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YouTube has come to the rescue of more gun owners than all the gunsmiths the world has ever known. Can’t remember how to take the Henry lever action down that’s been in the back of your safe for longer than you can recall? Inherit grandpa’s humpback Model 11 he bought back in the 20s from the Sears & Roebuck catalog? Have you finally gotten around to cleaning that Beretta 92 of yours but can’t for the life of you remember how to get the damned thing back together again? Not to worry. Somedood (or more likely seven of them) out there, working in his basement, has gone to great pains to produce a detailed video showing exactly how to do just the thing you want to do and has graciously uploaded it for all the world to share. Kevin Sanfeliz knows this, too . . .

He’d bought a new shotgun a few months ago and was just getting around to cleaning it Sunday morning while watching a YouTube tutorial showing him how to do the deed. Just one problem: someone – either the guy in the video or our pal, Kevin – skipped the part about clearing the gun first. And that’s how he ended up installing a new skylight in his apartment ceiling.

That alone would have caused a ruckus, but less of one had there not been people living in the apartment above his.

“People were home upstairs, too,” said Lt. Bill Kler, Oregon City police spokesman. “It could have turned out really bad.”

Kler said the upstairs neighbors were sleeping and called police when they heard the blast and saw the hole in their floor of their apartment in the Timber Ridge complex on South Morton Road.

Kevin seems chastened by the unfortunate event. “Kler said Sanfeliz has expressed regrets, urging others to take a firearms-safety course before buying a gun.” No doubt good advice. But his newfound respect for firearms safety, while certainly welcome, won’t keep him from receiving one of our coveted IGOTD statuettes. We’re sure his upstairs neighbors will enjoy rolling up the rug once in a while and admiring it, too.

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  1. Poor kid… it looks like the shot bounced off the ceiling and put a big hole in each of his earlobes.

    • Beat me to it. Sadly, we see a lot of kids show up for interviews for highly paid technical jobs who have metal in their face. And even with a 3.6+ GPA, they are unhireable for us because we are a consulting agency.

  2. The picture looks like a mug shot and I’m assuming the IGOTD was charged with reckless endangerment or discharging a firearm in a residence or something.

    However, something just occured to me… why is having an “accident” with a gun where no one is hurt an arrestable offense while having an “accident” with a car where no one is hurt often merits only a citation? It’s no wonder people buy into the “evil gun” notion when even the application of our laws differentiate between which tool is involved in the “accident.”

    • Great question! The laws are often more concerned with the object itself rather than the end result of how a person misuses an object.

      In San Francisco, I was witness to a big car turning into the wrong lane slamming into a small car sending it careening into a homeless man ripping off his leg (I was 10′ away). He died within the week. The police gave permission for the big car driver to drive away from the scene ie he was not arrested or the vehicle taken in by the police.

      • Thanks for a great illustration of the point. Even in an “accident” with a car where someone IS injured/killed, usually no one is arrested unless alcohol was involved. Oh, and if alcohol is involved, you’re arrested even if there is no “accident.” Laws that vilify objects instead of actions must end.

        • You’re welcome. Good point about how the laws govern police response to alcohol in two different scenarios.

          Another one, in San Francisco again, came to mind that I was nearby though not a witness too. A car took off onto a busier street and then swerved back out of control (from the original stationary position at a stop sign) with the car doing an almost 180 degree turnaround slamming and pinning an old woman on the sidewalk underneath it. She died within ten minutes. The driver told police that the accelerator stuck and the car went out of control. He was not arrested.

    • why is having an “accident” with a gun where no one is hurt an arrestable offense while having an “accident” with a car where no one is hurt often merits only a citation?

      Because if they put everyone who had a car accident in jail, there would be more people in jail than out and there’d be no room for the real bad guys.

  3. “Sanfeliz was cited for recklessly endangering another, discharging a weapon within the city limits and criminal mischief. He was booked into the Clackamas County Jail and was released on his own recognizance”

    2 of the 3 charges are BS. The reckless endangerment I understand, assuming the upstairs residents wanted to press charges on the kid.

    • I agree IRoc. And folks making fun of earlobes and tattoos, well my dad had a tattoo of the American flag on his arm, he was in the U.S. Army. did that make him unhireable? No. The young man apparently regrets his mistake and will possibly do some jail time.

      • Who made fun of tattoo’s? Also there is a difference when tattoo’s aren’t visible…please be relevant with your facts and rebuttals. I’m sure your Dad’s tattoo wasn’t on his face, neck or hands. Right? No – they knew back in the day that they had to be covered up at times. Many people/kids these days don’t care – and then wonder why the employment door shuts in their face. Sure, a manager at Peets coffee in Berkeley is likely still a possiblity – but not many other careers.

  4. Nothing says “hire me!” like four-gauge holes in each earlobe. Except maybe face and/or neck tats.

  5. Sanfeliz has expressed regrets, urging others to take a firearms-safety course before buying a gun…………….why is it everyone finds jesus after the fact

      • And do you really need to take a course to know to check a gun to make sure it’s empty? I mean really, “It’s like this guy would have been all, ‘Oh… I never thought of that’ had he taken a course and they said “don’t clean your gun with ammo in it”.

        That’s like saying “Make sure you take Drivers Ed… cause they’ll teach you that you shouldn’t drive your car into a wall”.

    • Hey, now, not every shooter is dedicated enough to turn their ears into Backup Tactical Shell Carriers.

    • Wow I bet you are really old. FLAME DELETED I respect the kid for going on TV and apologizing, not trying to make up some excuse. Sure he shouldnt have had the gun without knowing how to clean it, but hey, we all make mistakes. FLAME DELETED

  6. Well, first of all, on a serious note: Thank God he did not kill or wound somebody.

    Now….on a less than serious note.

    You refer to guys in their basements making videos on, among other things, how to put a Beretta 92 back together. Since you recently posted my video on that very subject, you obviously had me in mind.

    Let me correct a significant error in your description:

    First of all, it is not “my basement” it is my “Subterranean Lair” or “The Bunker” or my “Secret Undisclosed Location” which you have now just disclosed.

    : )

    For more exciting, non lethal, videos:

  7. Anybody so stupid as to disfigure their head like that, doesn’t have enough brains to own a firearm. What a tool. His parents must be proud.

    • Yeah, let’s start denying rights based on how people look. Small holes in ones ears are acceptable for gun ownership but large ones aren’t?

      • Post a pic of yourself Marky and I’ll let you know if you qualify too. Does that plate in your lip make it hard to establish proper eye relief with your rifle scope?

        Dood, what one does to himself can be a good indication of his mentality and therefore qualifications. Anyone that has to deform/disfigure their body like that has issues, IMO. Tattoo’s are one thing (I have none) but permanently disfiguring ears and other body parts in a way that is abolutely career-limiting and disgusting to 99% of the population, reeks of unintelligent, immature, and insecure self-hatred (or something of the like) in my book. Someone with that mentality can often be too stupid or emotionally-unstable to own firearms, IMO.

        He couldn’t even remember to clear his weapon and almost killed his neighbor – can’t get any dumber than that when it comes to firearm safety. Gauge on Marky…

  8. Part of me wants to dismiss him as a complete idiot, because as a firearm owner it is (was?) his responsibility to learn how it functions and always operate it safely.

    However, as an apartment dweller, this story makes me think seriously about the lack of safe backstops in apartments for two reasons:

    1) All it takes is one second of inattention to cause a negligent discharge
    2) Drywall and wood studs will not stop a fired bullet.

    Living in the urban jungle, no matter where I might point the muzzle while loading, unloading or dry-firing, it’s potentially pointing at someone or something that I really don’t want to put a 9mm hole in.

    In addition to knowing the four rules and practicing safe gun handling, I currently use a stack of hardcover books as a low-rent backstop. Anybody have better ideas, short of buying one of those Safe Direction pads or a ballistic vest?

    • If the stack of books is thick enough, then it should work for you. Remember that bullets actually penetrate some solid materials better than liquid/gelatinous materials (like flesh) – something about liquids being non-compressible makes them extremely hard against a very fast moving object. I would use 2 or 3 feet thick of books to catch a handgun bullet.

    • Bucket of sand would be a good choice. Probably cheap enough to destroy a couple in testing on the range to ensure it actually would stop your bullet too.

    • Mythbusters did one or two shows on non-traditional ballistic “armor”. I believe 5 inches of telephone books will stop pretty much every common self-defense handgun bullet. To be on the safe side, up that to about 8 inches thick.

  9. I am so flipping scared of ADs I never have one in the chamber except when I am about to shoot at the range or in competition. I know, self defense experts will argue why I should, but I am spooked by all the sad stories.

    • Testing…

      @Nick V.: One way to help get over that is the “see if it happens” drill. Lots of people have used this step on their path to carrying a weapon, concealed or open. I know I did. Carry for a while with a full mag, the weapon cocked, but no round in the chamber. At the end of the day, check how often the firing pin has dropped. The odds are strong that it will be exactly as you left it, cocked over an empty chamber. Some people carry this way for a month, some for two, until they’re satisfied. Continue to do this until you feel confident in the gun’s ability to exercise self-restraint.

      Don’t be scared of your gun. She’s a nice girl, but much like me, she’s pretty lazy. She really doesn’t want to do anything of her own volition, she must be prodded into action. Absent outside interference, she’ll just sit there, day in, day out, with a remote in one hand and Doritos stains on the other.

      We’re still talking about the gun, right?

  10. “Kler said Sanfeliz has expressed regrets, urging others to take a firearms-safety course before buying a gun.”

    Even better, teach your kids firearms safety long before they’re old enough to buy their own.

  11. MotoJB
    I am his mom. I am proud of Kevin. He has a job despite his earlobes, he is in college and we never had a gun in the house when he was growing up. His decision to get a gun was his own. A parent can’t stop their adult children from making bad decisions. We do our best to teach them right from wrong, but you have to let them grow up. I truly hope you don’t have children or ever will. They surly will become haters like you. You asking Marky about the plate in his lip? Sounds a little racial to me. The hate that you write shows your low self esteem. Were you bullied when you were a kid or are you still a kid? Sorry don’t know your age. So now you can hide behind words on the internet and spew your hateful opinions of people you don’t even know. You reek of immaturity and insecure self hatred. I agree with everyone here that he should not have got the gun without taking a course first.

    • Wow, I got scolded by his momma. Guess what, this isn’t about you – it’s about your “grown up ” son. You don’t need to chime in for him, he’s a big boy. Perhaps that’s part of his problem. I’ll bet it is. Anyhow, I don’t need you coming here trying to tell me I was being “racist” (give me a break) or have you try to “Dr Phil” me. Perhaps you should go try (again in error) to straighten out your son, not me. I don’t have “hatred” for your son (or you), I simply have rightful distain for people that almost kill others with firearms via their stupidity. It further tramples the opinions of gun ownership for the rest of us. BTW, it doesn’t take a class to know how to keep a weapon unloaded, LMAO. Also, the way he looks (treats himself) is an indication of his mentality – whether you chose to admit it or not. I bet he was likely high/drunk when he put that 12ga through the roof too. If not, heck it’s even worse from a different angle because he did it sober. FLAME DELETED Your son is being glorified by this IGOTD award for a reason. Congrats Mom. You did well. Enjoy your son’s fame.

    • Oh and Momma – I have two girls, 18 and 21, both in college, happy/healthy and they know how to handle firearms. They started young, and started first with a firearm safety course. I can have one of them teach Kevin if you’d like.

      • MotoJB you dope, I am not anti-gun. Sounds like your wife/partner raised your daughters well. Glad to hear they know how to handle guns. But you have some big balls telling me to stick my opinions where the sun don’t shine. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. People in glass houses…And you say it doesn’t take a class to know if a gun is loaded? I sure as hell wouldn’t know how to tell. Wouldn’t you just hate it if I had a gun in my hand and pointed at you, and while asking if it was loaded, I pulled the trigger. So yeah, I think everyone should have a class or two. Oh and if your daughters want to teach him, let them. But I bet papa wouldn’t let them ’cause he has gauges. He must be a stoner. Do you even live in Oregon? Oh whats the use…you are a hater whether you want to admit it or not. Judging and “assuming” just because people are different than you. I ask the same question as Kyle. Does it get warm in that closed mind of yours? Just saying……………………..

        • Guess I got under your skirt…calling me names now. Didnt say you were anti gun, learn how to read and not make everything about YOU…selfish girl. I wouldn’t expect you know how to work a gun, but your son who purchased a firearm certainly should know not (and not be so stupid as) to put his finger on the trigger while in his apartment while it is loaded. DUH. Oh and why yes, I do happen to have big balls! Thanks.

  12. Just a little fact for you, since you seem to not rely on them. He didn’t almost kill the neighbors upstairs. They were asleep in their bedroom. Kevin was in the living room. Yes, I know, lucky the apartments were arranged that way. Before you go yammering on about things you don’t know squat about, get the facts. People make mistakes. Hope your next one is a real kick in the ass.

    Kevin’s mom.

    • People make mistakes. Hope your next one is a real kick in the ass.

      Haha, this is awesome. Give ’em hell.

    • Don’t say he didn’t almost kill them becuase they were in their bedroom – what a cop out. He put a 12ga slug or shot through thier home that would have killed someone if they had been standing there. Get a clue!!! What a sorry excuse. Quit trying to make excuses for your Son. That excuse didn’t work with the neighbors or cops, and it doesn’t work with anyone else (but you).

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