iPhone, iKill (But Not My Friends)

BattleTac is a Hungarian company specializing in GPS tracking for the U.S. military. Judging from their website, political correctness need not apply: “Use BattleTac and kick their ass!” OK then. BattleTac is an app of an app called Layar. You need an iPhone and a BattleTac gizmo (a civilian version of the milspec Blue Force Tracker). “Using Layar you will see your BattleTac army in the augmented reality and your position will be also reported to other BattleTac devices. Just point the camera to your target to check it: The usual blue icon will be displayed over known friendly ‘blue’ forces. Reported position of hostile units and static locations like your HQ will be also displayed to allow easy navigation on the battlefield.”

Paintballers are panting, and it’s only a matter of time before felons will be impregnated with trackers that ping red. Meanwhile,  quite whether an iPhone can survive the recoil of an AR-15 is another question. As for civilian BattleTac devices like their Commander unit, definitely nem.

You have to use additional protection. We will release a special case for Commander in the next weeks, but Commander fits in your admin pouch too. Commander is not designed to use while under fire, it is the Commander’s device: use it for decision making, not for fighting!

Unless you run out of bullets. Then you can feel free to throw it them.

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