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Sometimes things can get hot in south Florida. In fact, Jose Diaz Martinez was pretty steamed when he found Gilberto Martinez (no relation) peeing on the sidewalk in front of his home a while back. You could probably say that the two engaged in something of a pissing match. Unfortunately, Gilberto didn’t confine himself to micturating. Instead, he pulled a gun and squeezed off a few rounds in Jose’s direction, hitting him at least once. Now, almost three months later, Johnny Law has finally caught up to Gilberto who’s in the hoosegow on an attempted second degree murder charge where he’s probably peeing in a trough with with his roommates and trying to make $50,000 bail. One thing he won’t be able to piss away, though is his IGOTD honorific. That, you keep for life.

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  1. Doesn’t it rain in Miami like twice a day? What possible reason is there to pick a fight with someone pissing on your sidewalk? It’s not remotely like pissing inside your shoes.

  2. If Jose believed that Gilberto was armed he likely would have not picked a fight with him.

  3. Gilberto pees on Jose’s sidewalk and SHOOTS him because he yelled at him? Wow don’t these guys understand embarassment?


  4. Irresponsible? More like homicidal. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be pissed (so to speak) too, but that doesn’t justify lethal force.

    • You’d be pissed that someone was upset for you peeing all over the sidewalk in front of their home? I would be embarrassed, and probably really drunk.

  5. @Hannibal:
    I misread I thought the dude who’s sidewalk was getting pissed on shot, but now I see that wasn’t the case. You’re right, I’d be REALLY embarrassed.

  6. Not terribly on topic, but back during the cocaine cowboy days there was a bumper sticker in south Florida…a big yellow smiley face with some simulated bullet holes around it, with the script:

    Come back to Miami….We weren’t shooting at *you*!

  7. So Martinez found Martinez peeing on the sidewalk in front of Martinez’s house, and so Martinez got mad at Martinez and yelled at Martinez, but then Martinez drew a gun on Martinez and shot at Martinez, and even hit Martinez at least once. Now Martinez is in jail for attempted murder and being an IGOTD.

    This story is not confusing at all.

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