Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Amanda Jean Linscott

Let us put man and woman together and see which one is smarter. OK, maybe not smarter. Which one is better equipped to process multiple types of information in a crisis? Recognizing that differing biological imperatives have created significant differences in cognition, researchers at the University of Hertfordshire concluded that women are indeed better at multi-tasking than mendepending on the task (remember that bit). Which leads us to the evil-eyed Amanda Jean Linscott above and her, um, date . . .

Amanda Jean and a pal met three unnamed doods at a bar. It must have been love at first sight. reports that the fivesome then moved the party to the home of one of the men. When Amanda’s friend took one of the guys to his bedroom for a little quality time, he was asked for a $250 honorarium. After giving her all he had ($120), both enterprising young ladies split.

The victim then called Linscott’s friend’s cell phone and agreed to meet her at a local convenience store. Instead of encountering the woman who left with his $120, the victim met Linscott, who claimed her friend had ditched her, police said.

The gentleman must have thought Linscott was just as great a catch as her friend. The two quickly moved to the john’s guy’s car.

Linscott got into the victim’s Nissan Sentra, at which point she began touching the man and having sex with him while he was driving, the man told police.

See this multi-tasking challenge, this wasn’t a problem. If it had been, the unnamed date would have pulled over. But he didn’t. Why should he, other than legally, morally and potential insurance premium ding-wise? But then you add one more task . . .

Linscott allegedly demanded money. When the man told her he had already given her friend $120, she put a .357 Taurus revolver to the man’s head, police said.

As a male and thus a uni-tasker, the man in question had some trouble defending himself and driving safely at the same time.

During the melee, the victim lost control of his car, striking a palm tree and barreling through two front yards before his vehicle came to a stop, at which point Linscott fled the scene.

The wreck probably jogged Linscott’s memory of a dentist appointment she’d forgotten. Whatever the reason, she left so quickly she forgot her gun in the gentleman’s car.

Amanda Jean’s been arrested by the Port Charlotte, Florida police on an armed robbery charge. As a woman, we reckon she should be able to polish her new IGOTD trophy and defend herself in court without too much trouble. Not that she would. But she could.