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The proposed constitutional amendment reads, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The sovereign state of Iowa affirms and recognizes this right to be a fundamental individual right. Any and all restrictions of this right shall be subject to strict scrutiny.”

The Republican-led Iowa Legislature passed the measure in 2019. If the House and Senate pass it again this year or next year, the proposed constitutional amendment will go on the ballot in 2022 so all voters can weigh in.

Republican lawmakers and the Iowa Firearms Coalition say the constitutional amendment is needed to protect the state against any future attempts to restrict gun ownership.

“It’s because those who for nearly a century so successfully weaponized the courts to remove constitutional restrictions on government—vastly expanding its powers while throttling individual liberty—now refuse to accept court decisions that make it clear the constitution limits government, not the people,” said Richard Rogers, a lobbyist for the Iowa Firearms Coalition.

But this proposal goes further than the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by specifying that gun restrictions will be subject to the highest standard of review used by courts to determine if laws are constitutional.

— Katarina Sostaric in Gun Rights Constitutional Amendment Advances In Iowa House

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    Only in clown world could such a simple directive be complicated, and those playing dumb about it’s meaning be given a free pass instead of the ridicule and scorn the would-be tyrants so richly deserve.

    Then again, we’re talking about the party of “it depends what your definition of ‘is’ is.”

  2. I reserved today to start my first 80% build, though I’m not sure how to force it to stay at home and behave since ghosts can go right through walls. Any suggestions?

    • When you’re done building and testing your new spooky friend:

      If it’s a handgun put it in double plastic bag with some ammo. Stick it in an old paint can and pour paint over it.

      If it’s a AR put it in a pvc pipe (can take off hand grip to make it fit in 4” but make sure you add tool to reattach) bury it next to a metal flagpole with a come and take it flag so they think they are just seeing the flagpole with their metal detectors.

      That’s not what I did with mine but I want to watch while they open all the old paint cans I have and dig up every metal t post on 80 acres.

      • So much trash out here from 150+ years of people that a metal detector is useless. LIDAR may be better and expect those systems to be used more if there is confiscation.

        • It’s really amazing how much junk there is just below the surface, pretty much everywhere. Source: many years of using a metal detector (work, not hobby).

      • Don’t worry, your cans are save…. they’ve been spending million$ and million$ with super high tech equipment, special metal detectors, LIDAR, drones, you name it; for going on 8 years on Oak Island and haven’t found squat!

  3. We commend you but,,,,the second spells it out pretty succinctly by itself. That and the myriad of laws on the books now. If people who abused this right were actually dealt with accordingly, there wouldn’t be an issue. Well, in a world without liberals that is!!!

  4. Well the way you defend the 2A is get off your do it for me rear and take the sugar and spice face off gun control and expose its roots in racism and genocide.
    After all…What kind of idiot would vote for a racist and nazi agenda? A stupid idiot.

  5. The first step in protecting your rights (any right) is to secure the vote. That is a state level fight. No state is safe without secure and transparent voting. Look at Georgia. They never did explain why it was okay to send everyone home while continuing to count votes and pretending like it was because of a water leak. Voting systems that allow data logs to be erased and manipulated are not secure BY DESIGN.

    The second step is to primary the establishment. A third party won’t work. It would only split the R vote. It will be much easier to remake the Republican party into a Constitutional party. Stop sending money to and voting for performers like Graham and McConnell. They’re part of the problem.

    If steps one and two don’t work, then it’s time to leave the Union. Then it will only be the Free States of America and the Socialist States of America. We’ll find out where people really want to live.

    • Reforming the GOP was already tried in 2010 with the Tea Party. In 2012 the GOP maimed the movement by foisting an Establishment Scumbag called….Mitt Romney….on the GOP Presidential Ticket….

      In 2015, even before the Straw Poll debates began, the GOP was positioning to force an Establishment Prince on the 2016 GOP Ticket named……Jeb Bush……..

      Trump rescued the Tea-Party Movement in 2016, but by 2018, many Tea-Party Jock Riders like Paul Ryan assassinated the Tea-Party for Good when they sabotaged the 2018 Midterm Cycle with 52 GOP Retirements……..

      The GOP is a Racketeering Cartel for the Bush
      Family and their Political Associates as well as their $Donor Class.

    • Good plan. One thing has to change is this “too close to call” line of crap you hear during every election. Makes it easier for the fraudsters to come up with a few votes instead of millions.
      To make it harder for anyone to cook the books Constitutional Candidates need more voters. Votes need to be taken from democRat Party simply by taking the Race Card off the neck of The Party of Lincoln and hanging it back around its rightful and I mean rightful democRat Party owners and demanding it’s rightful owners make monetary reparations. If nothing is done about the aforementioned race card then nothing changes…Take that to the bank.

      Furthermore…Expect a train wreck when you have a stick in mud senate leader like mcconnell who stalls Stimulas before Nov. 3 only to wind up in Dec. throwing scraps from the pork to the hungry downtrodden. All done on purpose for mcconnell to take POTUS DJT’s $2000.00 Stimulas idea and hand it to joe biden so biden could take it to GA and dangle it in front broke GA voters.
      All in congress who helped joe biden in any way, shape, matter or form need to go. The country club RINOs helped stab DJT and everyone who voted for him in the back. Payback needs to be a bitch.

    • In August 2020 – “…a panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed (by a 2-1 vote) a federal district court’s ruling that so-called “large capacity” magazines are protected by the Second Amendment.”

      Seems like I remember similar language in a SCOTUS remark not so long ago. Perhaps the SCOTUS will get a crack at this soon.

        • It’s almost as if the political class backed by armed drones in blue just do whatever they want to and whatever they want to do just always happens to be expand their power and control.

          Funny that.

    • I remember reading when the court said “blacks are not citizens”. “Because if they were, they would be able to carry guns and travel, where ever they please with them.”

      We had a civil war a few years a latter.

      • Come on Chris – How could they have been citizens when they were only 3/5 of a person? Me thinks you’re judging the history of democrats pretty harshly my friend.

  6. This story is from NPR. Never forget National Public Radio and PBS were both started by the government. It has always supported the “government view” on issues. Your rights were always protected by the states. And failing that, you and your friends protected each other. As the founders had intended.

  7. It has been a long hard fought process to get where “We the People” are now in Iowa in regards to 2A Rights Preservation and Protection. Just 10 years ago We became a Shall Issue state. Since then We have continued to fight for more Deregulation of OUR Rights. From the legalization of Suppressors to Right to Carry,Castle Doctrine and Stand your Ground. Yes there is more work to do, but Work We Will, By continuing to vote for and electing those People who Understand and Respect the Constitution as well as the Midwestern values necessary to Keep Our State Free from Tyranny. Make no mistake it will continue to be a hard fought battle, but with Do Diligence and a laser focus on the target of Freedom. We will Persevere if at all possible within the system of Government, but are willing to Act as Necessary with Courage and Sacrifice if need be in the face of Tyranny. To do Anything less is nothing more than Complacent Cowardess. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  8. Iowa just raises corn and pigs, until Iowa makes fcking pigs legal they don’t count. When Iowa gets on track like California then maybe what that state does will have some relevance. Biden/ Harris. Yay. (Can a person stay shit faced stumbling drunk for four years? That’s my plan).
    The Whitehouse looks like a senior citizens retirement center, good gawd that Pelosi needs to retire. Poor old woman, no matter how much she wipes it still comes up dry.

    • “…Can a person stay shit faced stumbling drunk for four years? That’s my plan…”

      Yes. Yes I assure you you it can be done. My advice is to have a little blow around in the mornings though.

  9. The federal courts and U.S.S.C., as an absolute minimum, should utilize strict review regarding firearms related cases. Nothing less than Strict Review is, or should be acceptable. The same criteria should be required of state courts.


  10. The funny part is is we just started this again. The legislature has to pass it to two sessions in a row which it did, then it needs to be published by the Secretary of State in a newspaper which he chose not to do or was too incompetent to do last time it passed twice in a row, then it goes to a vote to the people. Because d****** decided not to publish in the paper last time we have to do this all over again. And I did ask my state senator what we can do to hold him accountable for not doing their basic f****** job and the answer is nothing. And by the way comrade Secretary of State ordered everybody in the state law enforcement to confiscate silencers on on-sight not realizing the consequences of one of his officers having an NFA registered item in their possession vs who it was registered to.


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