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It appears that Jose Amaya never really grasped the whole be-sure-of-your-target-and-what’s-beyond-it concept. He seems to have no hesitation whatsoever about letting bullets fly in inappropriate areas. Areas like the inside of his home. And frequent visits from the local sheriff responding to reports of shots fired didn’t seem to instill that healthy respect for firearms we’d all like to see. It took his sister to convince him that shooting guns in his trailer might be unsafe . . .

Back in May, as reports, the sheriff was called yet again to the Amaya residence.

On their arrival, deputies discovered Jose Santiago Amaya, 29, lying in the living room floor with a single gunshot wound to the chest.  Amaya was treated on the scene and was later airlifted to Huntsville Hospital where he made a full recovery.

During investigation of the shooting, the Sheriff’s investigators learned that Amaya had been in a struggle with his sister as he was firing the gun inside the house.  In an attempt to keep the gun muzzle pointing away from her, Amaya’s sister grabbed his wrists.  During their struggle, Amaya discharged the weapon, striking himself in the chest.

As a result of the sucking chest wound – from which he’s since recovered – Jose’s now facing a felony charge of discharging a gun into an occupied dwelling.

Sheriff Jimmy Harris said, “I’m pleased to have this matter resolved because this is not the first time that my deputies have responded to shots being fired at that residence.  We are concerned any time we have gunshots in a residential community because once a gun is fired you cannot take the bullet back or change its direction of travel.  Many young children reside in the immediate area along with innocent adults.  I feel that the Kilpatrick area is a little safer now due to this arrest being made.”

We’re glad Sheriff Jimmy feels better. It would be churlish to wonder if neighbors might have been asking themselves how many more times the Sheriff’s boys would have responded to calls of shots fired – and let things go – had Jose not finally ventilated himself. And we certainly don’t want to be churlish. Let’s just send Mr. Amaya his IGOTD hardware and consider all well that ended well.

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  1. I sincerely hope the prosecutor doesn’t deal the charge below a felony, since that may be what it takes to keep firearms legally out of this damn fool’s hands. I’m also glad the sister showed that there is at least one brain between the siblings.

  2. I am only upset because he made a full recovery…if only his aim were a bit better, this world would be a better place.

  3. Humans are amazing creatures. We have made great strides in technologies to arrive at a point where our unfit have chances to outlive and outlast our fittest.

    • +1

      Alchohol or drugs were probably involved somehow, because nobody could be that stupid while sober. Or, I guess insanity could make someone do something that crazy.

      • I’ve been drunk, stumbling-around drunk and blind stinking drunk, but I’ve never been that drunk.

        • I imagine he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed when he was sober. If he had any sense, he would have gotten rid of the gun after the first incident. Get him drunk/drugged and he becomes as dumb as a rock.

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