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It’s a supply and demand thing.

Whenever there’s heightened demand for a product — any product — and a limited supply, the scammers swoop in.

Because of the ammunition shortage, conmen are now targeting unsuspecting gun owners via Facebook Messenger and other social media platforms.

They’re offering fantastic deals, such as $35 for a brick of 1,000 small rifle primers, and $467 for a case of 55gr Remington 5.56.

Man, if only it were true.

They’ll take your money via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Zelle.

The only problem is the ammo and primers don’t exist.

— Lee Williams in Scammers targeting gun owners on social media, offering cheap ammo and primers



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  1. Ah yes, any crisis sure brings out the dregs of society! Scammers and liberals, difficult to decide who’s worse!

    • Humans generally suck.*

      Where there’s a dollar, there’s at least one scam.

      *no, not everyone. you know what I mean so don’t waste time typing at me. :^)

    • “Bastards.”


      ‘Round here, pulling crap like that is a good way to have something happen to someone.

      An ‘Attitude Adjustment’, so to speak.

      There can be surprising ways someone with ‘mad skillz’ can generate a real name and an address from someone who *thinks* they are anonymous, when actually, they’re not… 😉

  2. There is a sucker born ever minute.

    If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

    The best thing you can do is just not use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

    It’s a bit confusing to me to listen to people throughout the 2A community tout their patriotism and turn around and spend all their time on Twitter. These companies don’t like you and don’t want you. That much SHOULD be so obvious to everyone.

    Now go and complain about how Youtube is blocking any gun related videos and then use Google to buy ammo. Tell me about buying the American flag you just bought from Amazon that was made in Korea or China.

    You may do as you wish. A fool and his money soon go separate ways.

    It’s like anti-vaxers so worried about tracking nanobots getting put in their bodies for another Tuskegee experiment while simultaneously flipping out by Trump not wearing a mask on camera.

    It’s like being so worried about computer virus infection that you install two paid-for antivirus programs with no regard for the dangerous websites you visit.

    It’s like being a gun owner and still voting Democrat.

  3. If you used a site before the social downfall and they were up to standard, use them now.

    Anything new that pops up needs to be met with suspicion.

    I used sgammo out of Ok. I still use them for a few unique calibers when in stock just to support them.

    What places have others used? We are probably the best resource for knowing who is legit.

    • I have found shopping local stores to be quite satisfactory. I know that isn’t an option for everyone but for many people it is.

  4. The best way to run a scam is to appeal to the victim’s greed.

    ‘This seller has no idea what his stuff is worth. I better take it from him before he finds out’.

  5. i go to ammoseek dot com
    find the cheapest ammo with the cheapest shipping and the best reviews
    have done probably a dozen or so ammo orders like that in the last 12 months
    havent had any problems yet

  6. Yep looked it up, says right there, Facebook prohibits the sale of ammunition. I dont do messenger or Facebook, I reckon there the same policy?

  7. Support your local gun store. Stop sending unknowns your money over the internet.

    It’s really quite simple.

    • Ah, but if your LGS raises his prices on what he has in stock, on the probability that he will have A/difficulty in obtaining more when that stock is gone and B/if he can, it will almost certainly be more expensive, then instantly your LGS is a price-gouging, profiteering rat-fargin’ bastage who should be shunned as the pariah that he is, and all right-thinking people should promptly take their business elsewhere–such as an online vendor.

      Am I close?

  8. Dear firearms retailers, if you can’t tell me at least 500 rounds for whatever gun I’m buying and at a reasonable price, I’m not buying from you.

    PS that is only about half my preferred MINIMUM requirement for ammo on hand because I realize there is a shortage.

    I WAS at A walmart yesterday. They had 1 lone Savage 22 rifle in the gun case and one box of 20 gauge shotgun shells on the shelf. The had a few bullets for muzzle loaders but no powder or primers.
    The way I feel about that can be summer up in two words or one finger. You pick.

    • A guy told me Walmart has bullets in the back, you’ve got to ask them to get them.
      Your Walmart might be different.


  10. A lot of these scammers create accounts that closely mimic a real, legitimate gun or ammo store. So for example, if there’s a real “John Doe Armory”, they’ll create an account like John_Doe_Armory, and even steal images from the real page to make theirs look legit.

    I discovered one of these scammers had taken two of images of my handloaded ammo (complete with my account watermark) and put on his page. Before reporting him, I sent a direct message asking about the ammo featured in one of my images he was using, asking how much for a case of it. When he quoted me a price, I knew he was a scammer.

  11. The one thing to watch out for is in the YouTube comment sections. Scammers will post links to what looks like very legitimate websites and they will have ammo for pretty reasonable prices. It’s all a scam. They want you to use PayPal because PayPal will NOT get involved in anything gun or ammo related so you are SOL.

    When Walmart was in the process of getting rid of ammo if you were smart you could buy what they had cheap. I bought just about everything in the case at two different Walmart’s because if you got the store manager over to the ammo case, corporate wanted the ammo gone. You could basically buy ammo for half of the price that the shelf tags were marked at. The manager had orders to get the ammo out and I bought cartloads of mostly range and AR ammo for dirt, I almost melted my credit card.

    As for Dicks I didn’t even know they were stopping ammo sales, I never liked them and avoid them to this day. Walmart does not have bullets in the back, well maybe some unique rifle calibers but no pistol or common rifle calibers. That’s corporate policy and I have a friend that’s pretty far up the chain in Bentonville, they cancelled their contracts with the manufacturers.

    Does this help the “new” gun owners who cant find ammo? No it doesn’t but there are places that have ammo and especially SD ammo for around 40-60 bucks for a box of 50 shipped. You wont find them on sgammo or ammoseek but trust me there are HSTs, GDs and .233 – 5.56 out there. That’s where the ammo is going, you just have to see who is gouging the least.

    As a “new” gun owner you probably paid well over retail for your new pistol. The LGS let you buy two boxes of range ammo at some crazy price. At $60 shipped a box of 50 HST3s (P9HST3) is gouging but it’s better then nothing or $50 for a box of 25 plus tax for some 9mm Critical Defense at $2 a round at your LGS.

    Anyway watch for scammers, if ammo is dirt cheap on a website then at least see if there are any reviews. They usually get found out when they screw over a few suckers. The scam is run from Panama and once your credit card clears through PayPal then you just gave con men your money.


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