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Danno says it best: “Prepared but stealthy. With 19 rounds of .40 at the ready I feel comfortable in handling any deadly threat that might present itself. All other items are used daily and have been tested tough. As a mechanic I am constantly dropping and banging my edc items around. These have all served me well without breaking the bank.” Check out what Danno carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. I had a 26 but got rid of it, it’s just as thick as the full size and if I’m gonna carry a gun that thick I will wear a little bigger shirt and take my 17 or 22. Whatever works for you though.

    I was gonna get a 43 but liked the shield better, plus I got it for 400 with 3 magazines and night sights

  2. Far be it from me to wisecrack “Book him, Danno…”.

    Even though some of my earliest memories of living in Hawaii were that damn show on the tube.

    So I won’t.

    Not *me*…


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