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“As gun culture spreads [in India], local governments have offered to fast-track firearms licenses if men have vasectomies.” the reports. Offered yes. Deal accepted, yes. Permit delivered? No. “[The men who’ve had the snip] say officials are reneging on the deal. One year after it started, men in one of India’s most violent regions who underwent the procedure in order to arm themselves for protection are still waiting for their permits,” the reports. “I underwent the operation only for the gun licence,” Lalit Gupta told the Hindustan Times. “The announcement appears to have been a trick.” I wonder why the LA Times missed that bit.

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  1. this is interesting, i was unaware of the fact than people in India have made the connection, more guns=less crime (in theory for them at least) i cannot speak empirically about this as i know next to zilch on India. However as for the vasectomy, GTFOH with that one in my opinion.

    one thing that would concern me is the absolute disparity of medical care in that country. Anyone else read about the guy whose “jewels” ahem,… were eaten by RATS in an India hospital?

  2. “…local governments have offered to fast-track firearms licenses if men have vasectomies.”

    I guess they figure they win either way, from a population control perspective: guns as birth control and as heard thinners if someone gets capped in a DGU.

  3. Bad joke of the day….

    I guess the gov’t is really encouraging gun owners to practice dry firing!

    Btw, the video clip is beyond insane…and awesome!

  4. What I said was “insert obligatory snark about shooting blanks here”

    apparently I was shooting blanks. too….forgot HTML was enabled…..

  5. Interesting (well, not really) lack of media uproar. I can only imagine the month long tirade of human rights abuses had then been asked to do so to get anything else.

  6. I think that the Indian guys didn’t read the offer carefully. It specifies that the same guy who issues the permit has to do the clipping. He’s a little rusty at doing either, but then again, so is his scalpel.

    And since a vasectomy is required, there’s no guns for women. That tells you a lot about Indian society, yes?

  7. There was a time when I was a boy in India and you could take a 22 out on a bicycle to hunt and people would stop and talk to you. Nowadays, you have courts banning air rifle and BB gun ownership in parts of the country. No wonder I don’t live there anymore and I can’t be bothered to go back there either. There isn’t a more anti gun tyranny on earth than India.

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