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As TTAG reported on August 20th, Mexican President Calderon claims American gun sales fuel his country’s drug wars. It’s always nice to have a scapegoat, especially a foreign scapegoat that you can blame without acknowledging your own failures, or offending any domestic interests. But who will Mr. Calderon blame for this? “At least 15 people were injured, some seriously, after a grenade was thrown into a crowded bar in the internationally-popular Mexican beach resort of Puerto Vallarta Wednesday night,” reports . . .

Four of the injured people lost limbs in the attack, which occurred around midnight, newspaper El Universal reported on its website Thursday morning. Approximately 100 people were in the bar when the attack occurred, the paper said, citing police at the scene. It was not known whether the bar was frequented by tourists or not.

So what’s new?

A June 2009 grenade and gun battle left 18 dead in Acapulco. Grenades killed three more Acapulco police just days later. A December 2006 grenade attack wounded 10 people near two Acapulco nightclubs.

Since we know they’re not coming from the Lubbock Wal-Mart, where are all these grenades coming from? Don’t hold your breath waiting for President Calderon to address the problem. Many of the grenades come from the Mexican police and military, with the collusion of corrupt officials.

BTW, the Toronto Sun reports that this was a deliberate grenade ‘attack’, but NPR reports differently.¬†NPR’s version, aired this morning, reports that the grenade attack was accidental. According to this kindler, gentler version, a young narco accidentally detonated a grenade while returning to his table with a bucket of cervesas.

That makes us feel so much better…

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