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SB 229 passed in the conference committee, the Senate 38-10, and the House 75-24, and now goes to Governor Mike Pence for his signature. Yesterday was the last day the legislation could be passed, so it went right down to the wire. The substance of the bill is fairly straightforward and consists of three reforms. The first removes traps in existing law for legal gun owners, things like “roaming gun free school zones” that were created whenever school children went for an official function . . .

Second, people who legally have guns with them in their vehicle may pick their children up at school without breaking the law. They aren’t allowed to take their defensive firearms with them into the school, but if the bill becomes law they’ll be able to drive through or leave their gun in the car without committing a felony. The law would fix that by defining “schools” as the school buildings, excluding the parking lots.

The last reform concerns gun turn-in programs, commonly called “buy-backs” even though the people buying the guns never owned them in the first place. The law would prohibit public money from being used for the turn-ins. Also, if firearms come into the custody of a public entity, the entity must sell the guns (or parts), not destroy them wasting valuable assets. This reform has been vigorously opposed in the old media.

Update: the bill was amended to add the option of destroying firearms as a method of disposal of firearms that are confiscated.

Governor Pence hasn’t yet indicated where he stands on the bill. Stay tuned.

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      • I heard they’re organizing a rally but they’ll have to wait a couple days to pull their kids out of school if they hope to break half-a-dozen in attendance.

    • Weren’t they lobbying in IN on this one?

      I listened to Shannon’s testimony. It was a bit like sitting through a high school public speaking course and probably a big reason why the bill passed…

  1. Pence will sign it, despite all the negative sensational local news coverage

    And the NRA coming to Indy in April, Shannon must really be happy

    • I was plannng on going to the convention. What sucks is I asked if me and few buddies could crash at her place since 4 of “her” 5 children are grown and gone. . . . hell, I am damn good cook, too, and would not mind one bit rustlin’ up a hot meal and doing the dishes. I am kinda irked she won’t call me back.

      • Dirk, Shannon’s probably afraid of what you and your buddies true intentions are and that y’all might be “deceitful” about packin’…heat, and want pictures.

        • “Is that an illegal, immoral child killing, society destroying assault pistol in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?”

          Doesn’t have the same zing as the original

  2. Actually one mistake in the article. The new law does not force law enforcement to sell the firearms. They must dispose of them in accordance with the statute, which includes the option to destroy them if they see fit. Something that law enforcement was insistant upon. Retaining their discretion.

  3. Pretty sure Ms. Watts’s backyard has plenty of miles already put on it by her leash holder Lord Bloomberg.

    • for the NRA convention in Indy, I think the NRA needs to find a sympathetic neighbor near Ms. Watts and host a Backyard BBQ


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