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Man’s best friend eh? I DON’T THINK SO. Click here for the tail [sic ’em] of the Utah labrador that almost blasted his owner to kindgom come. And clock this canine conspiracy from today’s “Billy E. Brown (above), general manager and executive vice president of the Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative, two friends and a bulldog set out before dawn to hunt deer . . . Brown and one of the other hunters were traveling down a bumpy, rocky road in a pickup truck to their hunting stands when Brown’s dog got excited and bumped a high-powered Browning .308-caliber rifle, authorities said. The bullet struck Brown in the right thigh. The dog, named Eli, was between Brown and a passenger, but it was not immediately clear how the rifles were positioned or if the safety was engaged.” Or who (or what) may have disengaged it . . .

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  1. Its a proven fact that if you live in a home with a dog you’re more likely to get shot by a dog than if you live in a home without one.

    • The Canine Violence Policy Center has, through their painstaking research, conclusively proved that if you have a dog, it’s likely to be taken away and used against you.

      The problem is, we need common sense dog control in this country. Anyone wishing to purchase a pooch must fill out a form 7743 and undergo a NIPS (National Instant Puppy Search) check. There will be a national minimum five day waiting period on all puppy purchases. And every dog must come packaged with a muzzle.

      The government’s knuckled under to the Canine lobby long enough. If we let anyone who wants to own a dog just go out and buy one, every routine fender bender will be followed by shouts of, “Sic ’em, Fido!” There will be blood running in the streets, I tell ya.

      When will our legislators stand up to Big Dog and all the money they throw around and do what’s right?

    • According to that report he followed the girl & dog into her house and threatened to shoot the dog. I think that’s what got him most of the jail time.

  2. I think they’re blaming the dogs in these cases for their own negligence. These ought to be posted under IGOTD for multiple reasons.

  3. You guys are such jokesters, but the negligent managing of guns is not funny. I know you don’t approve of it, but you’re too quick to laugh it off. Any gun mishap which is due to negligence should result in immediate (after due process of law, of course) disarmament.

  4. Whay are dogs trying to shoot us? If someone fed you cans of beef byproducts, ground hooves and minced cow lips day after day, you’d shoot the bastard too, wouldn’t you?


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