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The law, which some advocates call “constitutional carry,” will take effect July 1.

“Today I signed legislation that protects the 2nd Amendment rights of Iowa’s law-abiding citizens while still preventing the sale of firearms to criminals and other dangerous individuals,” [Governor Kim] Reynolds, a Republican, said in a statement after signing the measure Friday afternoon.

Democrats and gun violence prevention groups say the law will roll back background checks on handgun sales between private citizens. That’s because, under current law, Iowans must pass a background check to obtain a permit to carry or acquire a handgun before they can legally buy one in a private sale.

On a recent call with Everytown for Gun Safety, Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Zach Wahls, D-Coralville, called on Reynolds to veto the legislation.

“A person could be able to purchase a firearm from a private seller with no background check and then carry that firearm anywhere in public without any type of firearms proficiency training if this bill is adopted,” Wahls said on the call, explaining why he thought Reynolds should veto the measure.

— Stephen Gruber-Miller in Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signs law allowing permitless handgun carry, purchase.

Next to join the list…Tennessee.


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  1. Excellent news. Although I am fairly certain that China Joe and his VP are planning some sort of executive orders to overturn these things. Legal or not, they never care. SCOTUS will not help in any case.

    • If SCOTUS gets any ideas, Joe’s handlers already have a committee in place that will recommend “fixing” them because Democrats have so much reverence for our institutions that “Trump was tearing apart.”

    • Oh yes. It’s ‘excellent news’ when the government deigns to all us to exercise one of our fundamental, God given rights.

      • I understand the frustration. There never should have been any infringement. But there is and we comply or get thrown in jail. If there ever is another revolution it might get fixed or get worse.

  2. Governors should encourage proficiency. And make it as easy and cheap as possible to get the training and practice needed to be proficient. Thanks for mentioning proficiency, gun grabbers and other anti-liberty bigots.

    • Agreed, as long as it’s always an encouragement, and never becomes a requirement. This is the problem with “may issue” locales such as my home area of L.A. County.

  3. As Iowan who lives 2 miles from Omaha I need a concealed carry permit to carry in Nebraska. And I go to Omaha too often So I pretty much still need an Iowa permit. And per a ATF decision, a permit to carry or a permit to acquire negates the need for a NICS check on sales by a federal firearms licensee. Now,, even without a permit and if I aovid Nebraska, I do not need a permit to carry to go visit my son in Arkansas, my family in Okahomla and Kansas, oe my friends in Kansas and Missouri. Iowans should be able to vote of a state constitutional amendment establishing the right to keep and bear arms.

    • The vote to amend the Iowa Constitution to include Constitutional Carry and RTKBA as an Amendment will be on the 2022 ballot.

    • Even after constitutional carry was signed into law by Governor Matt Bevin. I still renewed my CCW. Because I wanted to be able to carry my gun across state lines concealed.

      I travel to Missouri and spend a lot of time in Tennessee. Also I’ve traveled all the way down to Florida.

      If you’re never going to leave your state then there isn’t a reason for you to have a CCW, if you live in a constitutional carry state. And there are a lot of people that have never left their state, ever.

    • You still need a NICS check when buying a gun from an FFL even with a conceal carry license. Having a license absolutely does not exempt you from a background check by a FFL and even with a conceal carry license you can still get a delay in a NICS check.

      A gun dealer I use still gets delays when he buys things at times even though he’s a FFL and has a conceal carry license

      • Not in states like Iowa- no call to NICS if one produces their permit to carry or acquire.

        Back in 1990 or so a number of us regularly working the IA Statehouse who are also NRA members realized that certain laws were going to be passed regardless of what citizens/voters wanted and we crafted our state laws to accept an IA carry permit or permit to acquire handguns as proof of NICS and remove the redundancy and unnecessary delays.

        While many around here decry the very notion of any permits to a Constitutional and God-given right, the simple fact is that at the time and place, one is more intelligent to accept the best deal possible and continue to try to make improvements in the situation. Compromise or common sense? I can emphatically state that it is much more simple for me to purchase firearms in my primary residence in IA than my secondary residence in MN.

        And as far as “compromises” go- exactly what did the anti-NRA groups like GOA do when Brady, AWB or Hughes were rammed through? NO gun owners and especially no one at NRA wanted these intrusions but they were going to pass regardless of the pressure put on Congress due to their makeup and leadership at the time. If you were around then and had any political insight you’d understand. So, rhetoric or not, it would appear to me that by “living with it” the “No/Never Compromisers” have compromised, like it or not.

  4. Come on Governor Abbott of Texas and the state legislature, get with constitutional carry. There are three bills in the legislature now which include CC.

  5. “A person could be able to purchase a firearm from a private seller with no background check and then carry that firearm anywhere in public without any type of firearms proficiency training if this bill is adopted”.

    It smells like Freedom and Liberty to me, lady. I know it’s tough for you to fathom. You’ve got to want it.

    • It’s all about the perspective. She thought it was an objection, but it sounded pretty damn awesome to me.

    • I’m guessing that would be Indiana since that’s where the Chicago guns supposedly come from.

  6. Foe a more in depth look at the new legislation follow the link below:
    Iowa Joins Constitutional Carry Movement – The Long Journey
    Never forget the ability for Iowans to achieve this massive Deregulation of their 2nd Amendment Rights began at the ballot box almost 10 years ago. In that 10 Iowa has become one of the fastest states to reaffirm Law Abiding Citizens 2nd Amendment Rights.

  7. Make it illegal for any registered Democrat to own or possess or handle a gun… then after they are robbed , assaulted, or threatened, maybe there won’t be any ( live) Democrats anymore. & let’s brand a big capital D on their forehead so the thugs know who their dealing with…. that should work,,, let’s try it & see…

    • Anti-gun activist Alyssa Milano would never give up her gun. She only wants other people to give up theirs or never get one in the first place. Hypocrites.

    • Just another Democrat controlled wasteland getting what they voted for. You just can’t fix Stupid…Even with 300 mph speed tape.

    • Well that’s kind of weird. I lived in the Mid South for about a decade and most of this kind of street crime stayed largely within the 40/240 loop.

  8. Iowans, welcome to your new Second Amendment freedom.

    We’ve had Constitutional Carry in Montana for a couple of months…so far, contrary to the hand-wringing and panties-in-a-knot Libbies from Missoula, Montana streets are NOT awash in blood.

    Governor Gianforte is doing a good job trying to balance personal freedoms. Mask or no mask – he leaves it up to individuals as an adult decision (stores can still mandate mask wearing within their property, ie. Costco). Schools are open. Our children’s lives are resuming some semblance of the old “normal”. Vaccine is available to all age groups – it is an individual decision whether or not to vaccinate for COVID…just as it has always been for seasonal flu.

    Our biggest problem is the number of people relocating here from Blue states bringing their failed ideological beliefs with them…they’re like cancer cells infecting a new host all the while thinking / saying “maybe the host won’t sicken and die THIS time”.

  9. Last time I checked there was nothing in the constitution about background checks and nfa and atf. So let’s get back to the constitution as written for we the people.

  10. Well it seems “Jesus land” does it again. Or is it “fly over” country???
    I can’t keep up with all the names the Libertarians Liberals and the Left calls parts of the country that support the Bill of Rights.

    Voting rights in Georgia. A bathroom bill in North Carolina. And First Amendment Protections in the state of Indiana.

    I think it’s best we just go our separate ways peacefully. Although I don’t think that’s really going to happen. Because the east and west coast have destroyed much of their economies with their socialist Progressive agenda. Which includes disarming the civilian population.

    But you do get a consolation prize. Legalized weed.

    • What do you mean? AK, AZ, and MT also have legalized weed. I don’t believe it’s a red vs. blue thing.

      • AZ is being invaded by people who love weed and hate guns. They are bringing their socialist progressive politics with them. We will see what the future holds for the other states you metioned.

  11. “…shall not be infringed.” means exactly that.

    ANY kind of necessary paperwork is illegal and against the law. This law, of course, is the Constitution which supersedes ALL laws in this country.

    Anyone who disagrees is a traitor, and should get a traitor’s punishment.

    It’s sad that today treason is considered less than a misdemeanor by the communists in power. And yes, liberals are communists, socialists, anti-America, disgusting filthy lying perverts, thieves and murderers. Proud of it, too…

    No wonder the law means nothing to them.

  12. The more people that drive cars the more vehicle accidents happen .
    We will see the same with gunms.
    It’s a numbers game.
    I’m 100% constitutional carry, but numbers is numbers and a gunm accident should not infringe on my right to be armed.
    I’m looking in the future when the Dems start jumping all over the Constitutional carry laws because gunm accidents went up.

  13. As a permitted CCW licensee, I prefer having the license to carry. When I buy a new toy, after filling out the 4373, I don’t have to wait for approval because of the license. For years I didn’t have the permit and the wait varied each time for the ATF approval from a few minutes to an hour to a couple days depending on their busyness I suppose. The license alleviated all that hassle making it very worthwhile.

    I’m curious, in the article it first states Iowans need a background check for ‘private sales’, then a couple paragraphs below it says they don’t need a NICS check for private sales.

    Which is it in Iowa?

    • No actual NICS check for private sales but one must insure that a sale or transfer does not go to an “unqualified” or ineligible person. This would include felons, domestic abusers, mentally incompetent, under-aged and others specified under IA or US Code. So- if you sell/transfer a firearm and do not insure the other party has one of the 2 permits as verification- to carry or to acquire, you will be liable to criminal action if the gun is later used or present when said person is apprehended or rendered room temperature in legal remediation.

      One would be smart to never buy from, nor sell to a person who does not have the proper permit and one should record and retain the ID and permit number. If you can’t raise the permits and are in the deal of a lifetime- best bet would then be to seek out an FFL to make the transfer. Then only the government is to blame…

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