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It seems that handgun control no longer has the support it did in the 90s.

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  1. OK, so I’m really over the “Downfall” meme, because the last half-dozen or so that I’ve seen were pretty horrible. As such, I watched this one with trepidation. But it’s actually pretty good.

    “That’s not the point! The point is control!”

    So much.

  2. I am seriously wondering how the California Legislature will react if the ruling stands.

    Will they legalize open carry of loaded handguns hoping that most businesses will put up “no guns” signs making it severely impractical? This would do the most to minimize handguns in public but it would really piss-off the masses seeing open carriers everywhere.

    Or will they keep open carry illegal and instead enact a bunch of new restrictions on concealed carry — including creating a long list of forbidden carry “sensitive places”? This would result in a LOT more armed citizens in public which would also piss-off the masses but at least the masses would not be seeing firearms in public.

    • The ruling explicitly stated laws that in effect bring about a blanket ban on legal carry are unconstitutional. A bunch of little laws added together that makes it impossible for a majority to legally carry is a blanket ban. This ruling is so freaking huge. The mere possibility that I might be able to get a CHL license while I’m there is something I hadn’t even begun to consider!

      • I read the entire ruling (well the majority part anyway). The majority explicitly stated that nothing in their opinion shall be construed to reverse long standing prohibitions … yada, yada, yada.

        So, if the California Legislature declares a bunch of new “sensitive places” are off limits to licensed concealed carriers, that would probably be A-okay according to the 9th Circuit ruling. It has worked so far in Illinois which defined 22 or 23 “sensitive places” where concealed carry is forbidden in their new concealed carry law.

        I believe a future lawsuit will ask the courts to limit those long lists of places where Legislatures criminalize responsible law abiding citizens with concealed carry licenses.

    • As mentioned in the video and elsewhere on this site, the response by California law enforcement, as it is in the larger cities of Washington, will most likely be to use confrontational but “legal” contacts with law enforcement to provoke arrests or otherwise make carrying so onerous that the majority of people will not even try. Think, “I stopped you because your tail-light is broken. I will have to take custody of your firearm until this encounter concludes.”

  3. Which circuit covers New York State? I want to see that Czarist De Blasio keel over when their gun control racket gets shut down by that court.

  4. It would have been nice if the person who added the subtitles could have added reaction to how ironclad the entire written majority ruling is. If San Diego county appeals this decision to the U.S. Supreme Court, all the plaintiffs have to do is submit the majority ruling from the 9th Circuit. Nothing further would be necessary.

    The written majority ruling is kind of hard to read (especially when you are tired), but it really is worth reading. It is perhaps the best Second Amendment related ruling that I have ever read.

    • I know that you are a California resident and have to be at least 10 times more excited than I am. And don’t get me wrong, I am really excited about the 9th Circuit ruling. What did I say just a week or so ago … that the 9th Circuit was no longer legitimate because they were not even ruling on cases much less issuing moral and just rulings? Now this ruling comes out which wildly exceeded my expectations … so much so that, for the first time ever, I had the irresistible urge to pour myself a nice drink and then just enjoy the warm feeling of the ruling and the drink.

      As encouraging as the 9th Circuit ruling is, this is anything but settled. San Diego County and/or Ms. Harris can still appeal that decision.

      And even if California just accepts the 9th Circuit’s decision, that doesn’t help anyone in the other Circuits who are still boned at this time (e.g. Maryland, New Jersey, and New York).

      Plus, if this does go to the U.S. Supreme Court, no one knows for sure how they will rule. That said, the 9th Circuit’s written ruling is the most ironclad ruling I have ever read. If the Supremes overturn it, it will show in black-and-white that our Supreme Court is not legitimate.

    • CA is the poster child for liberalism./// I am glad for the state, I see all the fellow bicycle riders enjoying the great weather but helpless to the criminal element.

    • I don’t know. The ‘good cause’ or ‘justifiable need’ is still perfectly constitutional in some blue states, which keep finding that the 2A does NOT apply outside one’s home. I’m guessing most of the judges in these circuit courts are liberal, so it will probably stay that way.

    • Well, it hasn’t been tweeted about by Shannon Watts yet, so they don’t even know about it as of now. If the queen-bee tweets about it expect the waterfall.

  5. Amazingly, the New York Times’ “U.S.” section features a story on courts overturning a gay marriage ban in Virginia, but nothing about this case…

    • Maybe it will show up tomorrow. They probably have editors scouring the entire 70+ page ruling looking for any excuse to spin it into a negative light. New York is next, the antis know it, and they are pissed.

      It did make the headlne feed at the bottom of Bing…for what that’s worth. More people use the Bing search engine than read The Times.

  6. Perhaps as a theme sung quietly in the background:

    The Helpless Vassals Song

    Bloody shirt on high! Our ranks tightly closed!
    MDA and MAIG march with quiet, steady step.
    Children shot by gun-loving whackos
    March in spirit within our ranks.
    Everyone shot by gun-loving whackos
    Marches in spirit within our ranks.
    Clear the streets for the anti-gun battalions,
    Clear the media for our storm of derision!
    Millions are looking upon Obama full of hope,
    The days of healthcare and free iPhones dawns!
    Millions are looking upon Obama full of hope,
    The days of the Second Amendment are almost gone!
    For all the people, the call to disarm is sounded!
    For civilian disarmament we are prepared to fight!
    Already Bloomberg’s banners fly over all streets.
    The illusion of safety will be ours in a little while now!
    Soon Bloomberg’s banners will fly over all streets.
    All the guns only memories in a little while now.
    Bloody shirt on high! Our ranks tightly closed!
    MDA and MAIG march with quiet, steady step.
    Children shot by gun-loving whackos
    March in spirit within our ranks.
    Everyone shot by gun-loving whackos
    Marches in spirit within our ranks.

  7. I’m very excited about this ruling. Most cops in CA are pro-gun, believe it or not.
    Although we have a at least one guy who is rabidly anti-gun in out office. I hope to see jwm, Dr Vino, Longbeach, Kimber .45, AlphaGeek, and a host of others with CCW permits.

    Unfortunately, it’s still going to take time, but this ruling is still a problem for gun control fanatics.

    I almost wish Obama would just say “If you like your gun control, you can keep your gun control.”

  8. The gun control movement lost in Illinois, just lost California and in time will lose in New York. They have exactly one more round in the chamber and that round is to go after the 2nd amendment of the constitution. They’ll fire that round and it will miss … and then they’re out of bullets.

    Long live the Republic.

    • You’re overthinking it. While it is Hitler and his cronies, what makes this funny is the acting/reacting. It’d be funny even without the implication that the gun control folks are Nazis.

      My point is this: One of the first of these videos that I saw (and still one of the best ever) was Hitler flipping out because he’d been a backer of HD-DVD over BluRay, and obviously, his side lost. And just like here, he was losing his shit. Nobody in their right mind would suggest that particular video somehow Godwinned the BluRay vs HD-DVD argument. It was just funny.

  9. Obviously no one speaks German very well here, other than. Sub titles were all wrong too.! LMAA! Got a Drug Cartel version? Matt?

  10. Sooooooo… your telling me this isn’t actually a real meeting of the California state assembly? Cause it looks and sounds an awful lot like how I imagined it would. California Uber Alles!

  11. I read about this on Yahoo yesterday the 13th. It’s out there and the public does know about it if they have any interest.

    Being ignored by the national media is to be expected. They have to parse their response and wait to be issued talking points by their handlers.

  12. So, it turns out I missed out on yet another internet meme. Seems to happen more and more as I get older. Normally it wouldn’t bug me except for the ones I DON’T miss out on. Some things cannot be unseen….

  13. Nice 🙂 however, as a German speaker, it gives me a headache to hear words that don’t match the subtitles. Watching it on mute was much better. Otherwise a good meme.


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