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Today we have an off-duty carry from Indianapolis. Mr. Miller packs a very handsome Dan Wesson 9mm 1911-style pistol carried in a Gould & Goodrich Yaqui Slide rig.

I interpreted “off duty” as in off-duty cop but maybe not.  After all, Mr. Miller has neither a light nor a reload.  Those are tritium sights on the gun, so at least he’s got that much.  But no flashlight?  I use my EDC flashlight more than my wallet.  Then again, I’m married, with infant twins and 50-year-old eyes, hence I don’t have any money or 18-year-old vision.

Thinking a little deeper, I know at least one cop that I’ve never – and I mean never – seen packing a gun, handling a gun, or even any evidence of guns in his home.  And my wife claims he was on the local SWAT team at one time.  Obviously, not all cops embrace the gun culture.

Cop or not, kudos to this man for packing a heater at least.

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    • If I need a flashlight to shoot, then I have the wrong gun. When was the last time that sights were used in a shootout? Restrictions to caliber, yes that is a departmental prerogative. As to model not so much.

      • “If I need a flashlight to shoot, then I have the wrong gun.”
        Please explain? I am open to learn if you have something useful to share. As for the sights, i beleive most of us that have paraticed enough, can point shoot our carry gun in a DGU situation.

    • Burner, heater, gat, strap, four pound, tool, smokewagon, leadslinger, strap, piece, banger, llama, shooter, steel, iron, shootin’ iron or problem solver (and probably a bunch I’ve missed or never known).

      Doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you carry it.

      • ….and only confirms the stereotype of people who carry in the minds of gun-grabbers, Left or Right on the political spectrum.

        “gotz my gat strapped right feelin me bro..bust a cap in yo dome ricky tic.”

        It reflects poorly on the subject matter.

        • Eh. This is on part of this where I’m indifferent because I don’t much see that it matters.

          On the one hand you have a valid point in a number of circumstances. On the other use of such language can be spun against the narrative that we’re all a bunch of white, racist neonazis. Use of such language can also, used in moderation and with some caution, be used to swing certain parts of certain demographics over to our side.

          Having some Wayne LaPierre say certain things seems condescending. Letting Colion Noir say the exact same things works depending on the audience.

          Using the lingo that younger people tend to use, when done correctly, can be beneficial. Scolding everyone for using it generally probably isn’t useful because while Dan Zimmerman might look odd saying something other people, who we want on our side, might use that same phraseology as a matter of course in their daily life.

          Sometimes you need to speak the Kings, other times you need to speak Cockney. So long as you don’t confuse the two I don’t see it being a huge problem. Kings for the business meeting and Cockney for the cab ride is, IMHO, acceptable.

        • This guy is on a website that supports the 2nd amendment, and yet he wants to step on the 1st amendment right of others because he is offended by certain terms. Does anyone in this country care about the constitution in its entirety anymore or are we all to set on getting our feelings hurt?

    • Mainly 30s gangster movie lingo…..lighten up Francis.

      Cant call it Fo-Tay since it’s a 9.

      That may be what he wears when he’s going out to buy a forty though.

  1. “…he was on the local SWAT team at one time.” Until he discovered that SWAT teams have to practice (and, hopefully, should be proficient) with GUNZ! Ewww!

      • Extra ammo is always good (unless you are on fire or drowning…) Many of my officers would shoot the minimum rounds required for Qualification and leave the extra 1/2 box of issued qual ammo to whoever wanted it…our F.I’s and R.O’s made out like the bullet whores they were.

      • I remember many years ago I was getting ready to head for the range. Katherine couldn’t have been more than three or four at the time. I wasn’t in uniform so she knew something was different. She asked, “Daddy, where are you going?” Me, “To the range.” Her, “Why?” Me, “Because, I’m payed to shoot free ammunition. My life is perfect.” Her mother laughed so hard she almost wet her pants.

    • Don’t assume I don’t carry a reload just because it’s not in the pic.. that would be like assuming I’m not carrying at all because you can’t see my firearm.

      • That begs the question, “Why even take the pic?” Maybe should assume you also carry a small thermonuclear device. You know, just in case you need to wipe a square mile of a large city.

  2. I forgot to put my extra Wilson Combat extended mag in the picture.. I have greta vision and typically don’t need a flashlight when I’m off duty but there is one in my Challenger and on my Harley just in case..

  3. Everyone needs a flashlight. All the time. Wish I had a hundred dollar bill for every time I used one in the middle of the day while serving a search/arrest warrant. Closets, attics and basements can be really dark. How much do you think 9/11 survivors/victims would have paid for a Surefire that day?

    • Nope, I haven’t come across the need to carry a flash light OFF duty.. so not everyone. I don’t serve warrants off nor am I searching attics or crawl spaces on my days off.

      • Me either usually, but you never know. Flashlights are like firearms. If you need one anything else is a poor substitute. Of course, I guess you can muddle through with a Bic lighter.

        • But, come on really. You never, ever, had use for a flashlight off duty? Day or night? What? Are you a vampire? 😆 lol

      • You know, for those of us who find we seldom need a flashlight for our day-to-day, the one that’s on our smartphones fills the need (in a pinch) without adding one MORE thing to clutter up our pockets.
        Cut the guy some slack…

        • That’s why some of us have to ask. Some of these pocket dumps are just for show (e.g. fancy gun or knife), some never show a holster (or spare mag or light), some don’t show every single item because it may seem like too much stuff, and/or some are realistic. The realistic ones we can learn from (I.e. most folks dont care for a serrated edge on their folder, most spare mags are carried in a pocket, there’s a lot more folks carrying appendix thann a few years ago, Field Notes!).

  4. “After all, Mr. Miller has neither a light nor a reload…”

    For many well-adjusted officers, off-duty means off-duty. It means not playing superman and running towards gunfire in a dark alley. And it means not feeling the need to equip yourself like a ninja when you go to the mall.

    I’ve asked this before, but how many times has a conceal carrier out and about (not home defense) required a reload? Are there examples where someone lost a gunfight and was found with an empty piece? Or examples where a conceal carrier fired, reloaded, and fired again? Not talking about home defense here; talking about everyday carry.

    Now if I was in Brazil…

    • You couldnt carry enough bullets to defend yourself in SaoPaulo or Rio.

      Maybe in Campinas or Curitiba……..

      • Not against everything, but in the videos I see the off-duty guys and gals there do a pretty impressive job with a taurus and a prayer. Although they don’t seem to be as worried about grand juries.

        • No…the cops are mostly immune to that. And you will notice they shoot when they draw….none of this “looking for compliance”. They want them DOWN. Cause there may be more.

          Of course I think Rio is using the army as its police now.

  5. I use a light more than a knife most days.

    Nice stuff. Tidy.

    Oh… the proper color for the dew-rag is red or blue.

  6. Not everyone has to stuff their pockets and carry the same stuff that you do. Not everyone has to carry spare magazines and flashlights like you do. I know plenty of cops that’s don’t carry off duty. Just because someone doesnt do exactly what you do while behind a keyboard doesn’t mean you have to doubt his profession.

  7. I have yet to see an EDC holster with a thumb strap. I am amazed at the lack of firearm retention devices used for EDC. Anyone who has ever been in a tussle with a subject as I have would see the need for a thumb break holster. I had an individual tugging like mad attempting to get my weapon as I wrestled with his pal, the thumbbreak did not give up and I was able to dissuade the individual from further attempts to gain control of my weapon.

    A thumb break holster is also very nice if one ride to bike and has wreck, keeps your weapon from flying away into the bushes.

    Do all these folks think they’ll be required to fast draw their EDC?

    And all you Carmex fans should try tiger balm, much more effective.

    • you tiger balm your lips? oh, you mean the white tiger balm ultra.
      gravel gertie was so tough she soaked her charmin in drano.

  8. I come to these comments for all the armchair quarterbacking and I am never let down.

    Confidence is subjective.

    Yall have a nice weekend.

  9. When it comes to cops, they are some of the most useless people in the country. They are always “off duty”.


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