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Danny Davis represents Illinois’ 7th congressional district, smack dab in the middle of Chicago. When he isn’t working on bills that would prevent the U.S. from attacking North Korea (read it here) Rep. Davis busies himself sponsoring and co-sponsoring an arsenal of gun control bills . . .

H.B. 5103 is his latest brainchild. The bill seeks to tax gun rights out of existence. Here are the low lights:

Apply a 20% tax on pistols, revolvers, and firearms other than pistols and revolvers (so all guns)

Apply a 50% tax on ammo

Doubles the special occupation tax for firearms importers

Increases the imported gun dealer tax to 50% of their sales

Increases NFA transfer tax from $200 to $500

Increases AOW tax from $5 to $100

Would reclassify pistols that fire rounds commonly associated with rifles as firearms. Think AR and AK pistols.

Requires an cost of living inflation formula to be applied regularly to the special occupation tax

Should it become law, the bill would vastly increase the cost of gun ownership, hitting the poor hardest. In Rep. Davis’s orange-skied world, only wealthy people would have the privilege of exercising their natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The wealthy, and agents of the government, of course. How great is that?

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    • This could be very good news. Seriously just Hang on.

      There are things like the NFA tax that haven’t been touched in almost a century Why? Because if it goes up for discussion even to raise it, well it could just as realistically be abolished as a waste of time, money and rights.

      Gun and ammo taxes might sound good to some but while we’re piling on the taxes to products of questionable use, it will quickly become a never ending list and eventually will hit everyone in the pocketbook. I think pit bulls should be regulated like an NFA item and taxed accordingly.

      After the dust settles there will be no new sausage. So just let this run it’s course and don’t trump it all up.

      • I kinda agree with you, but I find it funny that, according to us wise TTAG commenters, even our opponents are playing 3D chess in our favor . . .

        Pit bulls are like assault weapons. It pretty much means, in Freitas’ words, anything that looks scary.

        • The problem with that comparison is that Pitbulls are semi sentient, unlike modern sporting rifles that are wholly dependent on their owner to function or do anything. A Pitbull can be trained to kill or just as easily be trained to be a good doggo. With a firearm, you train yourself to use it and not the firearm to be a good little gun. Sure legislators and mom activists (yuck) are frightened of things that look scary, but the majority of people won’t be convinced with that comparison.

      • You guys realized that the colonists revolted against the King for something like a 1 to 3% tax, right? Here we are getting taxed ten times that amount and we’re happy to take it??

      • I lived in his district for a couple of years. He is a complete idiot. He’s also tight with Farrrakhan.

        He has one of the safest seats in the House.

        • Not if we abolish the entire party, and make violating, or attempting to legislatively violate a person’s civil rights a felony. 20 years, no parole should solve the problem.

      • Lets pass a bill that removes any politician that swore to uphold the constitution and then votes for gun control, patriot act , FISA etc. Also any politician that tells a lie pays a $1500 fine for each lie. This would pay for the wall and pay off the debt in about a year. Also fine the networks $10,000 fine for fake news stories [ lies ] per each incident. Any politician that has been in military has taken an oath and should be fined and jailed for treason when proposing unconstitutional laws. Mis-spoke is not a defense.

        • This is what I have been saying for years – We need a law that allows for a politician, especially senators and congressmen, to be removed for creating or supporting ANY legislation that is unconstitutional. Not only would it get rid of leftists and RINOs but also would prevent all of the garbage laws we are subjected to.

  1. HR4837 doesn’t stop the US from attacking North Korea. It only stops us from going to war without Congressional authorization.

    You know, like it says in the Constitution.

    • That’s not what the Consistution says, or they wouldn’t need a new bill to affirm it. We have only needed Congressional approval in the past to declare war, which takes a long time. However, if immediate action is needed, the president has always been able send troops into combat as needed.

    • It would be a lot shorter and easier to deal with if it simply repealed the War Powers Act…

  2. Another example of rampant authoritarianism, and definition of a police-state…To of course, enforce tyranny…in the name of public safety!

  3. I wounder if he has the hooker he will pay off with that new free tax money already picked out of the herd??

    Dems raising taxes then blowing it—like watching the sun raise each day—its bound to happen!

  4. I would say something about the kinds of politicians who put forth the most egregious gun control bills, and the kinds of people they expect to “enforce” those laws (i.e. Harass, entrap, and if necessary murder American citizens), but if I do then I’ll be put on a government watchlist at the behedst of the SPLC (i.e. The communist front group that really runs the DOJ).

  5. As to the actual chances of Rep. Davis’s gun tax legislation eventually getting out of committee and passing, I couldn’t say. But I believe it has a very low chance (snowball in hell?) of becoming law. Does the U.S. taxpayer contribute tax money to the public till to pay these elected aristocrats so they can indulge in flights of fantasy? Apparently so…

  6. The founders revolted over a 3% tax on tea and paper. If that was justified, then it’s hard to argue that revolting over a 20% poll tax on a constitutionally enumerated civil liberty isn’t also justified. The only reason the founders didn’t kill or capture members of the British parlament or royal family members is because they were an ocean away. Our own would be tyrants are our neighbours, lest they forget that.

      • This jackass doesn’t represent me, and neither does anyone else who would vote for this poll tax, so there.

      • But unlike most taxes, the Pittman–Robertson tax money goes to conservation, not to the government for spending.

        • It doesn’t get any better raising a tax for a gun 2,000% so the .gov can blow it on something that may end up doing nothing but spending money.

        • 200%, not 2000%. And NO i’m not cool about the current tax. But what I like even less is somehow people think that a tax on firearms is somehow new.

  7. My revolutionary idea: force legislators to put up a (significant; I’m thinking on the order of 5-6 figures) cash bond for every bill they introduce (can be split among multiple sponsors). If the bill survives all court challenges in its first year, the bond is returned. Otherwise, the bond is forfeited and used to help fund the GPO and/or Library of Congress.

  8. What will it take? When is enough, enough? There are all too many people in this country who delude themselves into thinking that as a society we no longer are subject to Natural Law. When will these sheep have gone too far and taken the rest of us to the brink? A war is coming. As sure as the founding of our Nation, which failed to resolve the inevitable question of slavery, forged the path directly to the Civil War we are now on a path being laid by socialists. I wonder if they know or care or are simply too stupid to see what is so evident to the rest of us? Their abject failure to understand what led to the election of our current President is clear evidence that they will continue with these policies. That the division building in our country will only continue to build. We are not like other nations led down this path. We are not, and never will be a disarmed populace. I fear for our future and our children’s future.

  9. I know the underprivileged utes in those urban areas where all the nobel prize winners live will be oh so impacted by this.

  10. How’s about a $10K tax on abortions? If it’s good enough for an enumerated right, it’s good enough for an unenumerated one.

  11. What will the money from the tax go for? Well, more law enforcement, Project Safe Neighborhoods, CDC (for purposes of research on gun violence and its prevention), Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets act of ’68, NICS Act Record Improvement Program, Community-Based Violence Prevention Field-Initiated Research and Evaluation Program of the Department of Justice…. and….

    (G) Five percent of such amounts shall be available for the Secretary of Education to provide directed grants and technical assistance to schools eligible for or receiving grants under part A of title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to develop and implement comprehensive, evidence-based local or regional strategies (such as positive behavior interventions and supports, social and emotional learning, and restorative justice programs) to improve school climate, reduce the use of exclusionary school discipline, and decrease the number of youth entering the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

    Didn’t the FL school already try to keep the killer out of trouble? Wouldn’t this just double down on that?

  12. Classify rifle-round shooting pistols as a firearm, like a stripped lower or silencer is a firearm? What would be the purpose of that? To restrict imports and apply sporting purposes language to imports? I could see that maybe.

    I guess in Florida that would mean no concealed carry since that is limited to pistols, so no more sticking that AR pdw brace gun in your pants…

    I guess the SP5K, apc9, scorp, MPX, uzi, etc would still be a pistol since they only use 9mm.

    If the Republicrats had done one thing I would love to see all the silly sporting, building, 922, import rules etc changed to just call everything a gun, no limits or rules on overall length, parts content, barrel length, etc. It is all just a firearm, do with it as you legally please. But that would require too much common sense. And when has government ever made anything less complicated, less regulated.

    • There is no practical reason – I suspect it’s an artifact of Davis seeing an AR pistol and saying, “OMG! We can’t have these running around unregulated! We have to do something!” Even though they are regulated already, in some cases (as pistols) more so than rifles.

    • Unless the bill text has changed since I read it last, it adds AR pistols and such as a new category of NFA item.

      • Ah, I see, a long-barreled pistol! LBP! They are pretty scary, those LBPs. Loud, blasty, it is as if people were tired of paying more for short barreled rifles, they switched to long barreled pistols. This will stop them. Bwhahahahaha!

  13. How in the hell do these hacks get into and stay in office? DISGUSTING, Anti American, skin bag, of human poo.

    • how did they get into office

      Chicago dems voted for them—nuff said

      voting Dem and dumb ‘its the Chicago way!’

  14. Poster BOY for term limits…or one reason Chiraq sucks. Yes he has armed bodguards😡😡😡😡

  15. Anything I could say in response to the congresscritter who introduced this legislation would result in [FLAME DELETED], so feel free to infer your own [FLAME] here.

    This jackwagon is the reason that our forebears kept chickens and hot tar at the ready.

  16. …more than likely just a “Hey, look at me, constituents – I’m doing something against guns so you can re-elect me!” poseur…hopefully…

  17. Like another Chicago politician, Danny Davis has little to no betterment for his constituents after 21 years of federal political service. But he has proven to have questionable decision making as to policy political relationships. In other words abiut what you expect from Chicago.

    • No, a poll tax is a poll tax. This is LIKE a poll tax.

      But poll taxes were specifically amended to be unconstitutional. Things “like a poll tax” were not.

      • Not sure it matters. Minnesota Star Tribune v. Commissioner means it couldn’t possibly pass Constitutional muster.

    • A tax if 10 percent of the sales price is imposed on pistols and revolvers, and a tax of 11 percent of the sales price is imposed on other portable weapons (e.g., rifles and shotguns) and ammunition.

      You guys need to the Federal Code.

  18. Danny Davis represents Illinois’ 7th congressional district, smack dab in the middle of Chicago.
    Explains everything.

  19. Has Danny Davis taken $0.00000000000000001 cent from foreign money to overthrow our Constitution? There’s a name for that.

  20. The mistake by the lake. I’m glad I left that shithole of a city.. 75% of the buildings still have lead water mains running into the houses there.. Those people are nutty as hell!!! Lead poisons their liberal anti constitution brains.. Total lawlessness.. Traitors, cartel members and scumbags…

    • Lead water mains are not is issue unless some stupid idiot is in charge of the water system. You also need to treat the system to keep the copper out too.

  21. It’s been attempted before. This will go nowhere, at least nationally. Can’t speak for joints like IL, MA, MI, CA, where they’re losing population faster by people fleeing than the ganstas can kill ’em off. Placing bets on it?

    • Too late, we already have a firearm and ammo tax.
      A tax if 10 percent of the sales price is imposed on pistols and revolvers, and a tax of 11 percent of the sales price is imposed on other portable weapons (e.g., rifles and shotguns) and ammunition.

      • Pittman-Robertson is a hell of a long way from Davis’s proposal and you know it. P-R was also passed as a result of sportsmen/outdoors folk (who included nearly everyone outside of the inner city in 1934) eeking to maintain and grow opportunities in hunting and fishing. I suppose I have to point out that I know the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting and fishing for the shallow ones around here, but that was the function of Pittman-Robertson. For years I was in on helping dole out our allotment.

  22. Well it will probably pass. The government loves taxes, as far as being fair to the poor. There’s county fairs, State fairs, and science fairs, but there ain’t No fairs. Besides the poor don’t need firearms, cars, food, medical or housing. There poor damnit, who needs the poor? Pull yourselves up by your bootstraps, never mind your barefoot. Scum of the Earth, white trash must go, along with all the others. This is America, land of the free so get out of my country.

    • Dude relax, it only has 8 cosponsors. It wont even make it out of committee. Hell, it wont even get a vote in committee!

  23. He’s 76. Let’s hope a nice fat blot clot hits his pulmonary artery soon. Or pancreatic cancer….
    No mercy for these treacherous cunts.

    • Cute, but IMO it’s always better to take opponents on concerning the substance of their proposals than doing/wishing what Stalin and the democrat party does… If you can’t win your argument in the poll of public opinion, which gun ownership always has been able to do when we use our brains rather than a bunch of threats, it isn’t worth winning.

  24. All this will do is expand the black market for guns to include many former and otherwise law abiding citizens who want to exercise their right to self defense. This is basically a arms smuggler subsidy bill. I would probe this congressman’s personal dealings, very likely someone associated with him stands to profit.

  25. It is so sad to see a black man who supports a “poll tax”, one of the very reasons the civil rights movement came about. He should know better.

  26. Maybe it’s time for US to stand up to assholes like this one. Are we just going to sit here and watch these communist pricks do away wit OUR constitution?? They had better watch out for what they are asking. When the payment comes due, they will suffer more than we will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. The TRUTH is. ANYONE can buy ANY GUN on ANY CORNER in ANY CITY with a poor URBAN community. That means EVERY city in America. We have hundreds of gun laws that good citizens obey. On the street there is NO BACKROUND CHECK, NO AGE QUALIFICATION and no one will ask you if you are NUTS. The NRA is not the bad guy. Unfortunately the police are a great investigative organization but the arrive at the scene when the killing is over. The undeniable TRUTH is the only way to stop a BAD GUY with a gun is a GOOD GUY with a gun. Sad but true. Let’s protect our kids with secure and defensible schools.

    • So very true. If I had the means I would print up 300,000,000, or more copies of what you said, and mail them to every individual in the US.
      Well said sir!

    • You’re stretching the “truth” a bit here, and it is relevant to point it out. Yes, you can buy a gun on the street in large urban cities but you often will take what is offered. Going around trying to be specific to certain things with the criminal element may end up with you in the river. Go ahead and try your theory for real and see what you end up with. Be sure to push the “pusher” real hard. I doubt you’ve tried it.

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