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The levity-impaired libs who frequent the depths of are in high dudgeon over Tennessee State Sen. Stacey Campfield’s attempt to poke some fun at everyone’s favorite civilian disarmer, Diane Feinstein. Morose MOT Josh Israel fails to see the humor in Campfield’s assault pressure cooker takeoff. But even worse than the abject insensitivity to the welfare bombers’ victims still recovering in Beantown, the Senator then had the gall to point out that the gun grabbing community thought nothing of similarly using the still-warm bodies of 20 children (and six adults) to push their own agenda following Sandy Hook. Besides, who’d actually be ridiculous enough to propose regulating everyday items used safely by millions of people just because the Tsarnaev boys cobbled them together to make their explosives. Oh. Wait.   [h/t Tom P.]

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    • Really?, I found a better deal for a used Williams-Sonoma (who got out of the business) on Florida Gun Trader. Seems there where scorch marks on the bottom. If anyone is interested, I’ll let it go for 15 hundred………

    • But that market will soon be saturated and reach some sort of equilibrium.

      What you really want to grab is all the aerials and roman candles you can carry. Otherwise you’ll soon be paying the market price of $1 per bottle rocket.

      • Yeah but Cheaper Than Dirt has stopped selling them. Maybe they’ll be back at their normal Cheaper Than Dirt prices with low shipping costs real soon though.

  1. The stupidity of the ban Nazis needs to be pointed out when it’s fresh. Otherwise it will just get buried and forgotten 6 weeks from now and nobody will be paying attention.

    • Walpole was not exactly a fan of the writings of the Founding Fathers. Nor did he write favorably about the French Revolution. Frankly, he was a bit of a statist elitist stooge, enamored of the power of position which he most certainly had.

      That said, the quote ‘still rocks’, as the kids said ten years ago.

  2. *gigglesnort*

    I will confess that after the horrific Boston Marathon attack by Islamic terrorists, I did see to it to isolate my personal pressure cooker and then I interrogated it pretty harshly. It revealed nothing to me that would lead me to believe it is out to kill me or my family, and told me it was not a follower of Islam. As my way of making it up to the pressure cooker, and as a way to allow it to prove to me it wasn’t Muslim, I used it to make some bean soup with ham.

    We are both happy with each other.

      • That’s it. I see a golden business opportunity here. i’m going to open a professional keyboard cleaning service. I’ll advertise on TTAG because this seems to be the crowd that had these sorts of mishaps.

        Thank god none of us works in a nuclear power plant.

        • Can we get a bulk discount? Perusing the Internet and reading some of the less-than-sensical comments from the AG cultists, I admit that I ruin keyboards by the dozen. Either I smash them or I spew Pepsi onto them through my nose in laughter. It’s beginning to be expensive. Thanks.

        • Sorry guys. I did a little research. Between government regs and licensing fees and obummercare I can’t start up a small business.

        • jwm,

          Just tell them you hate America and are a homosexual, drug-addicted,anti-gun, transgender, pro-choice, illegal minority who will vote Democrat when amnesty goes through. They would give you start-up funds, I assure you. And probably invite you to the White House for a photo op.

        • GCU, you had me until the part about the white house invite. I just don’t think there’s time to get a formal evening gown and it’s been ages since I’ve had my hair and beard done.

  3. That is awesome, I’m glad some politicians have the balls to stand up and throw it right back at these libtards.

  4. You all are making jokes, but be prepared. Any day now, expect an executive order to be released:

    LEO will, by using “no knock” warrants, will invade the homes of average Americans to confiscate those “evil black pressure cookers”. They are NOT protected by 2A. Just like your shotgun, rifle or pistol (per Bloomberg).

  5. How about a pressure cooker march through Chicago, do you feel lucky rahm? well, do ya punk? I guess we could see the 3 people that support 2a then according to o. the mind of a grabber reminds me of some of the Monte Python opening shots, Randy

  6. Next up: a run on Ball jars and other canning accouterments. I heard Bloomberg also wanted to ban those high-capacity 64 oz Ball jars, because who needs 1/2 gallon of pickles/soup/ lanything.

  7. I didn’t think the picture was amusing. I thought it was clever and insightful. It actually irritated me over the stupidity of the gun grabbers.

    HOWEVER, after being called out and accused of being insensitive his rebuttal is phuckin’ hilarious.

    “Really? If my post was inappropriate talking about “crock pot control” then where is the outrage from the left when they push for gun control after the Sandy Hook shooting? Im sorry if I exposed your double standard…. Well, not really”

    • Unfortunately, as much as the tables are turned, few hear about it other than those of shared interests such as the viewers of this and similar blogs.

      The MSM will never carry opposing stories like this no matter how relevant, insightful or funny because of their close ties to the gun grabbers and Democrats.

    • Because that means they’ve lost CONTROL. And if there’s anything they hate most, it’s LACK OF CONTROL.

  8. Insensitive, indeed, but accurate. I absolutely support exposing the ludicrous ideas gun grabbers put forth in the wake of horrific tragedy. Since Feinstein and Obama *know* so much more about how civilian disarmament and taxation techniques will make America more safe the children, I have no problem with showing them otherwise. I am unapologetic about exercising my rights and supporting the rights of responsible citizens. I oppose the ridiculous idea that my right to self defense is dictated by the lowest common denominator – the mass murderer.

  9. Don’t ever accuse a Democrat of having a sense of humor.

    They have no idea what a sense of humor is; they all take themselves way too seriously for something like that.

    • Besides, they have to concentrate way to hard on keeping the lies straight to relax enough to enjoy a good laugh.

      • You’re right, but Joe doesn’t embarrass easily.

        And he doesn’t seem to care if he gets caught in a lie; he just sloughs it off as a natural thing for a politician to do.

  10. I was reading the comments on the page “had the gall to point out,” and I realized that this whole thing is sad. It’s become an argument of left/right, instead of what is actually right. Everybody’s too damn busy looking at political parties that nobody’s going to find any suitable answers to the problems that plague our country.

    I’m so disillusioned right now.

    • You’re correct Cortney.

      It is the high level of extreme ideological differences that has taken over the firearms / 2A issue.

      Gun rights folks tend to be moderate conservative to conservative, self reliant and independent. We don’t want others who think they have a better way telling us what we can and cannot do when we are minding their own business and doing nothing wrong. There are constitutional protections in place to protect our rights in that regard.

      The pro gun control folks tend to be what has come to be known as liberal progressive statists or moderate liberal progressive, with an ideology of the greater good and sameness that relies on government for direction and support. They don’t understand why independent, free thinking, self reliant people such as ourselves can’t see how right they are to want to disarm us for our own good. It simply makes sense to the liberals because they have surrendered their self reliance to the corruption of the governments’ “common good” nanny state.

      So there is a very basic ideological dichotomy at play that goes to the very root of our differences with the gun grabbers. And make no mistake; the common, eventual goal of the gun control crowd that is moving the efforts to restrict gun ownership is eventual confiscation. They have and continue to prove this at the state level in Democrat controlled states such as CA, NY, MA; and multiple democrat politicians have stated as much.

      So when the beast is coming for your throat, the fight is on. It will be a hard fought battle, and there will only be one winner.

  11. I had to admit that I laughed my a$$ of when I just saw your commentary. Here is something that I posted yesterday at my blog:

    In other news it has been rumored that a bill is being rushed through titled the patriot pressure cooker act that bans those large capacity 6 liter pressure cookers like the ones used in the Boston Marathon bombing. As an aside, it was also rumored that New Jersey’s Frank Lautenberg in his typical knee jerk reaction was frantically drafting an emergency bill to ban propane gas for cooks stoves. As of the July 4th deadline, possession of anything larger than a 3 liter pressure cooker will be a felony with a mandatory sentence of five years in the state of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and other states not part of free America. Of course, existing 6 liter pressure cookers will be grand fathered in providing they are registered, and with the distinct stipulation that they can only be filled with 3 liters of any substance. Devices will be available to retrofit existing 6 liter cookers to insure compliance with the new law. Lawmakers stated that the reason for this ban, is that it makes the device less lethal forcing them to use multiple devices, and therefore when they are trying to reload in order to detonate the second device, they could be rushed and disarmed. Lawmakers were quoted as saying “why does anyone need a high capacity six liter assault cooker anyways?”, “if it only saves one life” and “it’s for the children”. (sarcasm off)

    • Yeah…that’s good.

      I be rollin’.

      But watch out, those who have no sense (gun) of (grabber) humor (extremist) will now be gunnin’ for you.

  12. If I must, I’ll reluctantly give up my pressure cooker. But they’ll have to pry my deep fryer from my crispy, dead hands.

    • First they came for the pressure cookers, but I didn’t speak up because I didn’t have one.

      Then they came for the crockpots, but I didn’t speak up because I didn’t have one.

      Then they came for the deep fryers, but I didn’t speak up because I didn’t have one.

      Then they came for my rice cooker… and there were no more kitchen appliance owners left to speak for me.

  13. The pic is damn funny, but Stacey Campfield is not the guy who should be poking fun at things like that, given his similarly close-minded cluelessness on other topics that he feels he is qualified to judge on (to wit, homosexuality and AIDS).


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