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Gosh, so many gun owners seem to be having trouble doing two things at once lately. And all while behind the wheel. First there was the Florida dood who was, er, distracted by his paid date. Now we have the case of Alan Askwith. There he was, minding his own bidness driving through Utah with his wife and dog when the pesky voices inside — the ones that JUST WON’T SHUT UP — told him that what he really needed to do was to get away from that evil city and kill that canine from hell . . . extra brings us this gem:

Prosecutors filed the charges in January after police found Askwith and his bleeding common law wife at a hospital in Nephi. After investigating, officers discovered that Askwith had been driving south on I-15 when he decided to shoot a dog sitting on the floor of the vehicle. Askwith fired a hand gun, but instead of killing the dog he hit his wife in the leg. He then ordered his wife to dump the dog on the side of the road and when they finally reached a hospital he reportedly ran from police.

But Askwith isn’t your garden variety schmuck who just had a little trouble shooting while driving.

During Askwith’s hearing on Monday afternoon, prosecutor Chad Grunander described the case as bizarre, saying that though Askwith was found competent he may have mental health issues. Court documents also previously added that Askwith claimed to be fleeing an evil city and trying to shoot an evil dog.

Mental health issues? Alan? Get outta town!

Defense attorney Clayton Simms asked the judge to impose jail time, rather than prison, noting that Askwith makes a considerable contribution to his family by taking care of his kids and being “Mr. Mom.”

“He has tremendous family support,” Simms added.

Yeah, we’re sure leaving Al with the kids all day is exactly what’s in the best interests of the family and the people of the Beehive State. So on Monday Askwith was sentenced to a year in the county jail rather than a stretch in the state pen. He was probably worried there’d be too many dog lovers in the big house, thus reducing his popularity. So we’ll be forwarding his IGOTD trophy to him care of the Utah County Jail. And we won’t be at all surprised if we hear that it starts talking to him at some point, too.

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  1. dude shoots his woman trying to shoot a dog that’s on his last nerve and you want to leave him in charge of the kids. Ready for it…… think of the children!

  2. You know, I think you should have some physical IGOTD trophies made, obviously it would be too expensive to send them out for every single case, but I think that you should choose one IGOTD a month to send a real trophy to. just choose the dumbest one and send him one. that way the media will mention TTAG specifically when one invariably gets sent to a police captain and thus jack up site views.

  3. I am just so tired of crazy people !

    But the wanting to shoot the dog places him firmly into the group that gets to do hard time, IMHO.

    Funny comment above about signing him up for the SWAT team, though. Why is it that officers, more heavily armed and armored than street cops (and who in turn are usually more armed and armored than non-police) are so afraid of dogs ? In 15 years as an LEO, the only dog that ever nipped me was some old woman’s lap dog, who waited until I was leaving the house after taking a report !
    I may be old(er), and would go to jail, but the first cop who shoots one of my spaniels unprovoked gets shot by me.

  4. Well, at least Mr. Askwith’s gun owning days are over! Next time he wants to kill something on the spur of the moment he’s just going to have to use a club. (Which is, also, kind ‘a difficult to swing with while you’re driving!) 😀

  5. So did he actually get around to shooting the dog, or was the poor animal just left along the side of the road to live free another day? Inquiring minds want to know!

  6. Thank you Alan Askwith. For giving the gun control crowd more ammunition to legislate us to death.

    And thanks to you, the NRA, for not having enough common sense, guts, and moral fiber to INSIST that EVERYONE who wants to purchase a firearm in this country take a MANDATORY gun safety course, plus pass a COMPLETE background check.
    Including a mandatory minimum IQ of about 6. Which is 4 points higher than Alan’s.


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