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Who knew Glenn Reynolds was such a telegenic guy? It’s great to see Instapundit taking to YouTube to spread the word about the Second Amendment in general, and African-Americans’ armed struggle for survival and equality in specific. If more African-Americans reclaimed their history of armed self-defense, if they shucked the shackles of civilian disarmament and embraced their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, all American’s RKBA would be safer. We could begin to roll-back the gun control laws in urban enclaves. Watch this space.

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  1. Instapundit is near the top of my must-read list (usually checked twice per day).

    He’s been a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment for as long as I’ve been reading his stuff.

  2. I’m currently reading it, and I must say, really enjoying it. when reading it, its hard to shake the feeling that so much American History is in danger of being forever swept under the rug of public consciousness. It gives me almost a sense of duty to read it.

    • I’m about half way through it myself. Was planning on doing a “Black History Month, 2A Book Review” post on TTAG here but I’m not sure it’s necessarily worth it now that this great video is on the site already.

      The book is definitely recommended reading for anyone who wants to know the TRUTH about the history of the Second Amendment, the NRA, firearms and the right to keep and bear them, and how this all pertains to African Americans. This is good information to have, because a common tactic of the anti-gun side is to cast gun owners, the NRA, and the Second Amendment itself as racist in origin and in intent. This could not be further from the truth.

    • One of the most pernicious lies that needs to be exposed is how the black urban culture of failure got started.

      Modern American “liberals” would like to paint the cause as being rooted in “conservative” policy of “not enough free government hand-outs.” The truth is that the way the LBJ “Great Society” programs were structured broke the black family unit and broke it badly in numbers far exceeding anyone’s expectations. No less a policy wonk that Daniel Patrick Moynihan (A Democrat, and ostensibly a modern liberal, oh, and anti-gun) predicted the current situation of 75%+ out-of-wedlock birth rates in the black community and the attending social disasters – all the way back in the late 60’s.

      Today’s liberals try to keep chanting “racist!” whenever anyone calls them out on their policies of simply shoveling more bread and circuses into these urban policy disasters, but the truth is better seen in Detroit, where modern race-hustling black activists got everything they wanted, started with the administration of Coleman Young. Detroit is the American city, more than any other, where modern liberals got everything they wanted, and it has now impacted the terrain with the throttles at firewall forward.

      Detroit is now in bankruptcy, and the courts are allowing the BK to go forward and penalize both the public employee union retirees and current employees. This means that it will no longer be quite so cushy to be a cop in Detroit – and that the precedent is now being set to penalize public employee retirement schemes elsewhere.

      The consequence of all of this is that it is dawning on some leaders in Detroit that the public sector can’t do it all, that there will never be enough money again to fund the public sector to do all of what needs to be done. We see the police chief of Detroit speaking what we know as truth, but which is apostasy within large urban city governance circles

      If the residents of Detroit can reclaim their birthright and responsibility of self defense, their crime rate will drop, and they can once again attract economic activity to their neighborhoods.

  3. Great stuff. Good information and now a wonderful refrence.
    Now it is up to some more folks to get the truth into the inner cities.
    I am hoping this can get and keep the ball rolling.

    • These folks are trying, and they are taking the next step as well. They take donations to buy firearms for those in target neighborhoods so that “means” is not a barrier to self defense.

      (Note: I’ve posted their link before, but I’m not affiliated with them. Hope it’s not seen as spam).

  4. It’s really simple. The most basic human right is the right to live, because one cannot exercise any other right if one is dead. If humans have the right to live, then by logical extension, we have the right to defend our right to live.

    If, as “gun control” proponents believe, we have no right to defend our right to live, then by logical extension, we have no right to live. And if we have no right to live, then we have no rights. Period.

    The KKK, of course, denies the humanity – and therefore the human rights – of blacks, so their desire to disarm blacks is logically consistent with their “values”.

    Think about that the next time a politician tells you that you have no right to use a gun to defend your right to live.

  5. If more good people tooled up in bad neighborhoods, there would be fewer bad neighborhoods. The left just can’t have that. Small businesses could thrive in places where it’s hanging on by a thread, and the left just can’t have that. And more black people would be empowered, and the left absolutely can’t have that.

    • Subjugate, deprive, demoralize, victimize, then get people dependent on government support. Be the party that gives lots of government support and always promises more. Lock in votes for life. Blame the other party for the socioeconomic conditions your policies have created. Paint the other party as heartless, selfish, amoral people for wanting to reverse these policies. Grow the number of folks who are dependent and/or employed by government. Lock in votes for life. Get 51% of the voting population dependent. Rule.

  6. No it is fully deliberate for th “media” to not only under report, but keep it out of all blacks minds. If they do not know they will continue to be anti gun.

  7. Im a black woman. I am fairly new to the gun world. I have a S&W 640 .357 engraved revolver. I love her. But I try to educate myself as much as possible on issues relating to gun control. This forum gives some great topics and the room to consider one way or the other. I find it all very interesting.

    By the way, any of you fellows or ladies out there have any reviews on my S&W 640? I’m open.

    • I feel like such a wimp. I have the S&W 442. A j frame in .38. Love the gun, but it does wear on the hand, I have a touch of arthritis, during longer range sessions. I would not even want to try a gun of this size in .357.

      • I’m disabled. Both hands were broken in a car accident. When I traded my .38 to the .357 honestly I was not quite prepared for what happened. I was so excited that I ran and got some .357 hollow points to try out. So I shot some .38 first about 40 to 50 rounds. Then loaded the hollow points. Man the first round sent me screaming out. My aide had to massage my hand. That day I only did 3 rounds.
        But the next time I tried something different. I brought .38 targrt and hollow points, and .357 target and hollow points. I graduated myself up and I also wore my wheel chair gloves. It softened the recoil. Because the gun I have has a beautiful wooden grip. I’m considering getting a different grip since this is my CCW.

        • Kimberly, please do try some different grips. On revolvers, grips can make or break the shooter, both for comfort as well as “natural point of aim.”

          I can’t make any recommendations as to what you will find comfortable, but I can give you some basic recommendations as to what aspects of the grips will change your natural pointing ability with the revolver.

          If you find yourself tending to shoot low, it usually means that there is too little grip filling your palm at the outside edge of your palm. By “outside edge of your palm” I mean the pinky finger side of your palm.

          If you find yourself tending to shoot high, then you might need more grip filling your hand between your thumb and the web of your thumb/forefinger.

          When the grips don’t allow you to shoot to your natural point of aim, you’ll tend to want to grip the gun in an uncomfortable and unnatural (to you) manner, and when it recoils, things just get worse.

          As for how much grip to fill your hands overall: You would ideally like your trigger finger to lay on the trigger in the middle of the distal phalanx (ie, middle of the tip of your finger, between the end of your finger and the first joint). If your finger is allowed to move too far into the trigger guard, you’ll be pulling the trigger with the joint area of your finger and you’ll tend to pull your shots to the right. If your finger isn’t allowed far enough onto the trigger, you’ll tend to push your shots to the left.

          After that, the only help I can offer without seeing how your hand fits into the grip is to try to maximize the width across the back of the grip to spread the recoil force across as much of your palm as possible.

          Overall, allow me to observe that “full power” .357 loads tend to be very snappy in the lighter revolvers. They’re snappy even in full weight 357 revolvers. For someone who has suffered traumatic hand injuries, full power .357’s are quite challenging indeed.

        • It is the entire first joint of my right pointer finger that was amputated. I use the seconded joint of my pointer finger as my trigger pad.

        • Kimberly, you just pulled a corner off my man card. Busted hands and a wheel chair and all I got’s a little arthritis and I complain about the magnum loads in a j frame. I’m not worthy.

        • Oh, no dont feel that way. Because I am so new I dont know what is good or bad. So my gun kicks with .357 in it. No one is saying that +p .38 has good stopping power. So I will train with both, and carry +p in the gun and .357 in my speed loader.

        • Just funning kimberly. Welcome to the fold and good luck on your journey. Dyspeptic Gunsmith is one of the more knowledgeable people to comment on this site. His advice is always worth listening to.

        • So I see. I will print these comments and take them to the range with me. You guys are a lot of help. Thanks.

  8. This is an excellent book. I’m about 2/3 through it. The main theme is the question of the ethics of self-defense when individuals and families were targeted vs. the use of “political violence”, i.e. organized resistance from the group as a whole. A very balanced view and a unique look at blacks’
    struggle to have most whites recognize their rights as citizens (including their 2d Amendment rights).
    I highly recommend it.


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