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Suzann Pesola (courtesy

“The 26-year-old Coram woman arrested after shooting a high-powered rifle off her balcony at an apartment complex Monday evening has a young child — and told police she was shooting into a wooded area ‘for recreational purposes’,” reports. “Suffolk County police said the woman, identified as Suzanne Pesola, of 405 B Dunston Place, [above] fired ‘multiple shots’ from a .9-millimeter High Point carbine rifle.” High Point high-powered .9mm rifle? That does sound like fun – as long as you wear a jeweler’s loupe when you load it and know your target and what’s behind it. Not to mention your local firearms laws. I wonder how they learned of the incident. Not through the rifle’s report, methinks.

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  1. Those darn .9mms are at it again! I can only imagine the caliber of her parenting skills.

    • Who do you think was down there replacing the beer cans as she shot them off the stand?

  2. .9mm? Ridiculous. I happen to know it was a 40mm caliber Hi-Point assault carbine ghost gun rifle with a thing that goes up and a high power assault clip.

    • Ain’t Mariah Carey from Coram, or was that Commack? Whateva, whateva, whateva. . .

      • She is from Massapequa, I believe, as is Jerry Seinfeld. Next county to the west, closer to NYC.

  3. Yeah, shooting a 9mm round out of 16 inch barrel really tames the report of the round. I have to imagine that .9mm is much quieter.

  4. Those darn .9mm rounds are about as hard to find as a “jeweler’s loop”. Sometimes those not in that area of expertise make journalistic errors. For anyone interested, it is correctly called a loupe.

  5. She had a bigger problem is she didn’t register that hi-point. It’s banned under the NY Safe Act. Never knew 9mm wad a “high powered rifle”

  6. So, wayward decimal point aside, a Hi-Point 9mm carbine is now a “high-powered” rifle? What’s a .308, a “super-mega-power” rifle? I’m guessing the MSM drones will now call anything bigger than a .22 rimfire “high-powered”.

    • A BAR Mark II Safari in .338 is low powered, due to the wooden stock and lack of scary protruding grips. That 9mm hi-point with the scary rails on it, finished in black krylon is very high powered.

      • Putting Krylon on a Hi-Point effectively doubles its value. If you don’t shake the can correctly though you might have paint runs that close over the muzzle of the .9 mm barrel.

  7. Hardly seems fair to be critical of a .9mm caliber when you talk of a jeweler’s “Loop.” 🙂

  8. Death of a thousand cuts…from a .9mm….

    I had to reread the first sentence “…shooting a high-powered rifle off her balcony at an apartment complex….” I couldn’t figure out what the apartment complex did to make her so (but apparently not too much –.9mm) angry.

    She looks kinda cute but that smug smirk on her face make me think she’s a b1tch…or stoned…or drunk…or a mix of any two…or all three.

    (sigh) glad I married the best woman in the world — she baught me guns.

  9. It’s people like her that give us Hi-Point carbine owners a bad name!

    However, the dimwits at Newsday (and the rest of today’s media) have earned their reputation as morons fair and square.

  10. Well, guys haven’t you heard? Since the FBI and all the big agencies and pd’s switched over to the 9mm it’s unbelievably high powered. I mean people will call the 40 weak and short and sing the praises of the 10mm, but of course the 9mm is no way wimpier than 40. Must be cause it’s only 1mm less, right? And let’s not forget about those HP rounds for 9’s that have become so technologically advanced, but not any of those ancient 40 hp’s got the benefit of modern hp development. I know we all have 1,000’s of hollow point bullets sitting around for SHTF so who needs a a bigger bullet with car glass penetration ability. I can see the 9mm bans coming……

  11. Well since .9 MM works out to be about .036 inch and the smallest common nail is .072 diameter you couldn’t call this a nail or tack driver. You have to get down into the intermediate needle calibers to get the correct diameter as I recall these are commonly referred to by science fiction authors as needle guns. Maybe this kind of cartridge would be good for a ghost gun since there would be less over penetration and you could really sew up that pesky poltergeist problem!

  12. That reporter must be new — he missed a couple of buzzwords. While he gets points for reporting that she has a young daughter (so?) he forgot to say that it was a “high-powered SEMI-AUTOMATIC ASSAULT rifle.” At the same time, the shooter was a doofus. I looked up her address on Google Earth and none of the woods around that building are more than a couple hundred yards deep. I don’t see any way she could have had a safe backstop and any lack of damage or injury was due to sheer luck on her part.

  13. Robert, the word is “loupe”, not “loop,” In any event, please clarify the thrust of your statement, with respect to the 9-millimeter High Point carbine rifle, which statement, along with your having placed a decimal point to the left of the 9, suggests that you believe the caliber of this weapon is 9/10ths of a millimeter, rather that 9 millimeters. At 9/10ths of a millimeter, yeah, you’d pretty much need a jeweler’s loupe to see the round.

    • Conway, Newsday reported that the Hi-Point was chambered in .9mm. RF didn’t place the decimal point in the wrong place, the Newsday writer did. RF noted it to show that the Newsday writer was a freaking idiot.

  14. Aside from the grammatical and factual errors in the article this woman IS an idiot! I know that area, there are other houses behind her that are way too close for any shooting to be safe. There are parts of Long Island where it’s safe to shoot, but not there.

  15. “High-powered rifle” that shoots a medium-powered pistol cartridge. Mendacious idiots.

    • In all fairness, Hi Point carbines seem to be pretty reliable from what I read. Many even praise the reliability of their pistols, while acknowledging that they are huge, heavy and generally ridiculous.

    • My Hi-Point carbine has never failed to go bang and cycle properly.
      At this point its track record is as good as my Glocks and Springfield.

      • Same here. I own lot’s of high dollar guns like Desert Eagles and M1As, but I’ve also owned four Hi Points and they are great guns for the cost. They are reliable and, although a bit rough ;-), but they work. And isn’t that what a good gun is all about?

  16. She’s a runner, rebel and a stunner
    On her merry way sayin’
    “Baby, what you gonna?”

    With a name like Suzanne Pesola
    The day was gonna come
    When I was gonna mourn ya.

  17. Not a smart move by her but somehow the reporters seem more dumb with their ignorance.

  18. But she was just shooting her Hi-Point from a high point! Practice ya know.
    Likely a new owner, blissfully unaware ot the laws. So did she buy it privately or from a shop that took no time to give her any background information?

    • What responsibility does a gun shop have to train their customers in the lawful and safe use of the products they sell?

      • Never said they had a responsibility, but most decent shops take some interest as a matter of professionalism.

      • None. What responsibility does an auto dealer have to train their customers in the safe operation of a motor vehicle? What responsibility does Lowe’s have to train their customers in the safe operation of a power lawnmower?

        C’mon, get real. How about people take some responsibility for themselves instead of the Nanny State Liberal crap that it’s never the fault of the person carrying out the act.

  19. You have to be careful you don’t breath out or sneeze, or your .9mm bullets go EVERYWHERE.

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