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“Sheriff’s deputies seized several guns and about 1,000 rounds of ammunition from the Isla Vista apartment of a UC Santa Barbara student who was arrested after he said he accidentally fired one of his firearms at home….” Unfortunately, that wasn’t the home of vindictive virgin Elliot Rodger two weeks ago. Instead, it was the home of Kevin Tym on Tuesday. He’d just sent a round through his neighbor’s apartment. They say the key to comedy is timing. Given recent events in Isla Vista, you can probably understand why no one was laughing . . .


Deputies went next door and questioned 21-year-old Kevin Tym, who allegedly admitted that he was playing with his legally-owned Glock 17 and accidentally fired off a 9mm round.

During a search of his apartment, deputies found and seized seven firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, including a high-capacity assault rifle magazine.

All of the firearms were legally owned by Tym, deputies said.

Emphasis on ‘were.’ Now that he’s facing a charge for his negligent discharge, Mr. Tym will have a helluva time getting them back. One thing he will be getting, though, is some IGOTD hardware, but we wouldn’t suggest relying solely on that to defend yourself, Kevin.

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    • Just wow!

      “2. As for gun control etc comments- what prevented more deaths was California’s ban on magazines more than 10 rounds. If he’d had 15-round or 30-round mags for his glock, more people would be dead. He missed a girl at point blank range and shot and missed a couple more times. I own multiple guns, including glock pistols, and thousands of rounds as well. I keep them stored in a safe. I fully support the 10-round magazine limitation. In my opinion, discharging a gun like this should lead to immediate revocation of gun ownership privileges. One strike and you’re out.”

      • “gun ownership privileges”

        Makes me want to weep. This from a supposed gun person. Just goes to show, all 2A supporters own guns, but not all gun owners support the 2A.

        • What do you mean “supposed” gun person? Lots of gun people don’t buy the immutable 2nd amendment argument at all. I love guns. I think they make great sense for personal protection. I think every rational person should carry. I don’t base any of that on a 200 year old piece of paper.

        • Congratulations. None of what you “think” means squat if the Constitution and better men than you aren’t there to protect it. Just because you like guns and take advantage of your ability to own them earned by others’ blood, doesn’t make you a “gun guy.” Given your apparent attitude about guaranteed freedoms, you don’t even qualify as an American.

        • @Lizard-

          It isn’t the 2nd Amdt. that is “immutable”. It is, just as you say after all, only a 200 year old document.

          The unalienable right to self defense is part of natural law, which is around 2,000 years old in a legal sense, and has millions of years of precedence throughout natural history.

          If the entire Bill of Rights were repealed via constitutional ammendment, You and I would still have the same rights to free speech, due process, and self defense we do today. The repeal would simply be infringement of Natural Rights (and a clear signal that the gov’t was no longer legitimate, although some make the argument that the Rubicon has already been crossed).

      • Let me get this straight. You’re going to have Constitutional rights suspended if they break your rules? You and what army?

    • So all it takes now is a chest rig or PC and a rifle? Those guys in Chipotle I wouldnt have given a second thought about. I couldnt get to that assumption based JUST on the pic, but this however:
      “playing with his legally-owned Glock 17 and accidentally fired off a 9mm round”

      Truly Classic Mall Ninja Indeed 🙂

      • But, but, but, GLOCK-brand Discharge!!

        Eww, wait…That sounds like a medical condition that needs to be looked at.

  1. I wonder if he’s a regular on this website. Seeing your own name and picture and being Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day would be pretty embarrassing.

  2. “Given recent events in Isla Vista, you can probably understand why no one was laughing . . .”

    No, I can understand: they’re a bunch of Socal wusses.

    • Not to sound like a gun control advocate, but the recent murder of 6 people might make people in the community a little sensitive to gunfire.

      • It would make me a little sensitive to only having a 10 round mag. But, then, I’m not a pathetic leftist afraid of his own shadow.

        • Is “rational thought” the new buzz phrase to replace “common sense” when you argue for the reduction of rights and benevolence of oppression? Or that the Constitution is a “living document” that any agenda driven politician can change to suit his whims?

  3. Devils advocate time
    “including a high-capacity assault rifle magazine”
    Thats going to hurt him in the PRC. Besides that and a charge maybe for reckless endangerment and discharging a firearm within city limits…what has this guy been charged with that warrants the confiscation of his firearms? Seriously, has he been charged with a Felony? Committed to a mental institution?

    • He went against leftist social mandate. That’s the highest crime possible in this brave, new America.

      He also had an ND in which no one was hurt.

      • I think in Kalifornia they add a K to Amerika, then again Ive only visited a few times 🙂

    • 1. possession of a “large capacity ammunition feeding device” is not a crime in California. Selling them are. In theory if you found on in the desert you could keep and use it, let alone actual legal ways of having acquired them (ownership before 2001, former LEO, etc)

      2. Presumably they seized the weapons as part of their “investigation.” Unless he was shooting at someone (doing something worse than an ND) or is adjudicated mentally incompetent or something like that, he can get them all back. But it will be a hassle. He will file an LEGR (Law Enforcement Gun Release form) and pay “administrative fees.” And if the cops are really screwing with him, they will try and demand proof of ownership (handguns would be easy, as probably registered, rifles probably aren’t) . Of course legally the fact that he possessed them and they seized them from hm would constitute sufficient evidence of ownership, absent contrary evidence. But short of a letter from a lawyer/threat of a lawsuit, they can easily play around with him.

      • Actually “finding one” wasn’t a crime, but they amended it last year among all the new bills they introduced. So effective this year, it is now a misdemeanor or infraction:

        32310. (a) Except as provided in Article 2 (commencing with Section 32400) of this chapter and in Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 17700) of Division 2 of Title 2, commencing January 1, 2000, any person in this state who manufactures or causes to be manufactured, imports into the state, keeps for sale, or offers or exposes for sale, or who gives, lends, buys, or receives any large-capacity magazine is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year or imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170.

    • Could be 10/30 mags

      If the magazine has an installed block which limits its capacity to no more than 10 rounds (even in a 30 round body) whether that’s a Magblock or an installed Rivet and is made permanent so it otherwise cannot be changed back to its normal full capacity; it is a perfectly legal magazine for the State of California.

  4. I wonder if he would have his car and license taken away for a first-time offense of dinging another car in the parking lot. After all, cars account for tens of thousands more accidental deaths per year, and that would show negligence in operating a car.

    Wait, what? This isn’t about logic or facts, just emotion and idiocy? Ok, I’ll stop then.

    • Kill a cyclist with your car, slap on the wrist. Negligent discharge of a firearm with no actual injury, people are calling for felony charges.

    • It’s a lot harder to drive a car without error than to not have a negligent discharge. The trigger is a binary screw-up.

  5. Ugh, with the LBV. That Tactical Timmy shit is so out of place in civilian life. Not to say he shouldn’t be allowed to do it, it just looks silly as hell. Just play Call of Duty or actually enlist. Ya look like a tool kid.

    • I want to set up a cheap one from the surplus store, in case I actually have to huck my shit a significant distance at some point in my life.

      I probably wouldn’t wear it to the range though/

      • You’ll never need to huck your shit that kind of distance anyway, outside of law enforcement or the military. I frequently have to explain this to preppers. Doomsday in the developed West isn’t a sudden thing. It’s a slow slide into mediocrity. It happened to the Romans, it happened to the British, and we seem to be in the starting phases of our own right now.

        I’m a freedom advocate, so by all means go ahead and get one if you want. It’ll just look goofy the same way driving an APC to work would.

        • Nonsense. Natural disasters can happen at any time. I work 28 miles from my home in the area of Memphis TN. If the New Madrid fault should cut loose in a big way while I was at work I would face a long walk home. If bridges were down but roadways passable I could make it about half way before being forced to walk.

      • My thought as well in the “Hey dude take a picture of me with my phone” kind of way during a break at a class.

  6. What is it with UCSB? Is everybody going there tooled up? Is it an admission requirement like owning an iMac?

    • We have a gun club (rifle/skeet), an open range, and a national forest 20 minutes driving distance from UCSB. Perfect place for shooting imho. a lot better than LA at least…

  7. Life’s rough and then your neighbor dies. Hope he gets his stuff back but what a doofus. Pretty sick to see the 22year old virgin’s parents disown him today. After you finance his lifestyle,buy him an expensive car, housing, clothes and plenty of $ to buy guns and ammo aplenty.Illinois doesn’t seem so bad.

    • Which isn’t going to do them much good if their name is on the title or loan for the car…

  8. One wonders what the response would be had he not had such poor timing and location.

    Oh well, if he’d had WORSE timing and location he might have killed someone.

  9. Well, this part of the story, “admitted that he was playing with” kills my sympathy.

    Gee… I was just playing around with my chainsaw and it slipped and cut of my leg.
    Gee… I was just playing around with my knife when I flipped it into my buddy’s eye.
    Gee… I was just playing around with my girlfriend. I didn’t mean to knock her up.
    Gee… I was just playing around with my car. I didn’t expect to roll it at that curve.

  10. Gun ownership is a privilege? Since when? Its a right. Always has been and always will be. Has that been said before?

    I really think the first time someone said they were going to attack gun rights they should have had a sock right in the cork smoker. Follow it up with a phrase like “I wouldn’t do that if I were you”. If a group of that individual’s buddies said they were attacking gun rights then pop them all right in the eye! Once discourse was started that gave it life and now it has become an issue….everywhere. There should have never been any talk about it. Should have been squelched at the start, proverbial nip it in the bud. Now, we have to “talk” about it all day long until we are so weary its not humorous at any level. Once you begin to discuss a matter it becomes a topic for discussion and once opened it lends itself to long dissertation by politicians and then once a “law” or “bill” gets passed there is no way around it because now it is set in stone when all it would have taken at the very beginning was squashing the whole damnable scheme. Violence or a good solid fist would not be necessarily the best way to handle it but to have even allowed all this jibber-jabber to begin gave this a life all its own. I guess we can just do what they did during prohibition…..refuse to listen. I think also if you know someone or have any doubt about someone’s mental stability, well dear gun-dealer exercise your right to refuse service for anyone for any reason. This guy who discharged his weapon accidentally……well, he will have one heck of a time getting those guns back. If/when he does, time to move to another state, period. I guess I am just soooo tired of talking about all of this, aren’t you all? A famous quote I read awhile back stated, “its too late to operate within he confines of todays corrupted political system and yet, its too early to shoot the bast*rds.” I know some of this is off topic but I read this and haven’t had a good jolt of java yet. Think people. Quit worrying about all the words, worry about what the words will bring to bear.

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