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Golf, as we all know, is a genteel, civilized game. One that requires an even temper and a steady disposition to survive a good walk spoiled with your sanity intact. Players given to screaming and club-tossing are looked down upon and don’t typically prosper when scores are tallied at the 19th hole. It’s a game of honor with its own rules of etiquette, a game in which players assess penalties on themselves. But if you’ve ever plied the fairways and greens in pursuit of pars and the occasional birdie, you know that few things can be more infuriating (and detrimental to your score) than slow play . . .

Which is apparently why a foursome trailing Alejandro Baeza’s group asked him to pick up the pace. A request to which Baeza took exception.

Police told the New Britain Herald that it started when the group playing behind Baeza’s became agitated at the pace of play.

“Words were exchanged about golf etiquette and playing through,” Capt. Thomas Steck told the newspaper. “A man in the first group then went to his golf cart and retrieved a firearm.”

Police say Baeza then put the gun under his clothing and pulled back his shirt to reveal the gun to the group behind his.

Some might wonder why a golfer would carry a firearm during a $5 Nassau. We, of course, think packing while putting makes perfect sense. But if you’re one of those annoying weekend hacks who thinks he’s Rory McIlroy and provokes a row over your excessive plumb-bobbing and generally glacial progress, waving a 4-iron over your head is usually enough to ward off any hostile, disapproving duffers. Brandishing your mohaska could get end your course privileges, or worse.

In Baeza’s case, he’s now facing charges of threatening and breach of the peace. He’s also lost his pistol permit along with his heater. While we’ll be sending him a little something to commemorate this singular achievement, we somehow doubt he’ll greet it the way golf’s winners traditionally do, but he’s certainly earned it.

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    • This is the second “golf post” of the day?!?!

      The Truth about Golf uh, er, i mean guns

  1. Since the Chinese Government is buying all of our 100 or so golf courses I guess slow play gets an RPG or tank round fired to.hasten play. Even our ex-stripper caddies are not keep the game interesting. But it is better than the other Scottish game of excitement

    • The worst thing about these huge wastes of land and water are the enormous tax breaks the private clubs get. So, yes please buy them, roll back the tax breaks and let them survive on their own merits, if they can.

      • Outs were paying taxes and the major employer. They now have 10 to 25 years of tax free use to get the politicians the kickbacks. They plan on tax break retirement communities, jacking our sales tax rates. Road in front of my house is being widened so I’ll lose 3/4 of my house offering 15% of value. They have also purchased over half the hotel-motel rooms at tax rate of 5% of what everyone else gets ccharged. Time to leave. My wife has worked for a company here for 5 years makes $8.28an hour. Highest in her Food Lion with reviews that say she is great. That’s one of the higher paying jobs here

  2. I’d be more likely to use it on myself, depending on how my round is going. 😀

  3. Teach him a lesson about slow play.

    Force him to watch the next cricket test match series. The English summer cricket season should be starting soon. At 5-DAYS per match along with the accompanying monotonous commentary, it might be considered an extremely cruel and unusual punishment.

  4. I just had lunch today ( Mother’s Day), with my girlfriend in a well known restaurant that was more “hectic” than any golf course, (20 minutes to get a table for two, longer for more than two) but we were all civil, patient, and the staff was great. No sign on the door, “no guns allowed”. No one was killed or even punched. In Texas, who would have thought?

  5. The group complaining about ‘slow play’ should find somewhere (more expensive) to play where their pace will be catered to by everyone else.

    As for our gun-brandishing dummy… well, I guess he should try and find out if ‘country club’ prisons really exist.

    • Really? So if I go to a matinee, that means you can talk through the movie? Don’t be such a FLAME DELETED.

  6. I’m not a golfer.

    When I lived in Texas for a few years, I was invited by my fellow engineers for a round of golf. I’m not very good at it, but I have tried before and it wasn’t too enjoyable for me. I prefer range time to golf. They are actually very similar. In both you are propelling a ball downrange at a small target and both require an even temper and a steady disposition. There is a certain smooth, calm, and uniform action to propel this ball to achieve the best results for both.

    Police say Baeza then put the gun under his clothing and pulled back his shirt to reveal the gun to the group behind his. The group notified the clubhouse, and police arrived.

    I don’t want to play devil’s advocate but the setting of this occurrence is in a place called “NEW BRITAIN” in … “Connecticut.” Is it possible he went back to the golf cart to retrieve and holster his piece, due to the hostility of the situation and making preparation for the “possible” and accidentally displayed it during this occurrence? The other golfer’s deeply offended that another Connecticut resident actually possessed and carried a firearm then notified the club and authorities of the situation. Maybe this so called “brandishing” was actually this person fitting the gun in it’s holster and flapping his shirt out to achieve a certain level of comfort. I’m going to go with grandma’s old wisdom for this one: Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.

  7. Unfortunately there are A-holes in every sport and activity…I met more than my share on the golf course…and the range (usually in the guise of “range master”)…Now, if I experience any of that BS, I cross the place off my list and find a better place to play or shoot. Life is too short to put up with that crap.

  8. Just what we need, another jackass from CT doing stuff to make gun owners look bad. Call me crazy but it seems like the media in CT is reporting many more of these type of infractions from your non-typical criminal/people with carry permits. They also seems to be more on top of PA 13-3 infractions than I thought they would.

    Also, I always carry when playing golf… and play barefoot. I wonder how that breach of etiquette would have been taken.

  9. Once again, an idiot in a blue, staunchly anti-gun state doing something stupid with his firearm. Obviously, it’s safer to restrict the right to keep and bear arms than it is to educate people, from a young age, that their hole-punching tools are dangerous if misused and must be taken extremely seriously.

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