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By Bill Frady

So the real doom and gloom fires up today. We have the glass-jawed conservatives in Congress trying to knock each other out. Nobody believes an election is worth voting in now. Apparently it is all over.


Don’t we preach that history repeats itself, if it is not heeded? And what lessons does history teach us?

For 60 years the liberal/leftist movement has dominated literally everything. And for 60 years that movement has failed.

But they own the internet!

No one owns the internet. That’s like laying claim to a crater on the moon. The internet interprets censorship as damage and, thanks to packets, reroutes around it. The internet was designed to continue through a nuclear war. You cannot stop the signal, Mal.

We can take some lessons from war (although we seldom do). In 1862, Billy Sherman walked up to Ulysses Grant. While they gazed upon 20,000 dead soldiers in the field. Sherman said, “We’ve had the Devil’s own day, haven’t we?” Grant turned to him and said, “Yes. Lick ’em tomorrow, though.”

In 1942, with Pearl Harbor still burning, it was defeat after defeat. The Shinto-maddened Japanese owned the Pacific. The genocidal Nazis were tearing up Europe, Eurasia and North Africa. Singapore fell, Wake fell, Bataan fell, the Java Sea…one after the other like dominoes, for six months.

Then the first week of June came, and everything began to turn around despite all of the overwhelming defeats.

We have to let go of the political bipolar disorder…get icy cold and calm and simply proceed. Solzhenitsyn once said, ‘Never be too joyful, never be too sad.” That got him out of the gulag in one piece.

washington DC national guard rifle ammunition magazine M4 security theater
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

We are not in a good position now, but we still have the ultimate veto. You can see it in the security theater that is the Washington, DC green zone, with the National Guard members on patrol with no ammo.

That shows you that we have the power. It is so embarrassing that the Pentagon, which shares the same zip code and is full of generals and and command sergeants major, they will not head down and unscrew this public display of incompetence.

So please, take a moment. Look at the facts.

We are far from over.


This article was originally printed at Bill Frady’s Lock n’ Load Radio Facebook page and is reprinted here with permission. 


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  1. Ummm…this ain’t the Civil War. Yet. Far from WWII. The so-called “insurrection”(without guns!) was a joke. This is communist takeover. If the dims can steal an election they can do ANYTHING.

    • So much doom and gloom…To celebrate the illegitimate inauguration of joe biden, I wrote a song last week for joe and it bombed so here we go again…Sung to the tune of the Ballad of Jed Clampet…

      Come and listen to my story about a democRat named joe a sleazy ratbassturd keepin his crime family fed. One day ol’ joe was shootin off his mouth and out from his butt came a thieving scheme. Election Fraud That Is…White House Gold. First thing you know the lights went down, ol’ joe found a milllion votes justa layin ’round, media cohorts said joe you need a fast get-away so ol’ joe loaded up and moved to Dee Cee. Now ol’ joe’s in the White House without a care, sleepin in another man’s executive chair. Nap time’s over, family’s very far away, ol’ joe’s headin down to sniff kamala’s body hair. Bada Boom.

      Copyright 2021…Debbie W.

      • Duhbbie W. and the rest of the 2016 ‘fuck your feelings’ crowd certainly have lots of feelz today, don’t they?

      • Debbie, you are my HERO !!!! God bless your little heart… 🙂 🙂

        Now that we have the slimy, lying, disgustingly self- righteous and genuinely insane democrat party in power, headed by an addled-brained, dementia suffering, cognitively challenged, 50 year feeder at the public pigsty, all of the worst excesses of history are about to be repeated.

        This will actually be fun, because these are the times that will invigorate us and let all the sleepers awaken…

    • Indeed, if you can believe the could steal an election without evidence, might as well believe that they can fly and shoot laser beams out of their eyes.

      • Right wingers: Biden is an enfeebled mind corpse!!!

        Also right wingers: Biden is the head if a crime family that masterminded the election steal that required more people that the pretend moon landing and JFK Jets fake death combined!!!!

        • Biden is the head if a crime family that masterminded the election steal

          Uhhhhhh… You give that bunch WAY too much credit.. Biden is a simple minded dupe that has no idea where he is at any given time and his child abusing crackhead son is no better… If anyone in THAT family has ANY brains it’s “DR” Jill…. She’s probably the only one that actually knows what is really happening AND who is pulling the strings in THIS tragic puppet show.. Wonder who actually took the oath, Biden pumped up on Adderall or his debate stand-in… Didn’t watch it due to a severe lack of interest…

      • Who thinks that? No one.

        Simply squawking “no evidence” repeatedly while ignoring the actual evidence doesn’t make it true.

        Only the willfully ignorant or maliciously deceitful doubt the industrial fraud that has been foisted on the US.
        Which are you?

      • There is plenty of evidence that he election was stolen. But you don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to.
        The voters in Athens Tennessee believed the election was stolen. The “establishment” told them no it was not.

        • Oh, yeah, they also have mind control powers that let them force Trump-nominated judges to throw out cases w/o reviewing the evidence.🙄

        • This is when they are at full stride. They have always been the biggest hypocrites, so now, it’s acceptable by them and seen as “unity”.

        • You know, I’ve read the so-called evidence on the site you link to.

          Half truths and rumors, nothing that comes close to meeting the standards for evidence.

          This has been shown in over 5 Dozen Court cases, brought before local, state, federal district, federal appeals and United States Supreme Court, including many Trump appointed judges and justices.

          It is regretful that you do not understand the rules of procedure and evidence that every court must abide by, I’m sure you found the whole matter confusing.

          Here’s an article that might shed light on some of these issues.

        • Again 49er why are you here? Your guy won. Go, be free, converse with others of your kind.

          And No, I highly doubt you have done anything besides copy and paste let alone read everything in the link I posted. Again , your side won, why do you care?

          I can just about predict any reply now, please refrain.

        • Manse. The trolls are still here because they are terrified. They know that china joe is not a legit president. They need to keep us at odds with each other to prevent any real action on our part.

          There were more enforcers than citizens at joe’s inauguration. They fear the reckoning.

        • ” Half truths and rumors, nothing that comes close to meeting the standards for evidence ”

          And therein lies the problem.When the half-truths and rumors become so numerous and so credible that a third or half of the voters are giving them some credibility, then an investigation is called for. Otherwise the half-truths and rumors just sit there, un-addressed, and slowly but surely erode confidence in the system.

          So, where is the investigation?

          Congress isn’t doing it. I have no idea why. Their time would be better spent trying to lay the controversy to rest, rather than wasting it on impeaching a president who is already gone. Maybe both sides of the aisle have something to hide. Who knows.

          The courts aren’t doing it. Most of the cases dismissed were done so on procedural grounds and not because the evidence was feeble or completely lacking.

          The news media isn’t doing it. Au contraire, they’re doing everything possible to bury it. One never sees a line like “accusations of election fraud”. It’s always “baseless accusations of election fraud”. How do they know they’re baseless? They don’t, because they never looked in to it. The just put the propaganda machine in high gear.

          And finally we have the TechTurds that run social media falling into lock-step to shut down the conversation, complete with all the little trolls like Miner out there to pollute the conversation, or what’s left of it. So, yeah, Miner, you haven’t seen any evidence because it’s not being allowed to surface, and not because it isn’t there. See if you can get your lobotomized brain around that concept.

          The issue is not going to go away, and until it is investigated in some un-impeachable manner it is going to just stew and fester. Whatever confidence was left in “the process” is now shot to hell and it is likely never going to come back. Good job, Democrats, you’ve finally killed the republic and put the true racists and fascists in complete control.

      • The political corruption we see going on today would not be possible if we had a news and entertainment industry that didn’t let it all happen. Democracy dies in darkness.

      • The Serpent demonstrates why and how he earned his name. Nothing to see here boyo, just ignore the fraud and the videos and impossibilities. He doesn’t deny the theft just that you can’t prove it, to people who believed that Floyd died as a result of police actions and not drugs.

        Why do you allow the lobotomized to publish such bogus trash?

      • Hannibal aka Serpent tells us that Trump was an agent of the Russians but that this election was legit. Sure buddy.

        I have a bridge in Moscow for you, comrade.

      • “Yeah they ‘stole’ one election but forgot to steal the others on the same ballots sure buddy”

        If anything, the down ballot difference points to fraud. The idea pushed by the media that republicans hated Trump is false. The establishment hated him. It was a tiny part of the party with a really loud voice, and of course the media was always amplifying that voice. Oddly enough, many ballots were only marked for Joe. Who votes for the president and no one else? Fraud is time consuming, and priorities must be made. Joe was the priority. There wasn’t a threat of losing the House. They were even projected to gain. That’s another weird thing in a sea of weird things. Why did the most popular, beloved candidate in the history of this country not have down ballot records?

        • “Oddly enough, many ballots were only marked for Joe.“

          I would be very interested in seeing more about this claim, do you have some sort of link or source to support your assertion?

      • Hannibal was a great, fearless general.

        He’s turning in his grave knowing that lying, wimpy, girl boys are using his name, pretending to be tough.

        But at least your basement dwelling habit emulates your fearless dementia leader.

        • your basement dwelling habit emulates your fearless dementia leader

          THAT’S IT… The “CREEPY ONE” won the election by relating to the millions of cellar dwelling Snowflakes and Soi Boiz… Pure unadulterated GENIUS…. Good job…

    • Just going to point out to everyone that those encouraging you to not vote, are your enemy. They are not conservative, pro gun, constitutionalist, and probably not even American.

      You don’t just give up after one defeat, especially one where you took ground. Politics is a never ending struggle.

      2022 will be here before you know it and we’re in good position to take the house, then launch all kinds of investigations. Turn about is fair play.

      • If we push our state legislators to fix the screwed up voting laws in several states, this could work. Fix ’em now, before the public forgets, and then slap down all the court challenges that Soros et al. try to push again. That will go a long way towards having fair elections again.

        • hawkeye,

          You hit the nail on the head.

          The ONLY hope going forward is for the states — especially the “swing” states — to actually fix their voting systems.

      • Ron,

        Even if Republicans in 2022 take the U.S. House and Senate AND have the courage to investigate 2020 election shenanigans, it will go absolutely nowhere since Democrats and the Deep State (but I repeat myself) control the U.S. Justice Department.

        Do you remember when Congress issued subpoenas to the Obama Justice Department to investigate various illegal acts at the highest levels of federal government? Do you remember what the Obama Justice Department did? They ignored the subpoenas and refused to cooperate in any way, shape, or form. And they laughed when Congress declared that the Justice Department was in Contempt of Congress.

        And we haven’t even touched on the fact that the Justice Department could feign compliance with Congressional subpoenas and simply fail to find any relevant documents. Think about that for a moment. Even if Congress wanted to find documents themselves, where do they look? Seriously. Which building? Which room? Which file cabinet? Which computer terminal? Which storage drive? Which directories/folders within those storage drives?

        When it comes right down to it, if the Justice Department is not interested in justice, there is no way that Congress can compel them to make it happen.

    • Yup, exactly. Observe in awe how swiftly the Leftist strategists and their sycophant poison press reversed the narrative threat of Antifa/BLM/Leftist Anarchists with their months-long deadly scorched Earth criminal rioting as genuine domestic terrorists and flipped it all back to Trump as an insurrectionist enabler complete with impeachement prosecutions after one relatively fringe out-of-control element of an otherwise normal protest–especially by comparison to Antifa-BLM disasters–which he could never possibly have any effect or influence over in any real time way shape or form, and who never voiced any indication of illegal protesting, you now have a clear and present danger, as ‘they’ like to say of how frightening Marxist Totalitarianism is, and to what extremes they will go to acieve their agenda.

      And for ’emphasis’ on what they already got away with along with a preview trailer of the future, the innaugeration ‘planners’ though it would be good to deliver their own ominous demonstration of outrageous Police State Power by amassing enough full blown military war presence against merely the possibility of along with easily manufactured ‘intelligence’ of an equally forceful citizenry in armed protest? In other words, they are tell the Right : …go ahead, make our Leftist Day by thinking we won’t justifiably crush you like the piss ant gun-toting obsessive Liberty loving dissidents that you are the first chance we get…and any chance thereafter.

      Does it take a stretch of foresight to anticipate what else they might do in this country coincinding with delusionary agendas and other ‘control’ methods while thouroghly unabashed with deploying massive excesive Federal Military and Police cheered on by a despicable Marxist media? Hardly.

      As far as stealing the election. the Democrats started the major election stealing model back in the day for JFK bigtime, similarly, in major big cities. So this is nothing new to them, they just advanced it to a state of the art world class operation. And planned it much better.

      The only way to end the Communist totalitarian take over and prevent the Country from a rapidly spiraling descent into hell where all these other shit hole countries are is by starting ASAP to RE-organize our Patriot political groups for the next election to get as many supporters as possible. They are out there. They just need to be talked enough to understand the truth. The AOC crowd already started working on this. She herself has her eye on a Senate seat!

      It’s possibe to recover both the Senate and the House if we ALL immediately get proactive and intense about garnishing legal real people votes. Don’t waste too much time ‘Molon Labeing’ your ass off in an armchair Ranger fantasy practicing dry fire with a pistol in one hand and your ping pong balls in other we all will soon be marching to fife and drums of a 1776 solution. THATS WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO! They’ve already labeled anybody against the new administration as ‘insurrectionists’ and coming soon is the naming of several gun groups as Domestic Terrorists, and the innaugeration show of immutable Police State force is a preview of what they’ll do to anybody organized in an armed format for resistance. They even want to censure Oath Keepers, who risked their lives in catastrophic emergencies over the years from hurricaines to Wildfires as rescue first responders and rapid response security forces for local municipalites!
      What does THAT tell you about what they have planned for gun-owners.

      I get’s me a bit nervous that their rabid intentions for immediate gun control measures, the first of which will be reinstating an ‘improved’ version of the old ‘assault-weapon’, ban with a buy-back and or plan or severe form of costly class 3 form of registration with a non-compliance felony penalty. Ammo included. Then full slide into 3rd base of the Australian style gun control. Since they haven’t mentioned it yet, or at all, in the Administrations first list of new changes, I think it will be far worse than we think.

      Yes, I know there are multi-millions of their targeted confiscations, but look how fast they just took over the government with thousands of locked and loaded ready to rock storm troopers everybody thought would never even think of firing on American Patriot citizens? Which is one safety off thumb move away from obeying the legal order of firing on armed and dangerous DOMESTIC TERRORISTS in their own self defense. Which really becomes their ‘sworn duty’ instead..depending on mission profile. The vetting of the Police State Army at the capital was not that much for a concern about some rogue troops joining the protestors if it turns violent, it was more for setting up a precedent for future vetting and psychologicl profiling of all front line combat oriented soldiers. To be adjusted accordingly.

      It is also imparative to keep this election Fraud issue as front and center in the info-networks as much as possible to also ensure a new ‘highly’ fool proof voting protocol.
      If you understand the Entire Fraud and it’s final analysis one can grasp the reality that it was pretty impossible for Biden to win the Swing states according to the numbers crunching and analysis. Mike Liddel is a true American Patriot and offering a lot of his hard earned wealth towards exposing this. Go to and read about it and donate a couple bucks, and also check out the very comprehensive investigative Election Fraud Documentary by Epoch Times, if you tube didn’t delete it yet. The truth will slap you into ‘higher consciousness’ and start talking about it with others and passing it around.

        • On what shaky grounds do you make that statement, Milicent Bystander? Your feelz? CNN? Biden himself?! All equally worthless worthless sources of truth to be sure. That is the most intellectually lazy statement I’ve read for at least the last ten minutes.

        • No liberal bystanders are innocent…

          They are simply minions who are unable to form cogent thoughts in their own heads, and thus must simply follow the loudest and most stupid voices….

  2. A wise man once said ” Don’t die ’til you’re dead”.

    This is just a shake up. We’ll get rid of the fair weather patriots and the summer soldiers.

    Remember the tactics our foes have shown us. We are the resistance.

    #Notmypresident #Resist

    • Yea, but in triage, you dont waste assets on the un-savable.

      The republican party was born under Lincoln and died under Trump. I don’t hold either responsible for that fact, but its still a fact.

      Our party, is an empty suit of weakness. They don’t like or even marginally respect their own base. They want to be the party of wallstreet and the country club again. They’re not. They can’t accept that. So they’re finished.

      • Trump didn’t kill the Republican Party. They did it to themselves with decades of spinelessness, corruption, and go along to get along deals with the left. Trump was nothing more than the result of the death of the party, not the cause.

        • Republican politicians love having the Democrats in power. That ensures them of an easy re-election campaign. It is so easy running against dumb-ass liberal ideas. They have been playing this game for years and nobody has caught on yet.

      • Do you have a clue how many people O know agree with you. They have quit target practicing to save their ammo for when you libs decide to come here and make trouble. They say they are going to fill some body bags. My advice to you is shut up stupid unless you are saying something to make the situation better. I’m a little worried and I usually could care less. We neither know or don’t know if the democrats stole the election but it really doesn’t matter right now, does it?

        • Think about it, who the hell votes for runaway immigration, higher energy costs, speech controls, more foreign wars, higher taxes, defunding the police, transgenders competing in woman’s sports and a whole host of dumb-ass liberal ideas? Dumb-ass voters, that’s who. That can be blamed on a politically biased news media and entertainment industry. Fooling millions of not too bright voters isn’t that hard. Most people only know what they see on television or in the movies. Our public educational system only re-enforces their political stupidity.

      • What other noteworthy candidates did the GOP have in 2016 other than Trump? Just more fertilizer in a suit.

      • Kyle worships the Ryans, McConnells, McCains and Haleys of the UniParty. Been in the swamp long?

        By the way did Antifa/BLM issue you a party membership card for life or did you have to pledge your mother for it?

  3. Bill Frady is a great example of why we have the 1st amendment. I’ve lessoned to him for years now. I think he is one of only three National radio shows dedicated to the 2A.

    • Chris T in KY,

      Well, I sure hope he is able to rally everyone from his radio show, because that will soon be the only way that any Conservative messaging can get out to the masses.

      I emphatically disagree with Frady’s claim:

      No one owns the internet. … The internet interprets censorship as damage and, thanks to packets, reroutes around it. The internet was designed to continue through a nuclear war.

      First of all, the “Internet” is a bunch of PRIVATE networks which corporations own. So, yes, someone does own the Internet.

      Second of all, those private networks interconnect VOLUNTARILY at a few major peering points (in about 10 cities in the U.S). Some of those private networks can and do refuse to “play nice” together and refuse to pass traffic to each other at various times for various reasons.

      Third, the Internet is only resilient if all of those corporations who own the various networks want it to be resilient — which the corporations would if a foreign country sent nukes to the United States. If those corporations jump on the Far Left / Big Tech (but I repeat myself) bandwagon and embrace the push to “punish/neuter Conservatives”, they can impede and/or completely deny access to Conservative websites and Internet applications so fast it would make your head spin.

      And for those of you who will screech, “But that would be illegal!” For one thing, I don’t believe it is illegal at all. More importantly, even if it was illegal, do you really expect a Far Left Democrat Justice Department to enforce any such law when it would weaken their power? Answer: of course not.

  4. Ushered in by the totalitarian Marxist’s under the heading of the Joe & Hoe show, with the supporting cast of fellow travelers, it’s gonna be a living hell.

  5. Voting is meaningless when the election laws can be changed during the election by people who are not constitutionally empowered to do so. I will never vote again. My choice.

    • I can’t say “I’ll never vote again”. But the right is going to have pretty much purge itself of the current cast of clowns before I’ll dip my toe back in.

      The left won the war, so we’d need a whole new crew of soldiers who actually believe it something besides themselves (Rand Paul excluded cause he’s awesome).

      • Yeah, Since Rand and other good patriots are Libertarians by political party which incidentally was actually how the country was founded if you study genuine history instead of the socialist generic version they teach young numbskulls these days. Opposing parties came into play some years later due to, of course, mainly economic situations and differences. Until then the country operated pretty well for growing pains and other serious issues under egalitarian and minimalist government principles.
        Now, with the blatant exposure of the treacherous RINO’s who betrayed their party and purpose, there’s little hope that the Republican party can be salvaged.
        Maybe it’s time to re-establish a viable new ‘Libertarian Republic’ party to oppose the Democrats which could pick up the slack in independent votors and of course keep all the Trump supporters? We can still walk the conservative MAGA walk but instead of just wiping off our shoes from the Republican party shit we stepped in, we just toss them and get new top grade American made hiking boots to continue up the road?

    • Thank you for making it easier for Dems to win. Since you’re too butthurt to vote, we won’t even need to cheat again.

      • I suspect many people talking like Jim and WhyNot are actually part of the left that’s just taking advantage of a situation in order to encourage republicans not to vote. There was a lot of that going on in Georgia after the mismanaged November election resulted in a loss of trust in a secure vote.

        • Nope, just old, tired and disillusioned. If you think your vote counts anymore you’re just plain stupid.

        • “Nope, just old, tired and disillusioned. If you think your vote counts anymore you’re just plain stupid.”

          I didn’t say anything about my vote counting more, and I didn’t say you were part of the left. I said many people that talk like Jim were. It helps to take a moment to actually read a comment before responding.

          If no one showed up in red states, what do you think would happen? They can only cheat enough to overturn a state when there is a perception that the state is a toss up. Why don’t you go lay on the couch and bitch some more, and let others fight for your rights “Jim.”

          • If no one showed up in red states, what do you think would happen

            Exactly what happened in the GA Senate runoffs where 24% of Republicans stayed home in crucial districts…

    • You can be like the worthless Libertarians. If you want to. Tell everyone that voting is meaningless. Encourage everyone to do drugs. Sh!t and piss in public. Give vocal support to the socialist progressive democrats. And when things get so bad that you can’t take it anymore. You take your rich atheist Libertarian A$$, like Joe Rogan, to what is called “the Bible Belt flyover country”.

      Or you can register to vote. Use Jury Nullification. If you are called for jury duty. Attend council and board meetings. In other words do the things that helped to keep this country free.

      Or you can sit on your A$$. Do nothing and smoke dope. Like the Libertarians do. If all you are doing is just giving money, to the NRA or some other group. You are just doing exactly what the draft dodgers did.

      Pay someone to fight in your place.

      • Chris-T
        Maybe the current Libertarian Party structure is worthless, but the core Libertrian Egalitarian principles are not. Actually, they are the true founding philosophy our country and Constitution were based upon , as opposed to the historic theocracies and autocracies. Which was Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Without the intrusion of abusive totalitarian interference and suppression of individual higher consciousness.

        There’s esoteric history on how the Democrats usurped and smothered the Libertarian party, amon others on it’s long, but intrepid, road to American political domination through Marxism. Libertarians weren’t as wealthy as Republicans so they were compromised earlier on.

        And smoke inhaling mushroom eating sybaritic hedonists are found in all parties and organizations. It’s more a cultural phenomenon thand a political ideology. Look at all the child trafficking and debauchery in the staunchly uppity ultra-conservative corridors of the stiff collared UK and such even in American Republican venues? It’s so common that it’s almost ‘beside the point’?

        • I am continually perplexed by Chris T’s inexplicably venomous acrimony towards Libertarianism. It is curiously malevolent… and I am intrigued as to why.

          I am Libertarian because I honestly believe that the person most suited to decide what is best for an individual is themselves. I know who I am, I know what I believe, I know how I feel, and I alone am responsible for my thoughts, beliefs, and actions- and will freely bear their consequences.

          I do not purport to know what’s best for someone else, I do not assume I know how someone else feels (and certainly wouldn’t disregard their perspective based on it being different from mine), I would not presuppose to decree what someone else should believe, what they can consume, who they associate with, who they love, what they do in the privacy of their own bedroom, I do not denigrate others for being “different” (or accede there can even be an arbiter of what is “different”)…in short- I am not you, and therefore I am not in a position to decide for you what’s best for you. The manifestly evident equitableness of Libertarian philosophy leaves me wondering why anyone would deign to abnegate it- and what kind of dispirited viewpoint does it take to even engage in such dispassion.

          The difference is: I respect Chris T’s right to have whatever opinion he or she wants. I might not agree with it, but I will always defend his/her freedom to have it, express it, and live it- for Chis T. What I won’t accept is having Chris T’s opinion imposed on me through coercion, infringement, legislation, regulation, tradition, superstition, denomination, or any other implement of force. You be you- I’ll be me. Do not attempt to limit me with your personal definitions of what’s acceptable to you.

          I’ll never understand what benefit is evinced by human nature having individuals exhibit a predilection for subjection over respecting individual rights, individual pursuit of happiness, civility, liberty, peace seeking, and avoiding violence and discord wherever possible. Could brutality be intrinsic to human nature as a self-check against ourselves? Maybe so… or we might actually realize that we have the power to choose to be better than the lowest common denominator of our lesser base instincts.

          Your choice. It’s not my place to decide for you. Choose wisely- and be able to defend it.

        • 1. I like many things the Libertarians say. My problem with “Libertarians” is that they don’t believe in Libertarianism.

          2. Libertarians have been the “useful idiots” of the socialist progressives.


          3. Libertarians are easily distracted by butt sex and “free” government pot and other drugs. Including “free” government Injection centers. The 1st and 2nd amendments are also a low priority for them.

        • Interesting… so, Chris T, I am curious as to which of your three examples of “Libertarian” you would be inclined to say I am an example of. I always endeavor to understand why someone harbors enmity for me.

        • to Peter Gunn
          You can choose anyone of the three if they apply to you. It was how they lost their rights in California. I now. I grew up there. Also are you one of the “Libertarians” on TTAG, who agreed with the government? That said it was ok that multi- billion dollar companies, like Walmart to remain open. But churches should stop having services at Easter. And curtail all Sunday service? Do you agree with the government that orders people to wear a mask? Because I don’t.

          Or should I just go back and lookup what you may have said?

        • Chris T, this is precisely what I’m talking about- you are constantly denigrating “Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left” by labeling a completely disparate group of people as such (without differentiation) and then discounting them en masse.

          For example, in my comment above I elucidate some very specific tenets of my personal Libertarian philosophy- yet you don’t acknowledge any of it. Instead, you ask me to tell you under which of your “assumptions” I should place myself. Really?

          You spend an inordinate amount of time deploring a diverse assemblage of people while inaccurately depicting them without substantiation. And in so doing you mechanically place me in your self-imputed group of “repugnants” while readily admitting you do not have any validation for doing so- even though I’ve offered you specifics for your estimation.

          So, again, I remain curious as to where your unreasonably dubitable condemnation comes from- especially when there is veritable proof of misapprehension on your part.

          Viz., why the hate?

        • Chris T,

          Unfortunately, it appears that you are only interested in a one-way harangue- not open, objective discourse. I am more than willing to deliberate applicatory topics here on TTAG, but I endeavor to do so with individuals interested in pursuing better understanding, the polite exchange of ideas, and doing so with a modicum of decency.

          You continue to post callous, assumptive, and openly vulgar declarations. I do not find these pronouncements to be beneficial, honorable, or suitable for considered response. Therefore, I am abstaining from further acknowledgement until adequate decorum can be maintained.

          My preference is amenable, constructive conversation that seeks enhanced discernment, augmented edification, and an honest quest for manifest truth.

          If that’s possible- I’ll happily continue…

  6. I think the place where we can have the greatest impact, perhaps the only impact, is in our states’ legislatures.

    Here is where the US Constitution vests the power to organize elections. If our legislature is in GOP hands then they have the control necessary to pass a bill. (They must get their governor to sign it as well.)

    If our GOP legislators fail to pass such a bill and push it through the governor’s signature then we don’t need them for anything. They must either leave politics or compete in the Democrat Party’s primary. We must express this sentiment to our respective state senator and representative. Get them to understand that we WILL WITHHOLD our votes if they fail.

    We WILL make THIS issue the litmus test for our voting decisions. They either fold their GOP tent or secure our state’s elections.

    • MarkPA,

      I appreciate your positive mindset. The major problem is the fact that various Democrat and Republican government employees violated their existing election laws (including constitutional provisions) in the November 2020 primary election.

      Those state government employees included various Governors, Secretaries of State, Supreme Court Justices, Appellate Judges, Representatives, Senators, Township Supervisors and Secretaries, and all the way down to local election workers at polling locations.

      If our state and local government employees willfully violate and/or refuse to support existing election laws, what is the point in expending resources to pass new election laws?

      • “Those state government employees included various Governors, Secretaries of State, Supreme Court Justices, Appellate Judges, Representatives, Senators, Township Supervisors and Secretaries, and all the way down to local election workers at polling locations.”

        And most of them or republican politicians and officials!

        Why would the 3 Supreme Court justices appointed by Trump dismiss his lawsuits, maybe they just don’t like his orange complexion?

        Could it be that Trump and his allies legal arguments fell flat without any credible evidence or witnesses?

        No, that can’t be it, Q&Anon said he was going to win!

        A vast conspiracy to deny Benedict Donald his dictatorship, how sad.

        • Why are liberal idiots posting here on things they know nothing about???

          It’s kinda like trying to eradicate fire ants by stepping on their nests, a pretty useless exercise. But as the old saying goes: Stupid is as Stupid does.

        • It seems you right wing extremists are full of personal insults, please feel free to call me stupid if it brings you some sort of thrill.

          I understand that you have difficulty answering the question because of your limited mental ability, and falling back on a personal insult is really all you have to offer offer.

          How about just answering the question?

          Why would the 3 Supreme Court justices appointed by Trump dismiss his lawsuits, maybe they just don’t like his orange complexion?

          • because of your limited mental ability, and falling back on a personal insult is really all you have to offer offer

            AHHHHHH… But your superior intellect puts you above the need for personal insults… (other than stating that EVERYONE else here is mentally challenged and calling ME “MAXIPAD” which, by the way, really does NOT bother me)

            However, to answer YOUR question, since you seem unable to find it on your own… It was widely reported (and denied by RINO Roberts) that the “Chief Justice for Life” of the SCOTUS is an abject coward and a back stabbing “Never Trumper” whose fears of a handful of rioters outweighs his obligations to the people of the United States and our Constitution (see Article II, Section 1, Clause 2)… Chief Justice John Roberts, whom conservatives already regard as suspect for his vote that ensured the Supreme Court’s rulings for “gay” marriage and Obamacare, quashed the Texas lawsuit in fear of riots. In other words, Roberts and the other 6 justices were so intimidated by the terrorist tactics of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, they relinquished their sworn duty to the American people to uphold justice and the U.S. Constitution. And finally, Texas did NOT file a “lawsuit” but rather they filed a “Motion for Leave,” or a motion asking permission to file its complaint. Procedurally, then, what the Supreme Court did was to deny Texas “leave” or permission to file the complaint against the four putative defendant states. If YOU think it’s okay for ANY state to ignore it’s own Constitution and unlawfully change it’s election rules without benefit of the state legislatures approval (as stated in the Constitution) then you do not care who governs (or RULES over) any aspect of your life and anyone who thinks like that does not deserve the protections provided by our founding documents….

        • It could be argued that viewed with a squint Miner could actually be Trump’s doppelgänger in the Upside Down.

          Both are capable of making perfect sense, proffering great arguments, pointing out self-evident truths, being extremely abrasive, divisive, and basically reveling in pissing people off.

          They each have their supporters- and their haters. They confound, irritate, challenge, traumatize, assuage, and extol- each in their own melodramatic way. They are both singularly compelling- yet distinctly absurd.

          And kudos to them for being dependably consistent- they are like flipping a juxtaposed yin-yang oxymoronic coin- and zealously anticipating what could possibly come up next.

          Paradoxically interesting times, these are.

        • A vast conspiracy to deny Benedict Donald his dictatorship,

          How EXACTLY does being elected for a Constitutionally permitted second four year term as POTUS aggregate into a “DICTATORSHIP”? Inquiring (inferior?) minds want to know…

    • The former government employee in charge of protecting communication infrastructure just sits there and nods as they talk about silencing dissent. That tells you all you need to know about him.

  7. You don’t remake something you love. You preserve it. The modern left hates this country, and they hate you if you don’t support them.

  8. Let God Arise
    Let God Arise

    Let His Enemies be scattered
    But let the righteous be glad
    Yes let them rejoice with Gladness
    God has triumphed mightily

    This is the day the LORD has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it . For this is the day when, “A king’s wrath strikes terror like the roar of a lion; those who anger him forfeit their lives.”, and, “When a king sits on his throne to judge, he winnows out all evil with his eyes.”, and, “A wise king winnows out the wicked; he drives the threshing wheel over them. ” For today, “You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. ”
    The Promise for ‘We the people’, ““Because he[b] loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. ” In whose name do we acknowledgment and cry out? The name the people of Israel cried out after the miraculous demonstration on Mount Carmel thru Elijah . “YeHoVaH hu ha Elohiym” (the LORD, he is God!) . “Then Elijah commanded them, “Seize the prophets of Baal. Don’t let anyone get away!” They seized them, and Elijah had them brought down to the Kishon Valley and slaughtered there. ” Pray Proverbs 24:17-22 (NIV) and extinguish the rebellious officials that plague our Constitutional Republic. AMEN!!! 45 is King here

  9. Sorry, but this country is dead. Stupid people greatly outnumber thinking people, the takers greatly outnumber the makers.

    Finished, caput, fini, done, cooked. Kiss your ass goodbye. It was a great 244 years while it lasted.

    Franklin said “…We gave you “a republic, if you can keep it.” That great experiment is over

    • Average lifespan of empires is 250 years. We might still make it that far. Not sure the dems can crush america in 6 years….though I’m sure they’ll do their best.

      • What don’t you understand about “Stupid people greatly outnumber thinking people, the takers greatly outnumber the makers?”

        • If you think that you are smarter than them, then it is your responsibility to educate them, and to lead them.
          Or get out. America doesn’t need quitters.

        • Stupid people are not ignorant, they are stupid. The stupid can not learn.

          No one is so blind as those that won’t see. Open your eyes, they country is done

        • What? Over? Did you say ‘over’? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!…

        • It doesn’t take a smart person to spot a defeatist, let alone and internet troll who thinks they are smarter than others but obviously never graduated high school.

          Didn’t they make a South Park Episode about you?

          “They took our jobs”

          • Didn’t they make a South Park about you?

            Nah, that was YOBBBS… “They took our yobbbs”… Same thing only different…

        • Sorry you can’t read the writing on the wall.

          The gov is lost, the courts are lost. The country is filled with idiots and its about to get far, far worse.

          Keep dreaming.

      • You are all delusional if you think this country could survive the 100 million illegals the dums will infect us with in the next 4 years

        Wake the f up!

    • “Stupid people greatly outnumber thinking people”

      I saw a documentary about that. It was called Idiocracy.

    • I think you are right….but I’m not giving up. My father fought Communism in Asia, now it falls to me and mine to fight it here. Will Liberty endure? I have serious doubts, but I ain’t letting it go without a scrap. I’m not French. Will not comply. Will not collaborate. Will not surrender.

    • The final nail will be legalizing 20-30M illegal aliens.

      The following day the next 20-30M will depart from Latin America for the next amnesty.

      If you think America is going to still be America after that then you’re smoking.

  10. Nice happy talk.

    yap away, I think I’ll keep stocking up and the essentials. Cause The history I see repeating itself is from Russia, in 1917. It did not end well for just shy of 10 million citizens that never though it could happen there, either.

    Or Venezuela in 1998, cause it didn’t end so well for them and they never thought it happen there either…and its still happening.

  11. Newsmax has a live stream. Go back a few minutes to the end of the Father Leo’s invocation. Joe had his eyes open at first, then closed them as if in prayer. Toward the end of the invocation, Joe’s head slips forward as he starts to fall asleep, then he catches himself and peeks around.

  12. It isn’t over unless we roll over and accept it. I started watching the Lord of the Rings movies again with my daughter. Sure it’s fantasy stuff, but there are lots of good principles. Some day, it will be “The End” but we’re not there yet. Enough solid local level politics, can turn this with time.

  13. “But they own the internet!

    No one owns the internet. That’s like laying claim to a crater on the moon.”

    They control it…

    • They own some major hosting facilities, popular search and social media sites, and registrars. They don’t own them all.

  14. The Civil War nerd in me cringed:
    Grant uttered those words on the first, disastrous, day at Shiloh. The second day saw Grant turn his fortunes around and retake everything lost on the first day.

    While horrendous casualties were suffered by both sides, the death toll was less than 5,000 total. Total casualties were 20,000+

    Shiloh actually took place in April of 1862 and convinced Sherman that the war would not be ended by one, decisive battle.

    • There are still people on both ends of the political aisle laboring under the complete delusion that a civil war would be ‘won’ by their side.

  15. I just wonder for how long elections in other States are getting rigged? California voted overwhelmingly homo marriages before the Suppressive Court told them that their beliefs and ideals mean nothing and they need to submit to a pervert minority. Just wonder what the country would look like if USA had voting up to the standard that even most third world country do… 😐

    • Voters passed the gay marriage ban in California. But the California state government refused to defend the law in court. And those same supporters of gay marriage also supported Welfare Industrial Complex. Using government money to pay women to not marry a man.

  16. The defeatist attitude in self-identified patriots I’ve witnessed in the last months has been far more disappointing than the results of the election.
    Cut that shit out.
    Keep working.
    How? However you can.

    • So, JWT, are you EVER going to do something about the rampant racists and extremists (fed Trump’s lies) that continue to populate your site? Or are you going to continue to just say “I only work here, man.”
      I used to love TTAG before the comments devolved into what they are today… I’m sincerely disappointed that a fellow vet *continually* refuses to do more to encourage basic decency. Come on, dude…

    • Thank you for voting. Dominion counting system is sharing your vote with the opposition, for your benefit, to ensure our view of democracy is preserved. Have a nice day.

      • Dominion follow the Democrat tradition of proportion voting. At one point POC were declared 3/5ths a person. Now a non-Democrat vote is only worth 2/3rds of a vote. But the superior Democrat vote is worth 1 and 1/3rds of a vote.

        Who owns the company?

        • If you think a voting machine could be rigged to show a 1.33 vote and the totals not betray crazy fractional results that everyone would notice right away, you are sillier than I ever thought.

          I guess somehow you missed Fox, Newsmax, etc. airing multiple retractions of their slander and libel against the dominion voting machines, admitting repeatedly on-air that there is no evidence whatsoever that dominion voting machines were involved in fraud.

          Thanks to the first amendment, Newsmax and fox can lie on-air but once it gets into a court of law, they realize that their words can have significant legal and financial consequences so they admit they have no evidence of fraud.

          Soon, it seems dominion voting machines will be giving away a mypillow with every voting machine, along with a free Kraken if you act now.

  17. Cheating in elections is not new for democrats. I live in a solidly red state Oklahoma and even here democrats get 100% of the deceased vote and they are very strong in the empty lot and vacant house demographic as well. Here conservatives overwhelm the left by such superior numbers the only time the cheating makes a difference is city council elections in the larger towns, and maybe a mayor here and there. Gets some mention in the news, but does not seem to alter outcomes and has been a non issue. We know it goes on everywhere, and in democrat controlled cities and states is massive enough to make a difference. As the federal government gets stronger it is those blue states and cities that rule us. We need to stop worrying about getting any power back on federal level and concentrate on our states and excising state sovereignty.

      • How so? EVERY SINGLE county went red in this election vote cycle. Even some of our old school 1950’s democrats didn’t vote for JOE.

        • And OK is looking pretty good to me right now too. I’ll be 60 in 2 months. If it fronted the Gulf of Mexico I’d have been there 30 years ago.

          Pretty soon I may have to learn to live without Snook and Redfish.

        • But I did go noodlin’ once with my Aunts 80 year old ranch hand down around McAlester once in the 70’s.

        • Not in a ditch. Below a big dam in the spillway.

          That old guy was something. He had worked for my uncle (long dead) and aunt for 65+ years. This was the 70’s. He told me his father had traded 2 horses for his mother. I don’t think he was BS’ing me.

  18. Popular vote and electoral vote are both illusions. Political power does not grow out of the voting booth. That crazy Chinese b@stard was right about this much — political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

      • I heard they invited 25,000+ troops to DC…

        That’s the only way Biden could get an audience for his coronation …

        • “to limit the spread of the virus”

          lol yea, okay…

          Sad thing is, people actually believe this shit.

    • He wasn’t crazy just pragmatic.

      Secession NOW!

      “There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life, theories of government, theories of how we manage our affairs,” Rush Limbaugh.

      • Are you referring to the Rush Limbaugh who’s addicted to oxy, or the Rush Limbaugh who likes to sexually exploit young Dominican boys?

        Nice role model, you 🤡!

        • Role model? It’s a statement. Is it wrong? Nope.

          Compared to your role model, who likes to sniff little girls? We could go back and forth about this all day, but let’s grow up a bit, k pumpkin?

      • Ah yes, that worked out so well before. Please don’t beg for mercy when they erect the gallows for you. It was a mistake not hanging the confederates and letting people build statues of them. I doubt that mistake will be made again if you try the same nonsense.

        • Why do you care if the deplorable RED States leave the Union?

          If we are so terrible I would think you would want us gone.

        • It was a mistake… and look at the democrats now! Trying to erase their mistakes. I doubt we’d let the democrats back in the union again too.

        • Hannibal said : ‘It was a mistake not hanging the confederates and letting people build statues of them”

          Well, I’m surprised to hear that you’re OK with hanging all the democrats and knock down their statues….

          Are you sure you’re not a secret white supremacist terrorist?

  19. I watched Joe’s inaugural address to catch a glimpse of the Harris-Biden administration’s priorities. It was 90% meaningless, forgettable political talk. The only overriding theme, as in something that was brought up multiple times, was white supremacy and allusions to white supremacy. Why? So anyone that doesn’t go along with their plans can be labeled a white supremacist.

  20. Things to help Dems or Libs:

    Being against the NRA.
    Boycotting a firearms maker because of a moral error on their part.
    Refusing to vote.
    Voting for a mediocre 3rd party as some sign of protest.
    Refusing to take part in politics as an act of defiance.
    Putting on displays of non-violent protests.

    Lets talk about that last one for a sec.

    Conservative thought is that if they show up and protest but with no violence, destruction or breaking any rules. Somehow the left will see it and say “wow, look how peaceful, i guess we were wrong, they must be right because only people who are correct would be so respectful….looks like we’ll have to do as they say!”
    Well, while that seems reasonable to conservatives because that’s how we feel things should be, its like pissing in the wind. With ur mouth open.

    As long as your protest does nothing more than have you march around for a few hours or a day and then you go back home and back to paying taxes and working… nobody gives a shit. NONE

    NONE!!!! NOBODY CARES!!!!!

    If all you had to do to win a war was wait 24 hours for the enemy to go home…. WTF! Easy peasy!

    Wake up!

    Maybe if we show the rapists and murderers that we’re nice people they’ll stop being rapists and murderers?

    Got it yet?!?

    Step one, DO NOT let a mentally unstable man with a child psychology degree run the nations health.

    Wanna boycott something, boycott democrats. Don’t work for them, don’t service them, don’t deliver to them. Cut them off, Cut them out.

    • What about Bob? Sorry I ain’t supporting the NRA(aka as Old Wayne’s piggy bank). I was a member for years. Now I support other group’s. And while I “may” forgive Springfield Armory for betraying Illinois gun owner’s & small gunshop’s I haven’t yet. They lied about it. As in baldfaced…if you have no integrity don’t lambast those who DO!

    • Ah yes, because being a shill for a bunch of corrupt suits is the way to get what you want.

      I’m sure that’s worked out great for you. That’s why all those pro-2nd bills were passed in 2016, right!

      oh wait. Nothing of the sort. Instead, you got more gun control coming from your cheeto in chief than under 8 years of obama. But because 2+2=Q in your world, that’s conveniently forgotten.

      • I am NOT a 1 issue voter…compared to slow Joe & the Ho DJT is Jesus Christ. I don’t give a dam about bumpstocks. Just leave me alone! Btw when did you turn into a tool Hannibal? You seemed to have made a dramatic shift to leftardism in the last few weeks.

    • Ignore this BS. Theres going to be a new party called the Patriot Party. The leader is dear to our heart. Just wait, it is coming. Look it up.

  21. Bill Frady is a fool to be comparing the current times to great wars. This is nothing compared to all that has come before. We living today have a life so good as few could imagine in those dark times.

    The rule of law won out on January 6th and again at noon today on the same sacred ground. For Second Amendment rights the next steps under the rule of law are the courts, and most exceptionally the five and one half votes we will find there on the side of a strict, originalist view of the Second Amendment.

    All else is foolish noise. The USA is not about to fall. There will be no revolution or civil war. The few who think that way, who truly would make it so had they the means, are too few and ineffectual.

    The noise of a rowdy Republic is never ending. The truth and strength of what our Founders gave us is stronger, more powerful and more lasting than all the bloviations of whatever foolish side you are championing.

    Push Second Amendment cases up the ladder of the courts. Push as hard and fast as possible. Spend the money there.

    Under the rule of law, that is the path forward.

    • “For Second Amendment rights the next steps under the rule of law are the courts, and most exceptionally the five and one half votes we will find there on the side of a strict, originalist view of the Second Amendment.”

      Perhaps you missed the part about packing the courts? Why would anyone vote for a candidate that outright refuses to answer such a simple but important question? Why would someone that pretends to defend our institutions even consider packing the court? Only a wannabe authoritarian would consider doing that. My guess is they’ll avoid packing the court unless it becomes absolutely necessary for them to trample over the Constitution. They know they would be outing themselves as tyrants.

    • The rule of law won out on January 6th and again at noon today on the same sacred ground.

      The “rule of law” was cast aside in 6 states on Nov 3rd 2020, and in the days and weeks following that “election day” when the Courts were asked to do their jobs by providing a fair and impartial hearing and ruling on the “law” they abstained baselessly using excuses like “timeliness” and “standing”… The “rule of law” does not apply to those whom you cannot bring before the Courts for justice… THEY create the rules for YOU, but THEY cannot be held accountable to them…

    • You would think that people posting so fervently about a civil war would be more busy doing instead of talking.

      • How many years from the Tariff of Abominations until nullification issues during that time period? or until open hostilities?

        Whose to say when a thing is supposed to happen.

      • “You would think that people posting so fervently about a civil war would be more busy doing instead of talking.”

        How do you know they’re not?

    • The triumph of the American way, as mandated by the United States Constitution.

      “The noise of a rowdy Republic is never ending. The truth and strength of what our Founders gave us is stronger, more powerful and more lasting than all the bloviations of whatever foolish side you are championing.

      Push Second Amendment cases up the ladder of the courts. Push as hard and fast as possible. Spend the money there.

      Under the rule of law, that is the path forward.“

      Just because you don’t like the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, does not mean you can just discard the results and move forward with your crazy insurrection.

  22. It is so embarrassing that the Pentagon, which shares the same zip code

    The Pentagon has a Washington, D.C. mailing address. The Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps have six Zip Codes (20301, 20318, 20310, 20330, 20350, and 20380

    Zip code of H321 US Capitol Building Washington District of Columbia (DC) | 20515-0001

  23. Be part of the problem
    Be part of the solution.

    Whiners don’t win. Winner’s don’t quit.
    I’ve only seen a sleepy old man,… ain’t heard no fat lady singin’

    • It’s a (crappy) two-party system. Odds are that the democrats will lose the house or senate in the next few cycles, because that’s just how it works.

      The nuts acting like this is the end of the world are the same ones that thought Obama was going to put them all in FEMA camps during operation Jade Helm.

  24. I guess the writer of this article has not looked at urban population projections of future elections with commiecrats building upon what they have now population wise. Conservatives are not reproducing in numbers to offset this trend. Conservatives will have to have 4 to 6 children per family to offset the commiecrats. The writer also does not know that this was not only a big year for the election, but the Census where commiecrat states redistrict based on population. The Census also sets the number of seats in the House of Representatives and we will be on the loosing side of this also. But, remain calm and do not hold your breathes for our Republican congressmen to do anything, but what the should have done for us the first 2 years of the Trump administration. We need a new party that represents us and our 2nd Amendment rights. Not the same crap that we have had for 50 years now.

  25. The number of “patriotic Americans” who have been folding like a warehouse full of cheap suits starting the day after the election is pretty disturbing. Quit giving money to the D&R Uniparty. We need our own party, maybe a Constitutional Party. And one more thing, don’t sell guns to Democrats.

    • More precisely, cemetery residents will never stop voting, and the print shop will never stop printing counterfeit ballots.

      Unfortunately, since they’ve used blatant, in your face. illegal means to overturn what was probably the biggest landslide in history so that the least popular candidate in history would “win,” we’re probably screwed for all future elections unless we do something to fix that.

    • We are far from over – only if we realize that the time for voting at the ballot box is over. Only ammo box voting will matter now.

  26. It’s not the first time the government has sent soldiers into potential harms way, with unloaded guns. And “one hand tied behind their back”.

  27. Guess what they don’t make more of? Old Fat White Guys.

    Your time is coming to an end. At happens to every generation. Get over yourselves. You whine like snowflakes.

    • You whine like snowflakes.

      Says the “it/they/zu/zim/whatever” that calls itself “BUTTERCUP”?

    • …Which is exactly why you voted for an old, senile, white establishment guy that has done nothing except spent his entire life sucking off the teat of this country.

        • because I can think for myself

          Annnnnddddd just exactly how did THAT work out for you…. “BUTTERCUP”

        • Great! My conscience is clear. I wasn’t taken in by fear mongering or conspiracy theories.

          • My conscience is clear.

            And THAT makes YOU exempt from the shitstorm this senile fuks handlers are about to drop on us… I guess YOU won’t be affected by the tax increases (if you earn enough to pay taxes), YOUR bicycle doesn’t need gas so you can sneer at the coming $5.00 a gallon prices, You must be a huge proponent of the transfer of “trillions” of dollars of (non-existent) American wealth to 3rd world shitholes through the Paris global warming bullshit, reengaging the Iran Nuke deal?, Opening the borders to any and all comers, instant citizenship to 20 million illegals, TOTAL destruction of our economy through shut downs and new regulations, defunding the cops, NO bail release of sexual predators and murderers AND instantly turning 100 million (give or take) otherwise law abiding citizens into instant criminals by making legally purchased firearms and accessories illegal with the stroke of a pen…. Yeah sleep well “BUTTERCUP” you FREE thinker…

        • And that is why we have the system we do, because fools like you buy into the Republican vs Democrats false choice.

          Nothing is going to change with people like you.

      • A senile old coot is, unfortunately, the better choice to the moron that was in office for the last 4 years. Although like the poster above, I didn’t vote for the former.

        The democrats deserved to lose in 2016. Your ‘side’ deserved to lose in 2020. That’s how voting works.

        • Problem is the “senile old coot” ain’t in charge AND you will get fuked right along with the rest of us, enjoy….

  28. Conservatives are under attack… we all know that. Democrats, leftists, the MSM, Facebook, Twitter, Google…. It is not paranoia to think they’re watching everything you say. It’s pretty well established.
    As far as the MSM and social media, you CAN hit them where it hurts …in the bottom line. Watch One America, Newsmax, etc. and STOP WATCHING MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. CANCEL your Facebook account, Twitter account! I have nothing to say that is so important that the entire world needs to see it. I got so sick of Facebook “alerts” on my phone for pictures of cupcakes and reports on the quality and quantity of every fart somebody I didn’t know passed that I gave up looking at any of them years ago.
    You can feed the left and the pockets of big tech or you can CANCEL THEM.
    I disabled Google on my phone, never use it on my computers (I write software for a living), cancelled Facebook. Sign up for Parler or a similar service; call, text or email if you need to say something to anybody. It’ll get around if it’s important.
    Big tech, MSM will suddenly figure out that there are some of us who don’t like their behavior if they lose the entire conservative population of the country.
    We’ll be back when they stop behaving like assholes. Until then, there is only one way to make our voices heard….CUT THEM OFF!
    If you think real hard about it, you don’t actually NEED any of them!

    • BTW, the best way to get your representatives in Washington to notice you is with a letter, delivered by USPS on a real sheet of paper with real ink on it and, your signature at the bottom!
      They get 10,000 emails (so do I, I delete them all), has anybody ever tried to read all the comments on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I don’t and, neither do they.
      A letter gets noticed!
      I think it’s time conservatives started sending LOTS OF THEM!

    • EverTrumpers are not Conservative. For one, Conservatives have principles and stick to them. For two, EverTrumpers simply agree to whatever Trump says, even if contradicts something he previously said. They’re just YES men.

  29. They don’t own the Internet? Oh, how adorable. Why don’t you just tell ’em “you’re not the boss of me!”

    Get real. They own everything, including the government.

    • I’m not ready to give up my freedom or, my rights. “Why don’t you just tell ’em” is idiotic. How exactly do you propose we do that? The only way to tell them anything is to exert downward pressure on their profits. Probably more than 75 million people voted for trump. I’m hoping all of them aren’t pussies!

    • Yep…sure hope they don’t start another idiotic Asian war. My life didn’t end when Barry Soetoro wrecked America!

        • They cannot spare the troops for overseas. china joe will need them for his ‘social programs’ here. He’s afraid to face ‘his’ people without armed forces to protect him.

  30. Oh my God, stop posting this nonsense about the election being stolen. It wasn’t. You want to strengthen gun rights? Then you need to bring people in. You want to bring people in? Stop regurgitating this crackpot conspiracy garbage.

  31. If you think the election was stolen, that was the fault of those who made it appear stolen. If you don’t think it was stolen, you didn’t pay attention to how things were playing out.

    I learned long ago, the appearance if a impropriety is as damning as an actual impropriety and that is how you will be judged.

    Was the election stolen? Every appearance makes it look like it.

    That part is over now. We have work to do. We have to keep this administration in check. And when they accidentally do something that is correct, we praise them. When they are out of line, we reprimand them.

    Start organizing locally to get voter laws in your State better controlled. Reach out to new firearm owners, welcome them, help them, mentor them and don’t be a condescending ass to them. They are late to the party, but at least they have come.

    We owe it to our prodigy to keep our Country.

    • Well said. Yes, the election was stolen but, not by Joe Biden… he has no idea what has been going on or, what day it is.
      They just arrested the guy in Italy who wrote the code that switched votes from Trump to Biden…. (I have a copy of the affidavit)Then there’s the fact that one county in MI had over 500% turnout, another had over 400% voter turnout and, Detroit had a 140% voter turnout. The Dominion machines in 17 states went down on election night and, when they came back online, hundreds of thousands of votes had been switched from Trump to Biden….
      Then, there’s the repeated scanning of “xeroxed” mail-in ballots in GA that had not been folded…to fit in an envelope…. It wasn’t enough… the Dominion machines went down and, what happened?
      The evidence goes on and on…. the Dominion machines were also used in the GA runoff….
      But, now, Biden is the president and, the Democrats are in control of the house, senate and white house….
      The problem for the Dems is that MORE than 74 million people voted for Trump. We can’t do anything about it today …but, there will be no unity and, we won’t forget.

      • BTW: They won’t try the belated impeachment attempt on Trump. Why? The courts have so far refused to hear the evidence. An impeachment trial with “spreading false information” as one of the charges would give Trump the opportunity to present the evidence of an obscene amount of election fraud in 17 states…. The Democrats REALLY don’t want this to happen. There will be no impeachment!

      • Look man, I won the United States Senate race fair and square. What are you a junkie or something?