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Winchester Repeating Arms SXP Pump Marine Defender

Remington’s Pump Action 870 is the go-to shotgun for many members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentia. Less discussed but equally respected (in some quarters): the Winchester SXP. What with its inertia-assisted slide-action and all, Winchester claims the SXP’s the world’s fastest pump action shotgun. Just don’t short-stroke it. Or tell Benelli. The SXP owes much of its success to its price: $400. Triskaidekaphobics will not be well pleased, but Winchester’s just added another model to the SXP line-up: the kinky sounding SXP Pump Marine Defender. Also $400. [Press release after the jump.] It’s just like the $579 Extreme Marine Defender—without the pistol grip, adjustable stock and Picatinny rail. I’m a Kiwi when it comes to shotguns (I like the all blacks). But the ship has come in for chrome-crazed boaters looking to fend off pirates or end a Great White’s Jaws imitation, who don’t fancy paying Remington $870 for their [my Mama says I’ve got a] Special Purpose Marine Magnum . . .

The new Super X Pump Marine Defender from Winchester Repeating Arms is ready for any weather while on the water, for home protection and competition shooting.

The SXP Marine Defender features an inertia-assisted action for faster cycling of shells. Matte Hard Chrome Plating on the barrel and magazine tube offers excellent protection against the elements. A drop out trigger group allows for easy cleaning.

The Super X Pump has an 18″ barrel and uses the Invector-Plus choke system. A cylinder choke is installed, allowing the SXP to shoot anything from slugs to buck shot. The magazine holds a total of five shells and a removable TruGlo fiber-optic front sight is included.

The Super X Pump is drilled and tapped for scope bases. For better handling in all weather conditions, a tactical ribbed forearm gives you more control. The Synthetic stock also features a textured gripping surfaces and has an Inflex Technology Recoil Pad.

Suggested Retail Price is $399.99.


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  1. Great, another one for my want list. Not that I dont like my Benelli Nova, but finding new barrels and aftermarket stuff for it is a bit of a pain.

  2. Man , the combo of tacticool black and glaring chrome is ugly as home made sin. It might be a great gun, but it looks like something a low class pimp, and there is no other kind, would use.

    • Black and chrome that looks like that always screams “cheap bargain store knockoff” to me. Not just in the case of this gun, but in general. How many Northern Tool or Harbor Freight knockoffs have you seen that look very much like that?

  3. I love my stainless steel handguns, but for some reason I’m not drawn to stainless shotguns.

    That being said, I am shopping around for an SXP Camp/Field combo for HD use and trap shooting at my local gun club. I was originally going to look for a Remington 870 but (putting my money where my mouth is) I’ve decided to switch to Winchester. It seems to be just as good/better except for accessories, which doesn’t really affect me too much as I wasn’t planning to deck it out all tacti-cool.

  4. The problem is Winchester makes these shotguns over seas. NOT MADE IN AMERICA. I would much rather have a Mossberg 590A1 model. 10 times the gun, and yes a couple hundred more. As in all things, you get what you pay for. So, how much do you value your life?? The 500 series is a perfected, updated Ithaca model 37, tried and true. I don’t care for Remington, I like family owned companies. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Measly 6 shell total for the Winny vs. 9 (2 3/4″) for my old S/S 500 Mossberg.

    Why would one even bother, especially since the Winny looks like something that would sell well to Mainland Chinese, or maybe Elvis impersonators?

  6. The attraction of the Benelli Nova to me is the factory ghost ring sights. Simple, rugged, and ready to go with the price of the gun. An Aimpoint Micro would be nice on that Winchester but then you’ve almost doubled the price of the gun.

  7. I’ve seen marine shotguns before, but what is the actual difference? Does all that chrome actually do something? Who is this marketed to?

  8. +1 for the reference to The Jerk! However, I’ve already found my special purpose, and it doesn’t resemble what you’ve got pictured here…

  9. Has anyone actually shot one of these things? I handled one the other day, did not care for the trigger that much and saw that it is made in Turkey (I believe) so it made me naturally skittish.

    • I have an SXP in the turkey hunting model, love the gun, it is better than some of you are guessing it “might” be. Damn nice gun, really well built, Remember, the Weatherby shotguns also come from Turkey. Winchester did all the engineering work, Browning supplies some components.

      So don’t rip on something y’all don’t know. I rate it as good as any competitor.

  10. Eighteen inch barrel is pushing ATF restrictions for length. After viewing several tests on shot shell penetrations and found #7 bird best to keep you from inadvertently killing the person in the next room.

  11. This shotgun looks like it was designed by a plumbing contractor. I wonder if it can be used to clear a clogged toilet.

    • Not familiar with the marine defender type shotties Ralph? All the companies use a nickel based coating to avoid corrosion. The process involves applying a very thin layer of copper to the steel, followed by the top coat of nickel (the copper lets the nickel bond to steel). Hell, Popeye probably had one :^)
      Not a bad tool to keep Samali pirates off my boat

  12. +1 To everyone who said that thing is ugly, however if it somehow solved a problem I’d still appreciate it for It’s function. What stymies’ me is discerning it’s purpose. A 5 shot tube and shiny chrome on a ‘defensive’ shotgun? It seems that revealing the chrome rather than jacketing it in something non-reflective is a ‘show-off’ rather than a functional matter. . . meaning that one of the main reasons for owning one are its aesthetics, which are poor to begin with.
    Glock’s tenifer, H&K’s Hostile Environment, and many other reliable (and low glare) finishes will accomplish extreme levels of corrosion resistance w/o the flash and the ugly. For that matter, a few minutes attention with an oily rag once in a while will keep most finishes going for a very long time, and on a less expensive gun with higher capacity and more aftermarket accessories . I have a Mossberg 500 that has been exposed to marine and littoral environments, and extensively to rain, damp and poor maintenance that shows only minor spots of discoloration on the exterior of the barrel, with no pitting, and this on a $200 gun with an 8 shot tube, and after 10 years of borderline abusive exposure (it’s been a boat gun, truck gun, camp gun, shed gun . . .it’s the go to gun when I don’t want to ugly something else up). Functionally it’s still flawless, still cheaper, more versatile, and has higher capacity.
    I suppose if you really, really didn’t care what the gun looked like, found the capacity acceptable, and refuse to perform maintenance on your ‘defensive’ gun, ever. . . (and if this is you, I give up on talking sense), you could improve this thing by wrapping skate board tape around the worst of it’s shiny parts, stove blacking the rest, shooting it’s works full of lithium grease and. . . praying that after years of neglect the ammo is still workable, have a shotgun that would come out shooting without blinding you or indicating your position to everyone for miles on the water.
    Or I suppose you could get 2 M500 Maverick 88s for the same money, and in about 20 years when one gets too rusty, simply swap in the other that’s been in dry storage.
    Or you could use any decently finished ‘defensive’ and just pull maintenance on it one every couple of months at least, like you know you should, and you’d always have a better, less ugly, and more useful shotgun available.

    An afterthought: I’ve had shotgun shells develop so much corrosion that they were difficult to chamber after 15 years in a closet. . . in a climate controlled house. . . I cannot imagine that under conditions sufficient to destroy a shotgun the shells would be serviceable for more than a couple of years, if that. It seems to me that the mindset behind a shotgun that’s primary feature is little to no maintenance in a marine environment lends it’s self to having a pristine gun and non-functioning ammo when the need eventually arises.

    • The 5 shot tube (and barrel length which will preclude a decent extension) kinda kill it all for me.

      Beyond that, the whole pump action angle, which save for my Mossberg, I have never found to be of any use. Browning A5s and Remington 11s have worked just fine for about a hundred years – why would I risk having to chamber my own round?

      If only they made an A5/11 in s/s, I’d dump that Mossberg in a second.

    • The assist starts the motion you normally would make to cycle the shotgun to extract & load the next round. Pretty sweet.

  13. Inertia assist: The gun has a 4 lug rotary bolt (sound familiar?) and right after firing, the bolt, fore end is actually moving rearward, making for a super-fast cycling machine. The second shot and others are much quicker. In a way, sort of a hybrid pump/semi.

    No need to jerk the fore end back like most pumps, it is already happening. It is something that takes a few shots to get used to, but once mastered it is very slick!

    Robert, please show the other versions with the M4 type stock and door breecher hardware up front

  14. What I like is that it’s got exactly the same control set up as my Maverick 88! This just made so much more sense to me trying them with my eyes closed in the gun shop (mimicking full darkness), and seemed more natural in use than the Rem 870 or Mossy 500 controls. And the Maverick is so much cheaper (and black). With a shotgun just being a couple of tubes with a receiver anyway, why overcomplicate things? Or spend more money?

  15. I find it amazing that people can trash a gun that they haven’t owned. I bought one of these about 2 weeks ago. Went out and put 50 rounds through it. No problems at all. The inertia is amazing. You shoot and then push forward for your next shot. The gun is light weight and fast. For home defense it is near perfect. It is tight and you can load it very quickly. It is made in turkey. I am not sure why that is a problem. Yes I prefer made in the USA but before you judge one, go shoot one

    • AMEN! All these Ego-trippers cryin’ about how cool they are afraid that they will not look. SHUT THE _________UP and EDUCATE YOURSELF FIRST about function, reliability, and purpose. It is not a beauty-contest, YOU SISSY-QUEENS. And if you haven’t tried the speed-pump feature on this or another 1300, you HAVE NO RIGHT OR REASON to run your judgemental mouths, other than for how much you love the sound of your own voice as it says “i think” statements in a know-it-all “I know”fashion that gives those fragile ego’s a much-needed temporary boost. These KICK SNOT outta Mossy’s, 870’s, and any other 12 without same inertia assist(which is…. all of them?). TRY one. THEN you can cry. About how wrong you have been, and stupid you sounded. Oh, and about having wasted so much of your tiny little lives and money on your cool LOOKING guns. See you when the war pops off, hope you brought your rust-prevention…

  16. The shine of the chrome in that picture is very missleading. Its more of a matt-chrome color. Looks very clean in real life. As for its build, it extremely solid. No giggle at all in the pump and after putting 200+ through one myself I was extremely impressed with how it preformed. Turkey or America, its a great shot gun. Besides Benelli doesn’t make some of their shotguns here either.

  17. It is a hell of a shot gun. It’ll wallop on anybody climbing into your house. The chrome barrel on black is a nice change to the traditional black on black, some idiots will never get that out of there heads though. Probably the same idiots who have their dumb views that just cause its made in Turkey it isn’t a good gun. Also the same nuts who can’t shut up about how much better their glocks are than an M&P or visa versa

  18. Bought one from bass for 349.85 to all you haters out it works just fine it’s easy to handle and operate . The chrome look is more appealing than the all black look if you really care much for that sort of thing .Its just fine for hunting or home defense haven’t really tried trap or sporting clays but I have my o/u for that stuff .

  19. I looked at one today at a local Academy. Felt tight (no rattle), the stainless finish was non-glare/matte like finish, had good ergonomics. That is why I’m here … searching for more info and reviews on this shotgun.

    My only reservations are the Tru Glo sight could be fragile (looks like it) and I want more than 6 rounds in a HD shotty .

    My impression of Turkish firearms is they are generally good quality.

    • You can add extensions up to 10 rounds. And before the pretty-posers start regurging MORE b.s. they have no experience in, YES, you CAN ABSOLUTELY have a mag-tube longer than your barrel. If they don’t believe it, tell ’em do some research. Don’t like the look—they can cry me a river of princess-tears.

    • I have an all Black Sxp Defender and i Love it!! FAST!!! I bought a 7 shot Tac Star extension, for a mod 1300 defender, Only thing is the tube has dimples in it that holds the plastic retaining piece that holds the spring in. to install it will have to use a round file to remove the dimples from inside to allow shell to pass. this ext will end up being 2&1/2 in. past the end of the barrel. It says on the pack min. barrel length 18 in. so it should work, It is build well and screws on good and tight.

  20. I currently own the $579 version, and everyone at cabelas was telling me how amazing it looked. The berrel is not chrome, its more of a matte gray, I love the way the gun is build, for me ( 140 lbs 5’10” ) It is very easy to handle. The gun has very little kick with bird shot, and with a slug, well umm, the gun changes.

    • Great to hear someone talk with a little sense.I too like to buy American,but most all firearms companies have some weapons made overseas.Everyone laughed at the Glocks when they were first selling here,Including me.
      Turkey has been making fine firearms longer than we have.Thats why lots of companies use them to make value priced guns.
      Now to my question.Does anyone know how to adjust the ATI stock on the Marine defender?I guess im getting old.LOL

  21. I bought this after I saw it on a gun shops wall; used for $325 (never fired)..I never knew it existed.
    Had my boss at our gun range/shop order for me.
    Holy smokes this is awesome shotgun. My boss is a Remington fan but quickly fell in love with this thing. I also converted by best friend from his 870 to this Marine Defender.
    Definitely buying another one.


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