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Chris Christie (courtesy

“The issue which has energized me to get into this race is the recent attempt by certain Republican legislators to repeal New Jersey’s ban on assault weapons. In today’s society, no one needs a semi-automatic assault weapon.” That’s what current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said way back in April 14, 1993, according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger. Which is a magazine full of not good for the Republican presidential hopeful. Christie faced the anti-gun rights music in the conservative media, as reports . . .

When asked by Fox News’ Brett Baier on Tuesday whether it was true that gun control — something no Republican presidential hopeful wants to be associated with — “inspired” him to enter politics, Christie said it was not.

“No, that’s not true. No,” the governor said.

When Baier held up the text of the 1993 Star-Ledger article that included his statement, Christie brushed it off, claiming a hazy memory.

“I don’t remember saying that. So, we’ll see,” he said, adding, “That’s … 22 years ago? I don’t remember. I could’ve. It doesn’t sound like me.”

When Baier asked whether that meant the Star-Ledger had gotten it wrong, Christie responded with some characteristic sarcasm.

“I know it’s never been before,” he said. “No newspaper’s ever been wrong before.”

And Christie’s never been wrong before, either. Oh wait . . .

“I think it’s a lot more complicated than I thought it was at 31 years old, and I’ve learned a lot in the last 21 years. So yeah, a long time ago [I supported an assault weapons ban],” Christie said [in a 2014 CNN interview]. “By the way, I’ve changed a lot of my positions over time. Here’s the thing, if you’re a thinking, breathing human being, and life experience is something you take in, and you never change your mind? Then you’re stubborn.”

On other hand, there are conservatives whose belief in an uninfringed right to keep and bear arms has never wavered, with a solid record of defending it against progressive assault. Need I mention any names?

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    • A politicians job is to persuade. When one blames democratic controlled state legislators for not supporting 2A, then you’ve failed the citizens who voted for you.

  1. Cee Cee, you lost it way back when you said NJ was “special”. I guess if the 2nd doesn’t apply neither do any of the others right Johnny boy?….

      • Or bacon. He is one of the biggest pushers of pork spending there is of any party!

        Between Christie or Hillary, Hillary is fiscally more responsible (not saying much). I would hate for people to point to “Republican” Christie as the reason for a crushing national debt. Hillary would get my vote before this guy.

  2. Without a doubt, Ted Cruz. He honestly is the one politician who has THE most integrity. The only issue I remember saying WTF on was his support of TPP which he reversed. Not one other candidate can honestly say that. I will vote for Ted Cruz whether he gets the nomination or not. Of course I live in greater Portland so it won’t matter two shits who I vote for but at least I’ll be conscience clear.

  3. Far too many people worry over Christie. He is a lefty liberal Republican, an oxymoron outside of New Jersey, California and New York. On a national level, the probability of Mr Christie achieving POTUS, nil. His bloviating Joizy Guy manner is not on par with other Napoleon wannabes who actually made it to the top of the game, and his political experience does not make him presidential material. This piece of Jersey should remain so.

  4. Chubby, his RINO enablers, and the Demofascist cabal controlling Trenton (the state capital) are now facing RICO Act violations over denial of CCW permits to law-abiding Garden State citizens. It appears Christie teamed with notorious anti-gunners N.J. State Senator’s Steve “Ironworker’s Union Thug” Sweeney and yenta/Bernie Madoff victim, Loretta Whine-BOIG and sent his spineless Attorney General to the State Supreme Court demanding the eggheaded, black-robed “in-justices” hear NO challenges to the current UNCONSTITUTIONAL CCW denial program while he runs for president. “S” is about to “HTF” and I for one will be surprised and rejoice if the Federal judge acts appropriately and according to the “law”.

  5. Views can definitely change. In my early 20s I was squarely middling on the 2A. Then my wife and I had our first child at 30 and my tune really changed. Today (lateish 30s), I couldn’t be farther away from the views I held in my early 20s on the matter. So I definitely can buy an evolution of opinion. Though in defense of my early 20s self, I was never anti-gun, just not a staunch advocate like my present day self.

  6. Is what Chris Christie said or did in the past even important? He has about as much chance of being elected President as I do.

  7. Christie hasn’t done jack shit to push back against the crazy gun laws in NJ now. I still cannot help but wonder if his man crush on Obammy just before the last election when they strolled arm in arm through the hurricane damage helped throw the election. He is a fat bloviating windbag that would do nothing productive to slow down the debt train. He also believed in global warming until he didn’t, too.

  8. I’ll grant him that it was 20+ years ago. Still, you don’t just forget why you chose a new path in life.

  9. Just another lying Yankee-Rino. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his man pleaser.

    Cruz 2016!

  10. I was pro-gun even when I voted for McGovern in 1972. I trust Chrisy as much as I trust a certain NY billionaire…ick.

    • McGovern’s platform in 1972 included a complete ban on handguns. He also was responsible for the diabetes-inducing “Food Pyramid” that probably killed more Americans than the Nazis. All in all, McGovern was a horse’s ass.

      • I was about to get drafted-he seemed better than Dick. Only dumb ocrat I ever voted for. AS if Nixon was trustworthy on handguns…or anything. EPA. OSHA BS. Oh yeah he hated gun owner too…

        • I gave up my student deferment to enlist. Let’s just say that it wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

      • Unless McGovern force fed people, those who died from ingesting some “food pyramid,” have only themselves to blame. Those who had to pay taxes to pay for whatever “food pyramid” nonsense the government was involved in (can’t really recall seeing babbling about food pyramids listed as one of the enumerated powers…..), does have a beef, as they were robbed to fund some dimwit’s vanity. But as progressive transgressions go, “food pyramid” BS is probably pretty cheap.

  11. I am working on a project up in NJ. I saw a bumper sticker with Christie’s picture on it. The caption read:

    “Does this ass make my bumper look fat?”

    Christie is RINO and a liar.

  12. Christie made his political bones as a gungrabber. It would be fine for him to say that he’s changed his mind, but for him to deny his past is just stupid.

  13. With all the anti Christie sentiment….

    Trump is worse! Ain’t no body in the gambling business that does not have his hands DEEP in the pockets of politicians! His history of voting for his own profit should doom him!

    • I’m not sure how much sense it makes to play the “who is worse” game, with contestants who neither is even remotely as worthy of support as Mullah Omar.

  14. Christie is a liar.
    Trump is a nut case.
    Fiorina is a failure.
    Cruz is a religious zealot.
    Paul is not Ron.
    Carson is a criminal.
    Rubio is a child.

    Great. The entire republican field is completely worthless to us. I might as well just re-register as a democrat just to stop hillary from taking it. Picking a president is like going to an adult novelty shop. You just pick the dildo that’ll hurt the least.

    • “You just pick the dildo that’ll hurt the least.” TMI on your personal life! – LOL

      That’s always been some of the weaknesses of conservatives: 1) They care more about integrity and competence and so they are always disappointed. Liberals don’t care that Hillary is incompetent and dishonest. They like her just because she’s a liberal icon. She can do no wrong in their eyes. 2) Because of weakness #1, recently conservatives have developed a tendency to nominate candidates based on who seems to best meet their impossible standards, not one who can win. 3) If conservatives don’t like the Republican candidate, too many of them stay home from the polls. The liberals get people who don’t even know or care about politics to the polls.

      Years ago, I attended a speech by the late. great conservative thinker William F. Buckley, Jr. He said the only intelligent vote for a thinking conservative is the for the most conservative candidate who has a chance of winning. I will vote in the primaries for whoever I think can best beat Hillary. Then in the election I will vote for whoever is up against Hillary. While I believe all the criticisms of candidates listed on this thread, any of them are better than her.

  15. The governor is a hugger. His time is up. He may get a second chance as a democrat. His anti civil rights position on guns matches the democrat party.

  16. Not trying to be a Cristie apologist or anything, but people’s opinions change. I used to be antigun but now I work in a gun store, and I own an AR-15 and several other firearms.

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