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This week, a resolution was introduced in the Hawaii state Senate calling on the U.S. Congress to change or repeal the Second Amendment. This resolution shows a gross disregard for individual liberties that the United States was founded upon.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 42, introduced by Senators Stanley Chang (D-9) and Karl Rhoads (D-13), would urge the U.S. Congress to adopt an amendment to eliminate the individual rights of citizens.

On top of the introduction of this egregious resolution, four anti-gun bills passed their chambers of origin.  

Senate Bill 600, introduced by Senator Clarence Nishihara (D-17), would raise the minimum age to transport a firearm into the state to 21.  By raising the age for firearm importation, persons who have lawfully acquired firearms outside of Hawaii, who are traveling to the state for purposes of hunting, target competition, or even relocating would be discriminated against based on their age and denied their constitutional rights.  SB 600 was passed by the state Senate on March 5th and was transmitted to the state House where it awaits committee assignments.   

Senate Bill 621, introduced by Sen. Nishihara, would set a one-size-fits-all requirement for gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms within 24 hours, further victimizing gun owners who have suffered a loss or theft of their property.  SB 621 was passed by the state Senate on March 5th and was transmitted to the state House where it awaits committee assignments

Senate Bill 1466, introduced by Senator Karl Rhoads (D-29), would create Gun Violence Protective Orders (GVPO). A GVPO would be issued not because a person has been convicted of a crime or adjudicated mentally ill, but instead on third party allegations.  This legislation lacks strong due process protections, contains low evidentiary standards, and falls well below the norm for removing fundamental, constitutional rights.  SB 600 was passed by the state Senate on March 5th and was transmitted to the state House where it awaits committee assignments

House Bill 720, introduced by Representative Chris Lee (D-51), would set a one-size-fits-all requirement for gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms within 24 hours, further victimizing gun owners who have suffered a loss or theft of their property.  HB 720 was passed by the state House on February 28th and has been referred to both the Committee on Public Safety, Veterans and Military Affairs and the Committee on Judiciary.


This article originally appeared at nraila.org and is reprinted here with permission. 

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  1. One swing for the fences and four bunts.

    No risk in that when you have all the designated runners you could want and there are no strikeouts or outs in general.

  2. I’ll play devil’s advocate here. I disagree with pretty much all types of gun legislation. But how is requiring people to report a stolen firearm within 24 hours a bad thing? Assuming, of course, if the theft happens when you’re out of town or something and you report it as soon as you find out about it?

    We often talk about how most criminals acquire their guns through theft and other illicit means. Shouldn’t we want to report those thefts, so that if found with the firearm the criminal faces extra penalties for possessing a stolen firearm?

    I’m staunchly pro-second amendment, but I just don’t see how requiring the reporting of stolen guns infringes on your rights, as long as you as the owner suffer no penalties for someone else’s unlawful behavior. Maybe I’m missing something?

    • You inventory your guns every day? Because if you moss a day and someone steal our gun to do a crime you’ll be arrested .
      Besides, name something else you are required by law to report stolen.

      • anybody that does not report a stolen gun is crazy because they know that gun is already is in a criminals hand and the law needs to know about it thankfully I have never had but one stolen and they did not get much when they got it because it was a cheap price of junk but I reported it and who I thought had got It but they did not find it but the report was made

      • If you’re missing guns and don’t realize it I think you deserve the ‘irresponsible gun owner’ tag.

        • You don’t own enough guns yet.

          I’ve had times where I’m cleaning out a safe, pull out a box and go “oh, I forgot I own this!”

          The point though is do we want the government adding more and more legislation? If it’s common sense, people will do it anyway or they will have to face the repercussion. Limited government is always the better option. (Straw man arguments aside). If a gun gets stolen and you don’t report it and it is used in a crime you will now have to prove that it wasn’t in your posession when it got stolen. So it’s in your best interest to report it. Why add another law on the books?

    • “I’m staunchly pro-second amendment, but I just don’t see how requiring the reporting of stolen guns infringes on your rights, as long as you as the owner suffer no penalties for someone else’s unlawful behavior. Maybe I’m missing something?”

      Yes, you are missing something.

      It’s none of government’s damn business what guns you own or do not own.

      Why? Because ‘We, the people’ reserve the right to use those guns to change the government to one more of our liking. And when the government doesn’t know who owns what guns, it makes that job a lot easier on ‘the people’.

      It’s designed to keep the government honest when dealing with the ‘people’…

    • Are you *required* to report your TV stolen? No? Then why a gun? You can kill someone with a TV after all.

      • These laws actually discourage people from reporting lost or stolen firearms as there are often severe penalties for not reporting in a timely manner as the law states. So if someone discovers a firearm is missing and a few weeks or months go by then they are in risk of criminal charges.

      • Are you dense? Do you carry a TV around you to fend off muggers? Don’t be purposefully dumb.

        • Ok – more realistic…

          Car – not required
          Knife – not required
          Led Pipe – not required
          Candle Stick – not required
          Rope – not required
          Pipe Wrench – not required

          And don’t tell me they can’t kill you, or that you wouldn’t find someone who carries one of the above around every day – Col Mustard did!

          But seriously – all of the above are lethal, and you are required to report none of them

    • This is where exact language, which the Left hates, comes into play.

      If the law says “within 24 hours of discovering/becoming aware of the theft” that’s one thing. If it says “within 24 hours of the theft” that’s another.

      It’s not only an important distinction for those out of town who return home to discovery a burglary though. It’s important because the latter gives the Left enormous wiggle room to not prosecute those they like while going after people like you and me.

      Consider that the latter statement will almost certainly be used in the following way:

      If someone is a pleb and a burglary can be shown to have happened at 2pm Tuesday that person will likely be prosecuted for reporting it any time after 14:00:01 the following day. BUT if they’re politically connected or “have the right politics” suddenly the time of the burglary will become fuzzy. The burglary will then be said to have happened between 13:00 and 15:00 with the report following at some point always <23:59:59 hours following the latest "possible time".

      When we add in the caveat that the person must reasonably know a gun is missing and that starts the 24 hour clock it's much harder to ensnare people with this law for purely political reasons.

      • SB621_SD1 reads “Every person or desiqnee shall report the loss, theft, or
        destruction of a firearm that the person owns or possesses to
        the county police department of the county within which the
        loss, theft, or destruction occurred, within twenty-four hours
        9 upon the DISCOVERY or such loss, theft, or destruction.” (Caps mine.)

        The similar bill HB720 HD1 also reads “Every person shall report the loss, theft, or destruction of a firearm that the person owns or possesses within twenty-four hours upon the DISOVERY of such loss, theft, or destruction”

    • This is yet another way to potentially criminalize law abiding gun owners. Let me guess, they’re going to send the CSI team over pronto and track down your stolen gun? Do you think that’s the purpose of this additional rule?

      • There are barely any law abiding gun ownership in Hawai’i anyway. According to anonymous polling, Hawai’i has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the country. According to official gun registration records, among the lowest. This state is actually very libertarian when it comes to what the people do and believe. There are as many nanny-state laws on the books as California, but when it comes to enforcement it is night and day.

    • Rather than replying to every reply I going to reply to the original comment. If one of my guns is stolen I’m reporting it regardless. Asking why is a damn silly question. But for those that might ask it’s called CYA (Cover Your Ass). If a gun is stolen wouldn’t that be a criminal act, theft? Then we can agree that a criminal took the gun, right? What do criminals like to do with guns? Commit more serious crimes, right? OK I don’t want a gun that wasn’t reported stolen from me used in a crime and the first door that gets knocked on is mine because it was registered to me. How is that going to look when that knock on the door does come and you say oh yeah that gun was stolen but I didn’t report it at the time. You’re going to look really damn suspicious and are asking for more trouble than you want.

      • Following your advice in Hawaii will end up with a lot of innocent people going to jail, the actual gun owners first. Read the law. This is how it works:

        Gun owner: My rifle was stolen.
        Police: When?
        Gun owner: I’m not sure, I was on business in the mainland for the last week, so sometime while I was gone.
        Police: You have the right to remain silent…

        • If you don’t know when it was stolen or even that it was stolen at all until the very moment you find out how can you report it? The common sense answer is you can’t. What’s going to happen when the gun in question is used in a crime and the police find out it originally belonged to you? What going to happen when you say the exact same thing I said I didn’t want to say that the gun was stolen but you didn’t report it? I can promise you those scenarios are going to be a lot worse. I don’t live in Hawaii and where I do live is a still a VERY free state. I’m going to do exactly what I said and cover my ass before the suspicion ever gets started. As far as people that live in these states that are passing these unconstitutional laws, I have two suggestions 1 move to another state that isn’t liberal 2 stand up for your rights and fight back with force if necessary. I’m personally sick and tired of gun owners in these states bitching and sitting back and letting it happen. If they are not going to do anything about it then in my opinion they deserve what they get. I am dead serious when I say the government isn’t taking anything from me without cause and due process and I pity whoever they send to try.

      • IraqVet2003,

        Or, we could eliminate firearm registration and not have to worry about such events!

        • We could and by all accounts we should but until we as gun owners start getting more forceful than the other side it’ll never happen.

    • A question. . .

      What other personal possessions that could cause harm to others if they are stolen should bear a requirement to report their theft to ‘authorities’ within 24 hours?

      Would this include cars, boats, trucks, airplanes, chainsaws, electric drills, outboard motors, 5-gallon buckets, ladders, pointy sticks, large rocks, dogs, lengths of rope, cans of gasoline, boxes of matches, bits of rag?

      Singling out firearms specifically, what earthly good does mandatory reporting of theft within a certain time-frame DO?! Does it somehow prevent the stolen firearm from being used in a crime? If so, how? Will it assist in the recovery of the stolen property somehow, when it is WELL known that stolen firearms quite often turn up literally DECADES after their theft? What Magic IS this?

      Please explain.

      Is this the scenario? “Hi, Police, my gun was stolen. It’s a Webley-Vickers .50-80, serial number 1. It’s blue.” “Why, THANK you, Mr. Citizen! We’ll make a note of that.” “A note? I thought you were going to drop everything else that you were doing, and get started on finding my stolen W-V .50-80!” “Oh, NO, Sir! We’re just gonna make a report, file it, and enter it into the computer so that we know when, or really if, we find it, it belonged to you, and you negligently let it get stolen, so whatever gets done with it is most likely all your fault. Thanks for calling!”


      I’m confused.

      • Let’s try not to mince words here and use a little bit of common sense. Would you seriously not report your vehicle stolen, or anything that can be traced back to you? Hell I lose a damn license plate and I’m reporting it and getting replacements. Why? Because criminals can use these things to commit more crimes and as I said in my previous reply I don’t want to have to explain the loss after the item has been used in a crime. Stolen vehicle not reported stolen involved in a drunken hit and run fatality. Who’s responsible the criminal that stole the vehicle solely or does the owner share some responsibility because of the failure to report the theft? I’m no lawyer but I prefer to play the odds on the safe side and cover my ass. Remove all suspicion before it ever starts.

        • That does not answer the question: Why should there be a penalty and SPECIFIC, STATUTORY TIME FRAME for reporting the theft of a firearm, and not for the reporting of the theft of, say, a license plate? A car? A coffee pot? A wet swimsuit? What is the PURPOSE for such a mandatory time frame, and the purpose for fine and/or incarceration for those who do not meet this arbitrary time limit?

          If one is going to support a law, one has to be able to specify WHY said law is necessary, and why it is to be enforced. If it is a ‘feel-good’ law that separates one lawful product or commodity from another lawful product or commodity without justification or need, said law should not be on the books, nor should it be enforced.

          Realistically, the arbitrary ’24 hours’ serves no purpose; It will not make a community safer, it will not speed the return of stolen property, it will not stimulate an aggressive police investigation, it will not prevent the misuse of the now-stolen item. So, what is the purpose of it?

          The answer, of course, is ‘None.–because, GUNZ!’

          Surely, it is in one’s best interest to report a stolen firearm–or anything else, for that matter–in a timely manner. That does not mean that Government has the right to compel behavior that is one’s best interest under threat of punishment. You should also brush your teeth twice daily, and floss at least once; It’s in your own best interest. . .

          Wear your chains lightly, my friend.

      • I’m not reporting it to prevent whatever crime may be committed with the stolen item. I’m reporting the item stolen so there is a record of the theft and any crime that is committed with the stolen item later no longer comes back to me. I have done my due diligence to first try to prevent the theft in the first place and then reporting the theft as soon as I am aware of it. Having done those two things eliminates my responsibility and involvement in any crime later committed. Again, it’s all about covering my ass, nothing more, nothing less. Also I don’t know about where you live but where I live the government tells me I’m responsible for reporting a lost or stolen license plate as soon as I notice it missing. The difference is what exactly? I find it absolutely asinine that someone has to be told to report something missing that can be used in a crime that can be traced back to them. Nope I don’t want that kind of legal attention. I want to report it, recover, and close the books so to speak. There is also the possibility of valuables being insured at replacement value. The insurance company is going to want to know how the loss occurred and if it was due to theft they are going to want a police report before they pay out the policy. Also to be clear I’m not reporting what wasn’t stolen I’m only reporting what was stolen. Once the items that were stolen are replaced whether it be the exact same make and model of the stolen item or something completely different, I’m not reporting that either. I try to wear my chains of tyranny as lightly as possible but I also don’t want to invite anymore weight to them either if you know what I mean.

    • It would seem the 24 hour reporting time seems to be a hang up for most which is really unfounded for me. How can you report something stolen if you don’t know it’s missing regardless of what it is? If you come home from being gone a day or so and the shotgun that was hanging on the wall is missing with other visible signs of forced entry and theft, do you honestly think that the time the theft occurred to the time you became aware of the theft actually counts in the 24 hrs? If so I ask again how can you report something missing if you don’t know it’s missing? The other thing to consider is to prevent the theft in the first place. Harden your property to make it a less likely target for criminal activity. Things like good locks with proper reenforcement, alarm systems, cameras with network access to notify you of any unwanted activity, a good dog, advertisement that the property is protected by such items are all good preventing measures. Keeping valuables behind multiple locks is another good prevention measure. Criminals like quick and easy targets that are least likely to get them caught, make it hard for them.

    • You are now a felon because your storage unit was burglarized while you were deployed overseas.

      • Or in the hospital for a month after a car accident….I’m guessing if you can prove you had no way of knowing you’d be ok, which is still bullshit of course. Guilty till proven innocent type of deal

        • Not that i’m a fan of this law, but the actual wording of the law states from the discovery of the lost.

    • The whole point of the law is to bust straw purchasers who claim the gun was stolen AFTER it is tracked back to them.

      I will say it again and again, straw dealers and purchasers are almost impossible to bust. Look up MKS Supply President Charles Brown, but he stopped selling to Dick’s so he is all good.

    • As someone who has guns squirreled away in cabinets around the house as well as in range bags, I’d be hard pressed to notice one or more missing.

      Before you launch into an “irresponsible owner”, I’m an empty nester who has no reason to keep everything locked away, out of reach, and out of sight.

      • I don’t buy in to the irresponsible owner bit very much. I’m married with a 10 year old daughter who has been around guns since she was born. The important part is to not hide something to arouse curiosity. Instead exposer and teaching is the order of the day. I have taught my daughter from a very young age that guns are nothing to play with and she can see any one of my guns by just asking. She has asked a few times and I let her. She has no curiousity about guns now and since I don’t treat guns like a big secret around her she doesn’t have to sneak behind my back and possibly get hurt or worse because of it.. And no I don’t have all of my guns under lock and key at all times and 1-2 are always loaded and available. Either for home protection or for me to wear leaving the house. Empty nester or not you wouldn’t get irresponsible anything from me just by not having your guns under lock and key at all times.

    • This law is about tracking guns they know you bought. You can’t claim it was stolen because thats a crime. This has nothing to do with theft reporting its about defacto registration and eventual confiscation

    • “..But how is requiring people to report a stolen firearm within 24 hours a bad thing?”

      The reporting is not the problem. The REQUIREMENT to report is the problem. The gun owner is already the victim of theft but now they are going to be the victim *again* because they didn’t report within some arbitrary time frame?

      It is, in the very simplest of terms, victim blaming.

    • So when you report your stolen firearm within the specified time period, does that mean the Police issue an APB for its return thus preventing some crime. What purpose can be served by reporting it stolen other than to identify someone as one of those gun nuts. I have had plenty of things stolen and nothing has ever been returned.

  3. It’s an island like Britain so they have a captured state. And their rep wants to be president too.

    • Why sure! The last president was one of their own, and I presume he still has high visibility there. Who was also anti-gun. And anti-Constitution. Maybe Hawaii wants to return to their pre-US king/queen-dom status. Let them. Do we really need Hawaii for anything anymore? Not when we have military bases all over the Pacific, and our missiles can go nearly any required distance. If they don’t want our Bill of Rights, they don’t want to be American anymore.

      • If they don’t want the Bill of Rights, we should use their private homes to house the entirety of the local USMC population. Funny how everybody always forgets the 3rd. I’m sure the guys down at PTA would LOVE to chill at some of these scumbags’ beachfront mansions.

        • No but I’m aware of it.

          I’m merely trying to make the numbers as great as possible so that when the 3A goes this becomes as uncomfortable as possible for the grabbers who support this bullshit.

          In that regard, why not all personnel, current and former, who happen to be in Hawaii, regardless of their branch?

  4. That should be considered treason, Those politicians took the oath. I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

    • It ain’t treason when the constitution allows for a legal method to add or take away amendments.

    • Amending the Constitution isn’t treasonous, it just may be a really bad idea. With respect to amending the Constitution to eliminate the Second Amendment, specifically, I see no way that such a move doesn’t end in violence.

      • This^, repealing the 2nd is not gonna magically remove Firearms from society they would still have to confiscate and yes there would be violence, a lot of it.

  5. Here’s the gist of their little proposal :

    “BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the Thirtieth Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Regular Session of 2019, the House of Representatives concurring, that the United States Congress is urged to propose and adopt a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution pursuant to article V of the United States Constitution to clarify the constitutional right to bear arms; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the United States Congress is requested to consider and discuss whether the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution should be repealed or amended to clarify that the right to bear arms is a collective, rather than individual, constitutional right; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that certified copies of this Concurrent Resolution be transmitted to the President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Members of the Hawaii congressional delegation, and the Governor. ”


        • More terrible than 13 or however many iterations the flag has gone through since its official inception?

          27th iteration is the current flag.

        • When California or another state splits, they can get Hawaii’s star. Easy-peasy.

          Hawaii, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

    • We would rather be sovereign, thanks. Considering Hawai’i never consented to the U.S. illegally overthrowing their government and annexing our land as a territory to begin with. So much for the Constitution. The military has taken over a larger portion of the land than any other state, which NO ONE when lives here wants. So no, you don’t get to control all of our land and run all kinds of military crap (that no one wants) here, then deny our rights to vote. Package deal.

  6. This little waste of time means there are no other issues in Hawaii for the legislature to take up. Maybe they can take the rest of the year off and smoke pot ans surf.

    • They don’t care about the mainland. Dat’s becoz dey got deir pineapples in deir poke, brah…

      • Sadly that reference is pretty accurate, but I assure you some of us do care. My island was actually known for sugar cane, and I do like poke’. That Hawaiian pizza thing is bullshit thou, most locals think pineapple on a pizza sucks.

      • Not much good out of Hawaii these days. Extreme liberal politics which they want to inflict on the other 49 states (in 1959 there was a 49 star flag; 7 x 7 looked just fine), very high cost of living with unreliable food shipments, and a blame-whitey culture which means da bruddahs can beat up just about any haole they find without consequence.

  7. Free states need to withdraw from the union like Texas has threatened to several times. The federal government of course won’t like this and counter with force. That would be fine if every citizen in those states takes the fight to them. My opinion is many that claim they would fight for their rights in that crucial moment would fold. Now before anyone wants to get all brodey with a reply consider what that means. Live=enslaved to a government that will violate your rights when ever they see fit, possibly imprisoned wrongfully just because you say or do something they don’t like. Or quite possibly eat a bullet and die at the hands of that same government fighting to keep your rights. Granted no one wants to die but most are so afraid of death that I believe they would rather live enslaved. True patriotism today is dead in my opinion. Many people that serve this country don’t even do it for the right reasons. Most are doing it for the benefits that come with it rather than for the pride and honor of having done it.

    • yall remember when the southern states tried to legally leave the union they went to war with them.

      • The civil war was about slavery though or at least that’s the opinion I agree with. While in essence what I’m talking about is fight to prevent slavery, not to an individual but the government. The people of those times vs the people of today are of a different metal. Through technology we have things way easier today and as a byproduct has made us softer over the years. People today want to go on about how real the struggle is. While most would die in short order if they lived back in the days of the Civil War. Self awareness is a valuable commodity and I know I’m not as hard as I would like to be but I know living in fear and enslaved to a government is no way to live.

      • The North won the Civil War, the South won the Reconstruction.

        Best to split the Nation up in a county by county vote Peacefully and folks who don’t like the way their county votes can move or trade to a county they like.

        Hawaii should be auctioned off to Japan or China, it doesn’t belong in the USA.

    • You don’t win a war by retreating. Free states should instead revoke the statehood of these out of control communist enclaves.

      • The union being controlled by the federal government which would be the ones to violate said rights is indicative of separation. Free states separating from the union would not be retreating it would be holding ground that doesn’t conform to what the other side wants or demands. The United States works as well as it does because of the union and freedom of movement and commerce. If the free states withdraw from the union that would remove those highly valuable luxuries. Think about agriculture and livestock that would have to be purchased by the states that remain in the union. California, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and so on would have a pretty rough go. The federal government would as well because leaving the union removes federal tax. The individual states that withdraw from the union could then work together on there own. Nope not being apart of the union isn’t retreating it is fighting fire with fire.

        • Their*
          I missed the window to edit.
          Damn phone thinks it is smarter than I am, it isn’t.

  8. But but but…..they don’t want to take away your guns……they support the 2nd Amendment, but…….

    Statists gotta be who they are. One thing Trump has done is make them all take off their masks. They are under the assumption that the country hates Trump as much as they do. They Believe their own lies that they hear in the little brains, and in the media. FUDD’s have to open their eyes and realize they do want your duck guns. They want your 22’s and your lever guns. They don’t want you hunting, and if they get the guns, then they take the bows, the knives, and we are overrun with deer and varmints both 4 legged and furry and 2 legged.

    They seem not to realize that all the states so far that have banned this or that have yet to get people to comply. There are not enough of “THEM” to take us on. The 500+ million guns out there and the millions of gun owners make us larger than any standing army. 20.5 million total worldwide in the military. More than that in gun owners in the US.

    Molon Labe. Come and get them. And little do they realize, if only a small percentage of gun owners put up a fight, that is all it takes for a revolution. Hit and run tactics, the Military will not take orders to shoot US citizens.

    Keep pushing you commies. There is not enough control and we Americans are pretty independent minded. Not what you see from the media, and the soyboys and antifa basement dwellers. They will eat their own when to help stop any messages they have to shut down Twitter feeds and facebook, the social media zombies will not be happy with their socialist sheepherders. Those little freak sheep will turn into woolly little predators.

  9. My Uncle Leland was at Schofield Barracks when it mattered. Let’s give Hawaii back their independence. Really, think about it. What do they contribute to this nation? Not much. They are a vacation destination and a carbuncle on the ass of of this country. Kind of like South Florida. Fuck them both. Kind of like the West Coast from Seattle to San Diego. The East Coast from Boston to Washington D.C.. Denver and a couple of other municipalities I can think of. A lot to be said for the Balkanization of the United States.

    • Why give them independence when we can revoke their statehood and send them back to being territories with no congressional representation or electoral college votes?

    • Balkinazition? The US had just that in 1491. Then a group of disease ridden, semi starved and vastly outnumbered strangers landed. Balkinization would work about as well now as it did then.

      • jwm, just think about it. Everyone living in their own area according to how they believe and want to live. As for as Balkanization in 1491, I think it was 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue. And yes, we kind of fucked it up for them, but except for border skirmishes, Balkanization seemed to work pretty well for them.

        • Gads, and when the Chinese want to gobble up the disunited states? Like the europeans did the disunited tribes?

          We are too valuable a prize that has made too many enemies to weaken ourselves.

  10. As I stated previously, Hawaii if you want to control crime repeal 4 thru 8 too. You may actually control more crime by keeping 2 and repealing 4 thru 8. If you just want to control people’s lives, well, here’s hoping you have a crime wave of B&Es with no violence. I’d LMAO.

  11. these people especially the democrats are going to start something they don,t want and that will be a restart of Government for the people and buy the people not dam full time and lifetime politicians but term limits and age or brain checks on supreme court and a hell of a pay cut and no benefits that’s what going to have to happen

  12. Let’s auction off Hawaii to the Chinese and/or Japanese. It would do wonders for our balance of trade situation. -30-

  13. Let the Japanese have them. They would probably like it better under Japanese rule. No guns. Everyone does what they are told. Banzai.

  14. Maybe AOC was right. We ought to discontinue airline traffic to Hawaii. Perhaps cut the undersea cables also.

    • Yes, they can definitely manage on their own until the high speed rail to Hawaii gets built. 🙂

  15. This is how Civil Wars get started. Unfortunately that is exactly where we are headed.

    • I’m not so sure that it’s unfortunate. A country can only be deeply polarized for so long before it gets really ugly. Is later, rather than sooner, better? I don’t think it is. Sooner just might end in less bloodshed and less financial loss. If the economy tanks before, I am guessing that it will be much worse of a conflict.

  16. “Hawaii Senate Urges Repeal of the Second Amendment, Introduces Red Flag Bill”

    Cut HI loose, let ’em make it on their own…

  17. “Educated” voters need to decide what’s more important. Their 2A civil rights. Or do they want “free stuff” from the government. You can’t have both. Hawaii and the entire west coast need to decide what’s more important.

    I lived in Hawaii back in the 1980s. They have a very large welfare population. Just like California. I understand you can get “free” pot there. Same in Colorado. Many people do seem to be happy with “Free pot”, and no gun civil rights.

    • I don’t know where you heard that you can get “free pot” in Colorado but it’s not true.

      Unless you go rob a dealer or a dispensary maybe. Do it with a either and you’ll probably end up with a GSW for your trouble and then have to pay for the pot to ease the pain of your recovery… if you get that lucky.

      • The welfare medical system in the state of California has been handing out “free” medical Marijuana for quite some time now. I had heard of the Colorado had started doing the same thing.
        Unfortunately both states are run by the same kind of people.

        • Colorado doesn’t have a provision for free pot or even discounted pot in those terms because the medical assistance Colorado provides in terms of “real” assistance is partially funded by federal money and pot is still illegal at the federal level.

          What does happen in Colorado is this:

          Medical Marijuana Card holders, those who have proven condition that “requires” medicinal use of pot products, get cheaper access to pot for two major reasons:

          1) Medical Card holders can grow pot in larger quantities/access a cooperative/legally possess more at one time giving them discounts for buying in bulk with limited worries about possessing too much to be legal. Generally MMC holders can have twice as much of whatever it is as compared to a recreational user.

          2) While both medical and recreational marijuana have a 2.9% marijuana tax on them, medical pot doesn’t have a sales tax which is 15% on recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana is also exempt from the Retail Marijuana Excise Tax which is also 15%.

  18. After my last visit 19 years ago I decided that was it for me and the Aloha State, the traffic and the vagrants were a big turn off. This just gives me another reason to stay away.

  19. I think we should just give Hawaii back to the Japanese, or whom ever it used to belong too, I’ve been there, not impressed, thier politicians don’t want the wall, so I say, put all the illegals on a slow boat & send them there… They probably wouldn’t like that too much,, If not for the mainland they would have nothing but pineapples,,the native population don’t care for us howleys anyway. Like I said, I’ve been there…

    • Whomever it used to belong to…this may shock you after growing up on whitewashed US history books, but Hawai’i was a soveriegn nation with a sovereign government until the U.S. decided to steal it. The Constitution wasn’t worth the paper it’s written on in 1898 either.

  20. I’m not surprised by my former home state has gone. The politicians there have lost all sense of decency in doing anything to correct years of misguided ideals. When you got high taxes and high cost of living, they want to turn the screws onto the middle class some more.

    • I have relatives I visit and I have to agree. Most tourists have not seen how bad homelessness really is. A lot of low-middle class are barely scrapping by. The politicians are definitely a major factor in all this.

  21. Can we give Hawaii back to the Hawaiians? It will still be just as good for surf and beach vacations.

    • To be honest there aren’t many pure hawaiians left, a handful….maybe. They’ve been bred out, The majority are Asian. I’d say 90% of (locals) have some kind of Asian ancestry, transplants are a totally different thing of course.

  22. “Hawai’i Senate urges repeal of the Second Amendment”.

    From the original, linked article, it appears that the full state Senate has not even voted on this, much less passed the resolution.

    Classic clickbait headline.

  23. I recommend the several states eject Hawaii from the union of several states,so how do you like them apples Commietards of Hawaii.

  24. Given that the Democratic Party transformed itself into the American Nazi Party today it makes a lot of sense that the overwhelmingly Democratic State would want to see us disarmed.

  25. Once again the NRA tries to pretend it never supported red flag laws even though the video remains on their official youtube page.

    • I imagine loss of the 2A would cut into their bottom line and may actually get a little of their attention. Even if it is something they treat like a prop to line their pockets.

  26. Maybe we could sell Hawaii to the Japanese. Seems like similar ideals on individual rights.

    The land of Nippon would show them quickly how to whip folks into shape.

    Rights…smights. hai!

  27. It is a federal crime for 2 or more to conspire to deprive people of their rights under both federal law and constitutional law. Does the actions of these senators constitute the crime of conspiracy against rights? If so it would be funny to see them arrested for the crime.

  28. I fully support their right to argue for a Constitutional Amendment; that is, of course, an important aspect of the Constitution itself. However, I can’t help but notice that they continue to infringe upon the very right that they are arguing against. Somehow I can’t help but think they are not acting in good faith.

  29. I’m all for selling Hawaii to Japan/China, or trading it to canada so we can connect WA-AK. Hawaii dosen’t contribute anything to the country accept a dream, work extra hours to afford to see it. Oh, and a gas station. It really is a beautiful gas station, and it could sink into the ocean and really wouldn’t disrupt the flow of life In the country at all…….Yep, all fine and dandy to me…..but could we just wait till I leave the damn place before using it for target practice please, I want the first shot at it anyway.

  30. If you own 30 guns and the government comes and takes 15, how many do you have left? That’s right – 52. It’s none of the government’s business how many guns an American has. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT.

  31. When did “nobody wants to…” come to mean “we definitely plan to…”?

  32. The red flag bill would make it easier for a stalker to disarm their intended victim. Red flag laws could potentially enable someone to target current or former law enforcement and current or former governors and current or former legislators as well as politically connected people. It just occurred to me that racists could use the red flag law to disarm intended victims.

  33. Yawn… Ho Hum… no surprises here. As mentioned several times before in these forums Hawaii is not and never was a “state” of the union. It has always been considered by the U.S. as a strategic military base in the middle of the pacific ocean. That said, international corporations are the main influence over state and local government – not the military. The military has it’s four main areas of commitment. They do whatever they want. Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and several other Asian countries dictate the laws behind closed doors. It is surprising that guns have not been banned altogether in this “state”. Most locals consider that a foregone conclusion. Perhaps in 5 years.

    • Most locals neither support the actions of the military nor the actions of multinational corporations. Look a little deeper. There is a reason why Hawai’i has the highest gun ownership rate and the lowest gun registration rate. Also a reason why we have the lowest voter turnout in the nation. Laws are not enforced, and if they were…well it wouldn’t be pretty. We aren’t as different as you think we are. Come visit an outer island, you will find hunters, freethinkers, some of the most off-grid self sufficient people in the world, people selling things on the side of the road, nary a license on sight. It sucks that

  34. I made a lot of local friends when I was working in Pearl Harbor some years ago, and they like their guns. There’s a great public range at Koko Head that’s maintained by the city.
    But why are locals so content to let socialist politicians with roots on the mainland and Japan, and not Hawaii, run their lives? I never figured that out.

  35. The candidates running are usually local, on my island anyway. Of course they don’t call the shots either, their just puppets. I know this, the candidate that offers cheap food during his/her campaign (like $2 chilli plates) usually wins. People here love eating, and having a Muppet bouncing around on stag making them laugh seals the deal. How else would Bill Kenoi have gotten elected, that and all the deals he made with the Unions of course.

  36. RE: “Hawaii Senate Urges Repeal of the Second Amendment, Introduces Red Flag Bill”

    In the first place the Federal Government has only limited and delegated powers provided by the Citizens of the U.S.A. to take any action! And, most importantly the Federal Government has NO Power or Right over the Bill of Rights “OF INDIVIDUAL U.S.A. CITIZENS!” Why we citizens stand by while a corrupt radical anti-freedom Federal Government co-ops we citizens’ RIGHTS and Powers enumerated and vested in our Bill of Rights, the first ten Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, for which many clearly and openly state “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”; meaning shall not be infringed by Government!!!

    We citizens who cherish our freedom, independence and individualism MUST JUST SAY NOT to Government’s long lasting attempt to transform our republican form of government into an Oligarch of Communist-Socialist-Progressive Marxist worshiping revolutionaries who just failed to overthrow our Federal Government. Each and everyone involved in this Lifelong Communist, Barack Hussein Obama’s “Deep State” coup d’état attempt that blew up in Obama, Clinton and their anti-American traitors…

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