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Tunica County Sheriff's Deputy Angela White (courtesy

“Horn Lake police say the gun of a Tunica County sheriff’s deputy, who received an apparently self-inflicted wound, has disappeared from the scene,” the reports. Now there’s something you don’t read everyday. Or take at face value. “The shooting occurred about 6:30 a.m. Thursday in the parking lot of a Horn Lake apartment complex as the deputy, Angela White, was getting out of her car. The gun, which was inside her purse, fired and the bullet hit the deputy in the side. Investigators said she apparently dropped her purse and the gun fell out of the purse onto the pavement. Evans says the scene was unsecured after the shooting, and by the time police arrived, the gun was missing.” reports that the po-po are offering a grand for the missing “Glock 40.” And I’ll pay $50 for an account of what really happened.

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    • it says it went off in her purse, then she dropped the purse and the gun fell out – not that the gun went off when she dropped it.

    • In her purse, no holster (I assume), keys, pens, lipsticks all stuck up in there, drop the purse so that the ground impacts that lipstick which rests against the trigger…

      At least, that’s the way it looks to me, which is why mine has an empty chamber, and is a secondary choice at home only. *I* perceive a danger carrying it fully loaded, prefer my Sig or Kimber, even my LCP for concealed carry.

    • Now that’s some blatantly racist bullshit there, Dirk Diggler, or whatever your real name is. You oughtta be ashamed, but my experience has been that those who should be ashamed, rarely are.

      • Well, since I am Black as well, would you like to go back to the righteous indignation drawing board?

      • No, Conway. From the linked stories the incident had absolutely nothing to do with the deputy’s race or a Maury Povich ‘who your baby daddy’ type episode.

        So this. The ‘noble’ ‘well-educated’ Diggler gazed disapprovingly at the deputy’s visage, made crackpot fact-free assumptions (“Perhaps you should read more into the story?”) about her life, and took a cheap shot at her. You, Conway, called him out for unjustly stereotyping, and an evasive Diggler, not actually denying his bigotry, promptly whipped out his authentic Rachel Jeantel®/ Obama® /Holder® get out of jail free card.

        • Maybe some of us don’t care about being politically correct. I don’t find it unreasonable to assume that their might be more BS where this BS had already come from.

  1. I’m not going to be holding my breath for the truth to come out on this one. Nor for the Glock to surface.

  2. If we accept at face value the official explanation on this one there is a Glock on the loose in the community. Maybe a gangbanger has it. Maybe an angry 12 year old with visions of revenge against his school.

    If I couldn’t come up with a better lie than that at least i couldn’t come up with a worse one.

    • Then again, it could just be running loose down the street looking for someone to assault. You know how those evil Glocks are when they’re let out of the cage.

  3. I’d pay a little myself to get a peek at this apparently prototype pistol. I guess the drop safety still needs some work?

  4. Those pesky Glocks. How did they get so popular when they choose to randomly shoot all by themselves?

    I’m glad only responsible police officers are entrusted to these weapons of mass murder…

  5. Must’ve been a Glock 7. You know how dangerous and undetectable those things are…she probably didn’t even know it had infiltrated her purse.

  6. It might very well have gone off in the purse if it were placed there without a holster, and a pen/keys/lipstick/whatever found its way inside the trigger guard. Not that it absolves the owner of their responsibility to be safe – but it’s a perfectly plausible explanation that fits the facts provided so far.

    • That was my thinking as well, Typically there is enough crap in a woman’s purse to stock a small convenience store and it is very believable that something got into the trigger guard of an unholstered Glock and made it go bang. Sorry that she was injured, but hopefully a lesson was learned. As to the gun disappearing, could have been anyone at the scene, from a bystander to an EMT or one of her fellow officers seeing an ignored weapon laying on the ground and decided it needed a better home, where it would be loved, holstered and cared for.

      • Perhaps you should read more into the story? I suspect she was shot by someone close to her and is in an abusive relationship. But hey, if you want to call Jackson and Sharpton (both upstanding pillars of the moral community. Or not), then have at it.

  7. whats even more bullshit than the story is the fact that ppl will actually believe that modern guns can just “go off”. I can’t count how many times i’ve had to tell ppl that guns dont just go off, they need human intervention.

  8. Israeli special unit have always trained with an empty chamber and have demonstrated the speed at which you can rack a slide! This would be the ultimate safety mode!

    • Or you can just act like a normal, non tacti-cool responsible gun owner and keep the safety on or, at least, your finger off the trigger.

    • When you have the training and mindset to be part of an elite few in a nation that seems to breed more warriors than most, then you may be able to get away with using a ridiculous technique probably foisted on you by PC bureaucrats who have long forgotten what the sound of the guns actually means.

      With enough time, it may even become natural enough that when you take fire, you don’t forget to rack it and get an ugly sounding “click” as a reminder. With enough time, you may become fast enough that you will still have time even when surprised, or alert enough that nobody surprises you.

      The rest of us will have to muddle along just not pulling the trigger until we mean to shoot something.

    • I bet those same Israeli special forces could fire two aimed shots in the time it takes them to rack that slide, although I could certainly not. Their time should be better spent.

  9. I can believe that the gun was left unsecured as she panicked and that it was stolen. I can also believe it discharged without her finger pulling the trigger… since it was in a purse, where some item carelessly left in there could have lodged against the trigger.

    It’s also possible something else happened, and she lied and covered it up. But when incompetence is a possibility, I tend to go with that first.

  10. $50 for an account of what really happened? Okay, here goes: Deputy arrives home early from graveyard shift, catches baby daddy in bed with new girlfriend. Deputy goes ballistic (pun most definitely intended), begins punching on baby daddy & new girlfriend, reaches for gun, prompting baby daddy to grab Deputy gun, whereupon Deputy & baby daddy wrestle (rassle?) over gun, causing baby daddy to shoot Deputy. Baby daddy (still holding gun) & girlfriend split, leaving Deputy to call 911 for herself. Deputy uses back up gun to shoot hole in purse to match concocted story she tells boss. Friend of baby daddy girlfriend surfaces in a few days with Glock, thus collecting $1000, plus Get Out of Jail Free Card.

    You’re welcome. You may send the $50 to my favorite charity . . . . me.

    • I believe ‘rassle’ is the correct term. Not because I’m racist (don’t Internet fight me, Conway Redding), but because it sounds better. Heartier. Like chowder vs chicken broth hearty.

    • You’ve just described a typical Tunica/Desoto County Friday night/Saturday morning.

      Responding Deputy: “What happened here?”
      Bleeding Deputy: “A number four.”
      Responding Deputy: “Okay. Sign here.”

  11. Although I agree that a Glock should not be carried in a purse or bag without a holster, it is somewhat unlikely that anything in her purse suddenly shifted with enough force to pull the trigger. Glock triggers are not light. It takes effort on a specific point to pull the trigger. I have heard this mythology before and I find it hard to believe.

    When the truth comes out, will they issue a retraction or just cover it up?

  12. Maybe she traded it for some crack and the dealer shot her with it!I live in southern Mississippi and have heard of a lot of corruption in a lot of police departments in my state,especially Hattiesburg’s department,the latest is that two officers that put out a video showing two other officers assaulting a motorist after he was handcuffed,were fired due to mishandling evidence,which sounds like a big crock to me due to voting erregular voting procedures in a special Mayoral election that had been set due to voter irregulararities from a previous election,smells of corruption to me,and the Mayor is the one supposedly causing the problem.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  13. I’m wondering if she was the only person in the parking lot professional enough to handle that Glock 40…

      • Those Glock 40’s do seem to be pretty dangerous, and apparently especially so towards cops. Hers must’ve been a Generation 4, I believe that’s the disappearing model.

  14. How do you shoot yourself in the side by dropping your firearm to the ground? Bullets go straight, not up and around like that.

  15. I’m not buying that this happened at all. Sure, MAYBE a Glock went off when it fell, it’s a long shot but it could happen.

    What I don’t buy is a police officer having an accident with a firearm and/or handling one in an unsafe manner. They are so much better trained than any civilian that it is IMPOSSIBLE for them to screw up with a gun. In fact, outside of the military, they are the only ones that should be allowed to carry a gun, ever. I mean, the rest of us could hurt ourselves through our ignorance of the responsibility of carrying a gun and maintaining proficiency with it.

    ……..I could barely choke that out….how do grabbers do it?

  16. Leaving the race issue out of it I’m going to put forward that there was a second LEO on the scene, a superior and that he/she was in a relationship of sorts with the vic. and that there was an argument over certain legal irregularities the pair were involved in. A threat was made, vic. went for her gun and was overpowered bang. Perp left scene w/gun amid additional threats. I see a promotion in the vics future and a transfer to another district.

  17. Number one, here in the south, its rasselin! Wrestling is an Olympic sport. Number two, there is no such thing as a glock. Its a evil, black, full auto gun. Just ask piers. Finally, whoever shows up with that evil, black, full auto gun will have cuffs slapped on him quicker than they can fail a sobriety test. They’ll wait in county for 5 years, then MAYBE get parole. Good luck finding that Glock 87.

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