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Sometimes a story’s headline grabs you by the collar and almost makes you read it. In this case, Sevier County Officer’s Gun Discharge Takes Out Store’s Frozen Bologna. If there’s been a better (or more LULZ-inducing) example of headlining in recent months, I haven’t seen it. I don’t know if’s traffic has increased because of it, but who could possibly avoid clicking on something like that? Especially when it features a gun that just “went off”…

Huskey and Deputy Adam Bohanan, both of the Sevier County Sheriff’s Department, were enjoying a late night bite at Dunn’s Market in Sevierville the night before Thanksgiving. According to the article, the market is something of an unofficial substation and cop hangout. With very little going on, the conversation between the two LEOs turned to whose, er, gun was bigger.

Bohanan started a conversation about the difference in the weight of their semi-automatic service weapons.

Both of the officers carried .40-caliber pistols, Hodges said, but Huskey’s weapon had a longer barrel and a larger magazine.

Huskey removed his weapon from his holster, unloaded it and handed it to Bohanan.

“Shortly after Bohanan handed it back to him and when he went to reload, there was an accidental discharge,” Hodges said.

The .40-caliber round went through a 15-inch computer screen, continued into a nearby cooler and lodged itself in lunchmeat inside the cooler, Hodges said.

Apparently he hadn’t unloaded it all the way, which can be important. So’s keeping your finger off of the trigger when sliding a mag in. Or just about any time, for that matter. It’s always that one in the chamber that trips ’em up, isn’t it? Unfortunately this time an innocent bystander, Mr. Oscar Mayer, paid the price for officer Huskey’s negligence.

Mayer’s condition couldn’t be determined, but it can’t be good after taking a .40 cal through the casing. There’s no word as to whether the store owner will be able to lop off the wounded portion of the lunchmeat and sell the rest to try to recoup some of his losses.

In the mean time, Cpl. Huskey was put on administrative leave without pay following the meat case carnage. He lost eighteen hours of pay and had to be retrained before getting his heater back. So all we can do is try to cheer him up by bestowing our prestigious IGOTD award (which really should be inscribed with the four rules, don’t you think?) on him and hoping that he’s not ostracized by the lunchmeat community after this little mishap.

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  1. Where does Mikeb302000 stand on this? From one of his previous comments:

    You guys are such jokesters, but the negligent managing of guns is not funny. I know you don’t approve of it, but you’re too quick to laugh it off. Any gun mishap which is due to negligence should result in immediate (after due process of law, of course) disarmament.

    • Obviously this is a frame job by the evil NRA, since only police officers, the military, and his government overlords know how to safely handle guns. It must be true, since it nicely fits in with his fantasy world.

  2. Is there a way to counter these IGOTD segments with a R(esponsible)GOTD?

    I’m not sure what shape it would take, but it is just a thought.

    • Great idea – I like the way you think.

      I think it’s important to do both – as responsible gun owners, we need to be the first to call out the IGOTD’s. Likewise, in order to avoid providing “Look, another gun idiot” fodder for the gun-grabbers, this could be balanced with a positive, responsible gun experience/usage, of which there are a lot.

  3. In the mean time, Cpl. Huskey was put on administrative leave without pay following the meat case carnage. He lost eighteen hours of pay and had to be retrained before getting his heater back.

    Props to the Sevier County Sheriff’s department for retaining the ability to suspend for such behavior without pay. In the People’s Republic of NY, the Police Gods are immune to such reasonable measures. And woe to any POS civilian New Yorker who has an ND in public.

  4. I represent the Sandwich MEat Coalition of America(SMECA), and we are OUTRAGED that this man has not been brought to justice for his crimes! This man has completely ruined the future of at least 20 sandwiches, and yet, what punishment does he recieve? What “justice” are we forced to swallow?! Nothing but a samll slap on the wrist! A minor inconvenience! Some might even say a vacation!

    This is, of course, blatant meatism! What if it had been a Smoked Beef Roast?! This scumbag would have been kicked out the station door, that’s what! A hickory smoked turkey? the people would have been up in arms! A Honeyed Ham? There would be rioting in the streets! Pandemonium! Cats and dogs, living together!

    But no, this was just a simple, honest, hard working balogna. Minding it’s own buisiness, chilling, and now it is no more.

    And everyone is just OK with the fact that his guy will be back on the streets. The other sandwich makings will cower in fear! The bread loaves will hide at the back of their shelves, the cheese will tremble in terror, the lettuce will wilt with stress, the onions will cry and the tomatoes will turn green! The mayo will turn even whiter, and the mustard is allready yellow(he’s been saying this would happen for years). The guacamole says he “ain’t sceard” because he’s “ganksta”, but you can tell it’s an act, the threat has him green with terrified nausea. They will live in fear until this travesty of justice has been rectified!

  5. only 18 hrs? That’s it? next time, he should do like so many other police do and make up a black suspect that he saw stealing meat. . . . (tounge in cheek) so they could have given him a promition, raise and keys to the city.

  6. Could you have made an actual, physical IGOTD award? I suggest a small 3″ by 5″ plaque with room for the 4 gun-safety rules; IGOTD across the top in large letters and room for a name above the rules. Just a thought…


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