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What’s in the Teaneck, NJ water these days? First there was Dan Collins who decided an armed response was the way to express his displeasure over a neighbor’s fart. Now we have an unidentified Teanecker who carries his .45 Mexican style. Cause that’s just the way he likes to roll. That the gun fell, given the man’s freewheeling, holsterless carry method, isn’t terribly surprising. It was trying to catch it that was his really big mistake . . .

He was lucky he was with a friend, Janoah Poindexter, at the time. From

Investigators determined that the victim was returning home with Poindexter when a .45-caliber gun he had in his waistband fell. The victim accidentally pulled the trigger when he reached for the gun, shooting himself in the leg and rupturing an artery.

Poindexter managed to get his buddy to the ER before he bled out, only to be arrested for lying about what happened. Given Jersey’s horrendous gun laws and the slim chance the pistol catcher actually has a carry permit, he should probably be expecting a visit from the boys in blue as soon as he’s mobile.

It’s almost impossible to get a modern gun to “go off” by dropping it. You run a much bigger chance of accidentally hitting the trigger and firing off a round by trying to catch it. Yes, it will probably end up with a nasty gouge in the finish, but it beats a spurting femoral artery. Or worse. So we’ll be sending the as yet unidentified Teanecker one of our IGOTD awards as soon as he’s able to receive it. And we hope he keeps a better grip on it than he did his gun.

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  1. If you insist on carrying this way leave the pipe clear or get a 1911, at least then you have to make a series of mistakes to shoot yourself.

  2. I initially interpreted “teanecker” as a disparaging euphemism for a modern political subculture, until I read the article.

    • Ha! That’s exactly what I thought — a redneck Tea Partier. Gotta love the picture here, too. So you’ll holster a cell phone but not a gun? Modern technology is entirely wasted on some people.

      • Where did you get the tea party reference? Are you a hopolophobe who didn’t bother to read the article?

      • if you also put some really tightly over the nose, it will fix it the rest of the way in a few minutes.

      • Reminds me of a T-shirt I saw the other day, it said “silence is golden, duct tape is silver”.

  3. I’d be more concerned about drawing it in an emergency.
    Given where it’s pointing, you’d run the risk of going off half-cocked.

  4. Let me guess it was a Glock.

    Perform the following experiment, preferably with a toy gun. Play catch with it. Count how many time catch the gun with both a hand on the trigger and a hand solidly on the grip. Now after you complete the experiment go replace you Glock with an XD if you insist on Mexican carry.

    • Tried that experiment with a G27, unloaded. Jumped up and down grabbing at it, poking it, shoving it, etc…….the trigger would not pull.

      A G27 with a Clipdraw is under my shirt with one in the pipe and I have no concerns.

    • Brand loyalists’ advice is about as reliable as the stuff that comes out of Obama’s mouth.

  5. Ha! The person portrayed in the photo wouldn’t dare carry his CELL PHONE Mexican-style (notice it’s in a proper phone holster). But, a pistol? Why soitanly! Just stick it in your pants, pointed at your “boys.”

  6. I long for the time when I could hear the phrase “Mexican carry” and not think of the ATF.

  7. I just spent $70 on a new holster, it IS alot cheaper than what the hospital charges for fixing a shot foot/leg/gentleman’s area…

  8. Ouch!!! Didn’t that stupid wide receiver for the NY Giants do the samething with a Glock in a nightclub, while wearing sweat pants? Then there was that stupid Tea Bagger in NH who went to meet his Congressman and dropped his pistol. I do not mind when these stupid people kill themselves, that is called natural selection. When they accidently kill someone else though, that feeds the lies of the Brady Campaign and the likes of Mayor Bloomberg.

    I always liked the argument that Penn did at the end of the Bulls**t episode they did on guns. It is about the argument for the potential armed overthrow of the government and that speech is protected by the First Amendment, but just in case any government in power should try to limit our speech, we have the Second Amendment to back up the First!!! To protect all of our freedoms we need numbers, discipline and the ability to fight on equal terms of those who would oppress us.

    Personally I do not fight fair, so I would want to stack the deck as much in my favor as possible 🙂

    I am sorry… got sidetracked… NJ, Mexican style 45s… OUCH!!! What is the ratio of responsible gun owners vs idiots? How do we define each… shrug…

  9. I don’t see how anyone would try to carry a heavy-ass .45 in their waistband without a holster. No duh it fell. I wonder if he’ll buy a holster next time….oh wait, he probably won’t legally be able to own guns for a while.

  10. Oh, you shot yourself carrying a loaded handgun mexican style? You don’t say?

    Friends don’t let friends carry mexican style. I’m hard pressed to think of a dumber way to carry a loaded handgun.

    • I am always bewildered and speechless when I encounter someone who actually thinks this is a good idea.

  11. I’ve Mexican carried for more than 16 years and it is a Glock 26. Never have i worried about a AD/ND.

    • It seems that most AD from Glocks and waistband carry are from people grabbing for them if they slip down. A Clipdraw eliminates that and keeps the gun from sliding around in any direction, without the bulk of a holster.

      Carried a Taurus PT145 for a long time OSS style (shoelace) but it had the extra comfort zone of a thumb safety. Since carrying a G27 the Clipdraw works for me.

    • It’s not whether you “worry” about it. It’s about when it actually happens. Worrying is benign. A shot to the femoral artery is not. 🙂

    • Plenty of people take the mexican carry shortcut without shooting themselves, still doesn’t make it a good idea. What’s the advantage anyways? The truth is there is none, just added risk to the person carrying the gun.

      A holster is cheap insurance, and a good holster+belt combo will make you forget the gun is even there.

      • The advantage is that criminals can toss guns and not have evidence (a holster) still attached.

  12. Let us stop insulting Mexicans, okay. From now on, let’s call it “Teaneck Carry.” ‘Cause I like Mexicans, but I hate New Jersey. Joisey has no guns, a fat clown for a governor and smells bad, too. No, not the governor. The whole state.

      • Gangsta style it is. If we’re going to insult somebody, we might as well insult people who deserve it.

    • Come on, the whole state doesn’t stink, just the Turnpike 😉

      Teaneck is a rich town for the most part with very little crime, so why would a resident of Teaneck want to carry illegally? I could see folks do that in Paterson or Newark, but Teaneck? What, did a violent argument erupt over a game of Scrabble?

    • IIRC it’s a nod to Mexicans who carried in spite of the law forbidding them to do so (long ago, before the days of IWB holsters), and not an insult.

      • Reminds me of a scene from 30 Rock…
        “What exactly are you?”
        “Puerto Rican.”
        “Yes, but what do I call you?”
        “Puerto Rican.”
        “That doesn’t sound right…”

  13. Just a side note on Nanny Jersey sucking, I had to my first Jersey experience today. I had to wait on some sorry ass to get a glass of water before he would pump my gas because it’s ILLEGAL for me to do it myself. And we expect them to trust us to carry a gun? Please! Let’s start with the basics, let me pump my own damn gas, then we can worry about legal alternatives to Mexican/gangster carry. What a horrible place.

  14. Irresponsible Gun Owner of The Day beats long-time rival, Darwin’s Law Of Natural Selection, by a score of 1-0. Poindexter made the play of the day with a beautiful recovery of his friends unforced error to fend off a late run by last years champions, Darwin’s Law of Natural Selection.

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