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OK, I blew it with Samuel L. Jackson. He made some great pro-gun remarks after Newtown, but otherwise, not so much. (Thanks for keeping us honest.) Jackson’s rep has been contacted. The African American actor will be returning our [theoretical] Gun Hero of the Day hardware, until such time as he proves his pro-gun purity to TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia. Meanwhile, Greg Gutfeld. The Fox News contributor’s tortured metaphors may rankle from time-to-time, but his gun rights fervor is beyond reproach. Demonstrated here in regards to Detroit’s “liberalized” gun laws (how ironic is that?), Gutfeld clearly indicates that he “gets it” (make the jump for his auto-play commentary . . .

Let’s just hope he’s an anti-hoplohobe harbinger of common sense commentary rather than an outspoken outlier in the mainstream media miasma of gratuitous anti-gun rights, uh, garbage.


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  1. Having watched The Five since it took over the time slot vacated by Glenn Beck, I can say that the firearms discussions have improved greatly. Early on, any pro-gun message would be quickly drowned-out by hive-minded worriers on the conservative side and by the rantings of Bob “Bazooka” Beckel. Hearing the discussion after Greg Gutfeld’s, the pro-firearm positions have clearly shifted in our favor and even Juan Williams’ position of having worries wasn’t that far removed from the public statements by the conservative worriers of a few years ago. Making that kind of progress with New York City dwellers is very refreshing and promising.

    • Bob Beckel and Juan Williams are just political punching bags. The only reason they are on fox news is so the neo-cons can say, “look, this is how crazy and stupid liberals are”. Their arguments are weak and meant to be easily defeated by the right-wing commentators. Propaganda at it’s finest.

      • I disagree. Both Beckel and Williams make the arguments that liberals make on gun rights. They are entirely representative of the positions held by anti-gunners and provide valuable insight into those arguments.

        • Getting people to believe that there is only two sides of every argument is all part of the show. They parrot mainstream liberal talking points which then are easily shot down by the consevative contributors. Because in their world (mainsteam media) you cant be for gun control and pro gun. It’s the Coke or Pepsi argument, when we all know that both lead to weight gain and health problems if not consumed in moderation. I would love to continue this discussion but the auto-play advertising on this website is driving me nuts.

        • “Because in their world (mainsteam media) you cant be for gun control and pro gun”

          No. In the real world, you can’t be for gun control and pro gun.

        • Sorry RF-I can’t stand even a second of the smug.arrogant Beckel. Juan I can tolerate…I do like Guttfeld.

      • I’ve often wondered if the liberals on Fox News are the political equivalent of the Washington Generals, but then I quit watching CNN years ago because all I got from them was liberal stupidity. In the case of Beckel, being Walter Mondale’s campaign manager, you wouldn’t think he’s a closet conservative acting as a liberal. And then if you listen to Nancy Pelosi, or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that liberals are all just really, really stupid people. Kind of drives me nuts though that I can’t hear the news without having to sit through the opinions of stupid people.

      • @ Nick87. Not so much, they’ve actually done some pretty effective arguing. And I don’t think you know what a neo-con is. Thats another one of those words that get’s thrown around as easily “RACISM!”, and like racism, people who throw it around often have no idea what their talking about.

        • “neo-con” is what liberal, marxist, or losertarian, or paleo-con jihad appeasers use for code for “Joo” or ‘joo-lover who sends our boys to fight Israel’s wars” while they lick the koranus.

      • “Their arguments are weak and meant to be easily defeated by the right-wing commentators”

        Essentially ALL liberal arguments are weak, and can be easily defeated by anyone who thinks, except that dissention among liberals is not accepted.

      • Except…….Bob and Juan’s arguments and constituent points are rote liberalism in lockstep with every other liberal pundit, official, and rank and file on the street. They aren’t strawmen whose crazy and stupid rantings misrepresent and subvert true liberalism. Rather, they’re typical, liberal know-it-alls whose crazy and stupid rantings accurately reflect and illustrate true liberalism.

        Propaganda? No. It’s a fair and balanced presentation of how unfair and unbalanced liberals and their worldview are.

  2. Gutfeld is one of the few people on fox news that isnt a total shill. It’s too bad Red Eye is on when most people are fast asleep.

    • It’s too bad he’s left Red Eye. I guess he’s going to get an hour long weekend show.

      • When are you going to discover how freaking aggravating your autoplay settings are. On top of that, grow some RESPECT and when you take an article from somewhere else, link to the original story, not to their home page.

        Wake up or lose your audience. No one likes a scumbag, even if they share our POV.

  3. The common mans’, common sense.

    So far removed from assembly / council members, state senators, governors, and congressional representatives.

  4. I hope Gutfeld will continue to articulate the pro-Second Amendment point of view where ever he goes and appears. I am hopeful with him. Others, I am less so. And some I don’t hold out hope for at all.

  5. I hear this all the time, the the Fox news liberals are just punching bags. But when the “serious” liberals are on, they just do the same thing as every grabber I’ve ever typed at; get nasty and combative. If anything, the in house liberals are more respectable because at least they have the balls to argue their beliefs all the way through to the end, without shouting and feigning insult once they realize they are starting to sound stupid.

    • Most times, the Fox liberals are not allowed to just scream continuously over everyone else, call opponents names, and generally monopolize the airtime until the segment is over. In that regard, they are just punching bags, since none of their ilk has anything intelligent to say, losing the ability to motormouth obnoxious silliness they are left with nothing.

  6. Did I miss where Samuel L Jackson flipped on guns? As far as I know he did an anti gun violence PSA that specifically went at people who blamed the gun rather than taking responsibility. Actually stopping gun violence rather than stopping guns.

  7. Great vid.

    Next candidate for Gun Hero nomination is here, watch this debate between

    Chuck Michel, west coast NRA counsel (and co-counsel on Peruta v Gore)

    vs a typical ditsy head of some anti-gunner group,

    With surprisingly unbiased commentary by Prof Winkler at UCLA,

    hosted by Larry King, who is obviously frustrated he cant score points, or hide his anti-gun bias.

    Its a model for anyone going on camera, or debating gun rights, wiyh facts vs emotion. Bravo, Chuck!

    H/t calguns, apologies ttag for jumpng the gun,but since it was dated April 1st, I wasnt sure if you might have missed it, and this gun hero-video post seemed most appropriate spot to mention it, without thread hijack.

  8. Here’s the calguns thread, and note Michels book on CA gun laws is most accurate, updated with changes in law, plus see the good articles and other content in blog, and kudos for hosting court docs on their server, that make it easy for lay person to read, without PACER access. A real resource for POTG, and places like TTAG for accurate info.

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