Instead of Enforcing Current Laws, California Passes New Ones Aimed at Law-Abiding Gun Owners

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From the CCRKBA . . .

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signing of extremist gun control measures Tuesday amounts to a giant leap backwards from protecting public safety and the rights of law-abiding citizens, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said. 

“Gavin Newsom continues to blame gun owners for problems he is not addressing as the state’s chief executive,” said CCRKBA Managing Director Andrew Gottlieb. “Instead of cracking down on law-abiding gun owners by signing Senate Bill 2, which restricts lawful concealed carry, and Assembly Bill 2, creating an 11 percent excise tax on firearms and ammunition, he should be focusing his attention on the people committing crimes.”

Gottlieb said both measures are likely to be found unconstitutional, but in the meantime, Golden State residents will be penalized for crimes they didn’t commit.

“It is no wonder,” Gottlieb said, “why so many Californians have moved to other states, such as Texas and Florida, because they are tired of being scapegoated by a governor who is hell bent on making headlines instead of progress. His crazy policies are simply out of touch with reality.”

Gottlieb quoted CCRKBA Board Member Cam Edwards, who wrote, “Of course, it’s gun owners, not guns that these bills are cracking down on. (Attorney General Rob) Bonta claimed that the right to carry increases violent crime by 29%, even though violent crime rates have plunged across the country for the past 30 years even as a majority of states have adopted first shall-issue and now permitless carry laws.”

“Newsom’s preoccupation with penalizing honest gun owners with a special tax and placing ridiculous restrictions on where they can legally carry firearms, strikes us as one more attempt to turn a fundamental right into a government-regulated privilege,” Gottlieb observed. “All he has done is open the door to a truckload of civil rights litigation, which will not distract anybody from seeing how his policies are turning California into a third-world disaster.”

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  1. Fascism is not about crime control. It is about keeping in power those that have no right.

    We are way past due a Nuremberg 2.0.

    • “…in the meantime, Golden State residents will be penalized…”

      I doubt that. None of the LEOs in my circle support this, and more than one has told me to my face he won’t do anything whatsoever to any CCW holder because it’s becoming clearer and clearer over time that the permit holders support LE more than our politicians do.

      • “Our”? politicians.
        I think We the People lost “Our” politicians a long time ago.
        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, any politicians salary should be that states minimum wage. The politicians have forgotten who they work for, I know of no employer who pays their help more then they make.
        And I hear “Well, by paying them a high salary it makes them less susceptible to bribes.” LOL in what fcking world do you live in.
        Minimum wage would more then likely get people who actually cared about the people instead of how they can screw the people out of more money and rights.

        • Depends where you live. There are a few Republicans hailing from the rural areas, but they are a minority and outvoted at every turn. The urban centers elect the governor, AG, and other state officers, as well as the supermajority of legislators in both houses.

      • “…it’s becoming clearer and clearer over time that the permit holders support LE more than our politicians do.”

        Possum’s chewing on pols aside, this is a good point to ponder, although support for BLM’s “defund the police” noise is going from tolerance to uneasiness.

  2. Almost like the laws are only about power and control with no relevance to public safety……nah that’s just some conspiracy theory.

    • The irony about this is how only six gun control laws passed by former Gov Brown in 2016 caused such an uproar that the day was termed “Gunmaggedon”. This is a package of four times that amount!

      • Going to be interesting to see which of our states removes more restrictions from the rest of the country over the next 2-5 years.

    • This is simply lawfare, as many leftish controlled states are passing more and more extreme anti-2A laws as fast as they can to simply flood the endzone with litigation to drain the resources of the 2A community/groups. And good luck enforcing any of the wins we get in court. For every win there are 3 new bogus laws to fight.

      • That is one side in a battle of attrition yes. Now take a step back and look at what each concluded court battle means for the rest of the country.

    • gunny,

      Well, I would say “Yeah, that’s why I GTFO!!”, but that assumes that I am ‘normal folks’ – perhaps a somewhat generous assumption.

      California literally went from the “Golden State”, and governed reasonably well, but both Dimocrat and Republican governors (and really poorly by governors of both parties, too). Gov. Moonbeam (v. 1 AND v.2, but mostly v. 1) was pretty much the end of that. It’s been a pretty steady slide downhill, since (and like most downhills, it’s been picking up speed).

      Beautiful state; when it crashes and burns, I hope to go back.

      • Deukmejian (R) was good. Wilson (R) was good. It all really started to slide once Davis (D) weaseled his way into office, leading to our State’s first (and so far only successful) recall in which we booted him out. Then Schwarzneggar ran on a platform of lies, pretending to be an (R) but acting like a (D) as soon as he was inaugurated. Then Brown (encouraged by the fact that Democrat Obama was in the WH) threw more coal in the engine room of the Sacramento Krazy Train, and Newsom has been steering it right toward the cliff, like that scene from Back To The Future III.

        The big problem is that the election cheating is now so baked into the cake with no courts/judges willing to stop it, nobody trusts our voting process anymore, so it’s not considered an effective way to stop this madness.

        The only way out … is through. (that pause is for you, Darkman).

        • I’ll you what Haz.
          If I don’t get my meager SS money on time I’m never voting R again. For any political party. The republicans contributed mightily to the national debt with idiotic Mideast debacles. Commiefornia is dead as is the rest of the left coast. As is ILLANNOY🙄

        • “Brown […] threw more coal in the engine room of the Sacramento Krazy Train”

          Haz, you are confused – coal is not a white powder.

    • Let’s cut the chase…A permit is the state taking a Constitutional Right from the citizenry and selling it back to them. Fortunately many states have eliminated the scheme.

      • Debbie and I have found something we solidly agree upon.

        California (and most recently Newsom himself) routinely ignore Shuttlesworth with our state’s licensing/fee scheme. Try an online search to find any information on a potential challenge to the scheme using SCOTUS’ Shuttlesworth or similar rulings, and you won’t find any. It’s frustrating.

        Makes me wonder if any challenge has ever been filed, or how burdensome it would be if I myself contacted Michel & Associates to ask how it can be done.

  3. Its Row-Dee-Oh back here, not rowdayoh.
    If you want it to be rowdayoh move back to California.
    They outta pass a law by gawd

  4. Just like Gun Control is Rooted in Racism a Poll Tax on a Constitutional Right is also Rooted in Racism, Oppression, Discrimination, etc…The only hope now is a court reversing what is an abomination. Perhaps a court would not be necessary had Gun Owners not sat around and failed to connect a Poll Tax with Gun Control which left the clapping seals surrounding nazi newsom to assume newsom’s backdoor Poll Tax path to Gun Control was the cat’s meow.

  5. All these things you’re complaining about? They’re not bugs, they’re FEATURES. They are driving out anyone with the means to leave that’s not fully on board the crazy train. They are purifying the far Left voting block, and polluting the Red states voters with soft Democrats. It’s a Win-Win for the Dems.

  6. When you keep releasing violent criminals back on the streets, you can use the increase in crime as an excuse top push your anti gun agenda!

  7. Living in this piss yellow state, it is more than obvious the evils of a super majority held in both state houses for over a decade. It will be decades more to undo the damage that has been done.
    This goes well beyond just guns. It infests every facet of our lives.
    I’m out as soon as I am able. This state will need to literally and figuratively burn until the ultra protrusive see the error of their ways.
    The rural areas are not represented in this state. It is truly sad how far this state has fallen.

  8. The elites who push these laws know they aren’t effective and they don’t care.

    There’s a reason our political overlords keep pushing ever more punitive and restrictive laws on ordinary people. The ruling class is afraid of the middle class, they absolutely despise ordinary people – especially white males. The elites feel ordinary people have to be constrained in how free they are…for their own good…because they’re incapable of self governance. Ordinary people require the guiding hand of their betters.

    Gun control laws serve a couple of purposes, none of which has anything to do with “gun safety” or lessening criminal misuse of guns: it limits the means available to ordinary people challenge the ruling class, it forces people to rely on the power of the State (ie. police) for self protection, and it’s a great big middle finger to ordinary people to show them who really controls the government.

    If they were really interested in lessening violent crime they’d control criminals not guns. But, crime control isn’t the point, is it?

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