metal. No different than dry fire drills. Silly and pointless? Yes. Also harmless, and much ado about nothing.

    • +1 Just for the record: I know you guys are just pandering to your Mother Hen spectrum of readers, but this guy is in more danger driving home from the shoot than from FPS Russia. Would I do it? Heck no, but the clucking from the hens is deafening around here!

    • Did the individual FPS was pointing the firearm at know it was unloaded and didn’t have a magazine? Bottom line: you point a firearm at me and pull the trigger and I’m going to take it personally. Stop trying to defend his stupidity!

      • I’m not defending the guy’s stupidity. I’m taking issue with the safety police who seem to regard an unloaded gun as something dangerous. It isn’t. It’s a lump of metal, and while doing certain things with it are somewhat less than prudent, they are pretty far from dangerous.

        Consider that the same crap, and often much worse, happens with regularity in any given film.

        While I applaud safety where prudent, I take issue with double standards and “safety” that is tantamount to paranoia.

        • So what happens one day when he points what he assumes is an unloaded gun at someone and pulls the trigger, but instead of going “click” it goes “BOOM”? Gun safety should be practiced at all times, loaded or not. Carelessness will get someone killed. It’s not a toy, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

        • So what happens one day when he points what he assumes is an unloaded gun at someone and pulls the trigger, but instead of going “click” it goes “BOOM”?

          I can tell you exactly what happens because my firm once had to defend such a case. The client got a fifteen year ticket to Green Haven. Nice kid, too. Maybe as nice as FPSRussia.

        • If it goes boom instead of click, it was a loaded weapon treated carelessly, and said careless person goes to the big house for a while.

          Your contention is a red herring. There is a difference between what you assume and what you know, and there is an equally significant difference between doing something stupid with a firearm to which you do not know the condition of, and one you do.

        • And many, many NDs with horrible consequences come from people who knew the weapon was unloaded, yet somehow were wrong.

          Cooper’s Rule One is hyperbole, but it’s stated as such to get a point across. It’s not literally true that all guns are loaded at all times, but keeping that thought in mind keeps you from doing idiotic things like this.

        • I call BS on virtually every “didn’t know it was loaded” or “I was cleaning it and it went off” ND I’ve ever read about. If someone does not, with complete certainty, know the state of a firearm in their immediate possession, they have no business touching one to begin with.

          A weapon in an unknown state is a potentially dangerous item, and if you handle it carelessly, you’ll certainly be held accountable for negligence should you be dumb enough to put a hole in something.

          An unloaded weapon is a block of metal. Period.

          This safety-through-paranoia nonsense does not make anyone safer– in fact I can think of more than a few situations in which the opposite would be true.

        • This is rapidly sliding into the realm of epistemology and semantics. The practical consideration is that there are often times when someone “knows” something that’s not true.

          There’s a guy who got a Darwin award for tossing himself out of an office building. Apparently it was his practice to throw himself against the windows as a demonstration because he knew how strong they were. Well, it turns out he “knew” how strong they were because one day, one of them gave, and he plunged several stories to his death.

          People are fallible, and therefore any system that relies on infallibility for safety is doomed to failure. I’d much rather people not put their “knowledge” to the test with my life.

    • Seriously TTAG, it’s entertainment. He gets millions of views because his youtube channel is hilarious. You have a better chance of dying by jumping 10 school buses on a motorcycle then you do by getting shot by a safety checked gun. I’d be willing to bet that you guys weren’t going on and on about how unsafe it was for Evil Knievel to do that back in the day. In fact, I’d bet that you loved watching it.

      • You might want to ask carefully before you sign up for any firearms training classes then. I know of more then one well respected school that clears the guns and then has the students do dry fire drills pointed at each other. Part of the reasoning (and I believe it is sound) is that people get the “don’t point a gun at another person” so ingrained in their head that when it comes to a defensive shooting situation they hesitate to aim the weapon at the assailant. The sad fact of the matter is, most airsoft players are more prepared for a defensive shooting then many of the range/bench shooters out there.

        Still, I’d be upset if some jerkoff pointed a random unloaded firearm at me and pulled the trigger. unloaded or not, I didn’t give him permission to do that.

        • Please cite a specific class and I will call the instructor. (I would ‘EFFING FREAK if that happened.)

        • I’m with RF on this one. I don’t care how many people check the gun to make sure it’s unloaded because it’s just the wrong thing to do. I guess I should join the safety police because to many people think it’s ok to point a gun at someone just because they KNOW it’s not loaded.

        • I know of more then one well respected school that clears the guns and then has the students do dry fire drills pointed at each other.

          If I did that and it was reported, I would lose my Massachusetts and NRA certifications.

    • I have no idea if the trigger incident is true or another internet myth. If the gun was cleared and the guy who cleared it did a better job than Lee Page, the mag removed and the action open, then sure, it’s a paperweight.

      However, if the action was open, the gun would be inoperable and our faux Russkie buddy wouldn’t have been able to pull the trigger.

      Interntionally pointing an operable gun at someone and pulling the trigger is an assault in any state.

  2. He’s a chuckle-head. I don’t care how many hits he gets or how much money his site generates. He is irresponsible and one of these days he’s going to f__k up. Entertainment, my butt. We either preach firearms safety, or we don’t. He wants to be the latest jackass? Fine. Don’t do it with firearms.

    What he did was NOT the same thing as a dry fire drill. Dry fire drills are done in a very careful and regular fashion, and for the love of God don’t include pointing the gun at someone and pulling the trigger.

    Rule number one comes from Col. Cooper. Are we seriously saying that Cooper was a mother hen?

    Sad and dangerous commentary here.

    • Rule number one comes from Col. Cooper. Are we seriously saying that Cooper was a mother hen?

      Sadly, because Rule One isn’t literally true, a lot of frequenters of this site seem to think so. Sure, it’s true that not all guns are loaded at all times, but that’s not the point. What is the point is that a can inflict serious bodily harm or death very quickly and should therefore not be treated lightly. If you keep in mind what a loaded gun is and what it can do, you keep the proper respectful mindset.

  3. Atf agent shot himself in foot with “unloaded” gun. Navy Seal shot himself in head with “unloaded” gun. Just to name a few of the more famous acts of stupidity. Treat ever gun as if its loaded don’t point at anything you don’t want to destroy…

    • I don’t care if you just safety checked the firearm, YOU DO NOT point them at anything you want to stay hole-free. Having a friend put a hole through a wall right in front me with another person on the other side when field-stripping his “empty” XD proved that point to me. It only takes ONE moment of carelessness to hurt or kill someone.

  4. When I was in my early 20s a friend of mine pointed a rifle at me and pulled the trigger.
    It very nearly came to blows.

  5. Point a firearm at me and pull the trigger, one of us is going to the hospital. It may very well be me, but the other guy might think twice about ever doing it again.

      • It may be posturing, but he makes a valid point. If you point an unloaded gun at someone, it’s not your own life you’re threatening; it’s his, and he may choose to take action. I used to work with a guy who thought it was funny to point a loaded nail-gun at people and then pull the trigger. We all hated it, yelled at him all the time. One day, one of my co-workers decided (quite legitimately, in my opinion) to do something about it. I never asked what he did, (I wasn’t there at the time) but they weren’t talking to each other for a while. Now if real guns had been involved, instead of a nail-gun and a steel-toed boot, who knows how it would have ended?

        • And again, how do we really know it’s unloaded? A lot of people have been shot with “unloaded” guns. People forget to clear chambers or they miss a step or they cleared and then reloaded it. Whatever.

          The point is this behavior is irresponsible and it’s the kind of thing that gets people hurt.

      • I guess I’d give the award to dumbass Tex, because anyone stupid enough to shoot themself on video and then broadcast it for all to see is a complete moron.

        • Actually, I’d argue that Tex, for all his moronicity, is actually more responsible than FPSRussia, because he’s actually willing to admit he did something wrong, and admit he was irresponsible. Now, the additional .45 ACP-sized holes in his anatomy make that hard to deny, but he admitted from the first video that it was all his fault and that he screwed up.

          FPSRussia, on the other hand, regularly engages in all sorts of incredibly ill-advised (to say the least) practices and is completely blasé about it. That’s more destructive in my opinion, because it leads the uninitiated to think that such practices are okay.

  6. Two days ago I was at the range, and brought two first time shooters (both girls).
    One turns to talk to my friend while holding a Glock 22… And its pointing at my chest. I politely remind her to keep the gun pointed down range even if its not loaded. She giggles. Then fires 15 .40’s downrange… At which point I fall to the floor twitching and hyperventilating.

    There are a lot of accidental shootings, and even if you “know” something is unloaded… Just don’t chance it. Even if you’re a professional idiot.

  7. Anyone who would point ANY gun (loaded or not) at someone they did not intend to destroy is an IDIOT and shouldn’t own one.

    • Yes. I know what guns can do.. If you carry it and/maybe dont even point it. A cop or any one has a serious reason to shoot. A second delay can kill you. This is why I hate guns, especially hand guns. They pop out of no where. And often hurt the wrong person.

      If your in it for self defense, get a pump shotgun, and keep it unloaded. No buglar will walk into your bedroom when he hears that sound. And if he/she does. Then your chances are already over. That person is nuts.

      This comes from many years of life. It might be fun to say “guns are cool”. But their sole existance is to kill.

      Try a bow and arrow. Recurves are cool. And you don’t “accidently” have your child shoot themselves.

      Ok I am leaving. But really really think about why and how you want a gun.

      Oh by the way, russia is not going to invade us any time soon….(joke)

      • Yes! Handguns “pop out of nowhere”! All by themselves!

        Come on. Read around here a little bit, and you’ll see that on this site we’re mainly interested in talking about how to handle and use guns responsibly so that they save lives- and only take them when absolutely necessary.

  8. A gun, loaded or unloaded is a very serious thing. But in basics, a gun is wrong. Learn to fight with your fists or legs. People with handguns are just criminals period.

    • What an asinine statement! So, my 76-yr old mother should “learn to fight” so she can handle that 6 ft. 4 in, 270 lbs, 20-yr old that broke into her house? Thank you for the advice but I think she’ll continue to put her faith in Misters Smith and Wesson for the time being. And she’s hardly a criminal, my short-sighted, myopic friend! Come back when you have the time to actually think before you post!

  9. Those guys are the picture of iresponsibility. They should be more careful with guns, Not drink so much, stop cursing, and they need to make sensible meals. Their meals will kill you. It is so disgusting, I can’t help watching them. I love epic mealtime.

  10. In the Naval aviation community new guys would ask why we walked around the wing when the engines weren’t turning. we used to say” if you never walk through prop arc, you will never get hit by a prop” same principle applies here.


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