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From a Paige Wyatt interview with Mandy Robinson at

Q: Can fans expect to see a lot more items from you on

A: Yes! Right now I’m working on stickers and some other merchandise and I also have a photo shoot coming up! It’s going to be cowboys and Indians! Hopefully the photos will turn out good enough to sell online.

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  1. She is the type of celebrity chick Playboy might consider featuring a spread of in a few years.

      • Possibly. Her parents lack good parenting values at least in the area of abusing Paige’s sexuality to profit. I consider Paige’s mother to be as much at fault as her father. A little bit of promoting a pretty girl’s allure is probably ok yet they really are shameless in the extreme way they have gone. Another thing: Paige is 17 and I don’t consider her to be some naive unwilling modern American teenage girl. She is past puberty. She is now an adult woman even if technically the law calls her a minor.

  2. Damn easy on the eyes (although I think sh’e still underage). But I’m not getting the whole “good enough to sell online” thing. Does she think somebody would actually pay money for photos of her?

    • I’ve seen the show, some scenes more than once. If it’s ‘shopped, it’s minimal.

      • man… if that’s the case you could probably watch a bite of food pass through her like on a snake.


  3. The parents selling their under-age daughter for the sake of ratings for their TV show is beyond reprehensible

    • I think it’s more the history channel that’s selling it, but at the same time I assume she dresses herself in the morning. Either way I’ll allow it.

    • Yea, because in a few months when she turns 18, her body will magically change and it’ll be OK to see her wearing the same exact outfit looking exactly the same. *note sarcasm*

  4. Did anyone watch the new episode last night and see the pure idiocy with the T&E (test and evaluation) procedures? The guy was talking about the risk of too much polishing and the thompson going into full auto and emptying the magazine even after the trigger was let go. Sure enough that’s what happened and they f’d up a couple key parts in the gun…

    When they test a gun, especially after verbally announcing concerns of a run away full auto full magazine, why the hell would you use a full mag? Load one round, fire. If it works load two rounds in the magazine and fire, fire. Then three rounds, etc. If they did they they wouldn’t have destroyed the gun in finding out that something was wrong. They would just get a jam with one round. Such f’ing morons.

    Then there were the two morons arguing over if shortening the barrel would make the velocity faster or slower. That fat f**k waste of space gun smith who does nothing but complain and try to throw his co workers under the bus when he does something wrong was so adament about it being slower with the shorter barrel. It actually jumped up to 850 fps from 800fps after chopping off two inches. An dramatized for tv argument that could’ve been resolved with a google search.

    • Chewy, if the show can get you so exercized about nothing, then it’s doing its job. Love it or hate it, they don’t care. Ignore it and they’re pissed.

  5. “Can fans expect to see a lot more items from you on”

    I’m not sure there is much more of her we can legally see.

  6. Dis the TV show all you want but lets be totally honest here, it has been talked about more than once on this forum along with a lot of other forums along with Sons of Guns. People like to see pretty chicks (depending on what you call pretty), cool guns, arguments and crap being blown up. They are giving us everything we want in spades and we eat it up. The best thing to do if you dont like the show is turn the channel this would do more damage than talking about it to a group of people. Like the old saying goes any publicity good or bad is good publicity when you are on TV.

  7. This show is HORRIBLE!
    She’s hot a in a weird way…

    That show though is ridiculous. They almost never show the engraving (the best part right?) and what they do show is nothing to write home about. The huge guy, whatever his name is, is a total ass hole and hard to watch when he woddles around the shop. The owner of the shop constantly “has to have” someone else’s gun. He cuts crappy deals with people using some ridiculous used car salesman techniques. Paige is portrayed as an antagonist, like clock work, she harasses her brother with a tight shirt on in every episode. I could go on and on but lets be honest… The ONLY REASON ANYONE WATCHES THIS SHOW, is for two reasons.

    A busty 18 yr old, and guns. That’s it. the quality of the show is horrible, the “entertainment” if you can call it that, is the same crap as every other shooting show.. God, what’s the name of those gun store hill billies? Oh yeah.. Red Jacket. “hey look we set up a little firing line for you, yee haw! Shoot the cola with your Win model 1866(what the hell kind of round does that thing even shoot?). At the end of the day, I want to be out at the range with swinging cola bottles, exploding targets, and fancy guns. I just dont want to knuckle head used car salesman trying to get a good deal on my lever action rife. Piss off dude…*crackle over the ear piece* — “The producers say work with him on a deal, pretend like your NOT going to sell it, good good, keep it up, wait for it… OHHHHH YOU SOLD IT! Say “What was I thinking, shake your head, and walk away – good good – Cue Camera 2 *crackle* Now stare at Paige’s breasts. Damn, she’s wearing a denim jacket, Renee Wyatt will do for now*

    I would rather have my eyes ripped out than watch this show again.

    Oh bye the way…

  8. I find the show mildly entertaining. Paige is a very pretty girl, but I’m old enough to be her grandfather, and her being 17, even if that is the age of consent in Colorado, is too young for me. The last 17 year old girl I kissed was when I was 19, and that was many, many years ago. And yeah, her dad is a bit of a huckster when it comes to buying and selling guns, but he shoots better than me, and that would be ANOTHER reason for me to not even entertain any thoughts of his daughter. I am also the protective father of an attractive 25 year old daughter, which means I’ve walked in Mr. Wyatt’s footsteps for more years than he has when it comes to kids. These pictures of Paige are the kinds of things I am constantly warning my daughter about posting on the internet, especially her friends posting pics of her.

    • I am also the protective father of an attractive 25 year old daughter

      Easy, Sparky – she stopped being your property 7 years ago. Sorry, but as someone who actually believes in treating people based on their character, nothing pisses me off more than how so many gun owners think their daughter is a piece of property for them to trade as they please.

  9. The next thing will be her acting/singing/fashion career. While still wearing Daisy Dukes and no bra.

  10. I think we all know exactly what kind of photos she’ll be posing for once she turns 18.

    She’s not a child, but she’s still just a kid and way too young to understand or control what’s being done to her. Shame on her parents for allowing (or more likely encouraging) her to be objectified like this.

    If she had some skill at fixing/making/selling/engraving firearms WITH HER CLOTHES ON, she would have earned some respect by now. As it stands, however, she’s a pinup model for teenage boys and a sad joke to the rest of us.

    • Chris, attractive girls don’t need to have brains or useful skills. Hell, they don’t even have to be nice. All they have to do is look good and they’ll get everything they ever want handed to them, and they’re well aware of this. It’s how it’s always been in every civilization since the dawn of time.

      • She is nice though. There are more than a few videos with her at Shot Show. Look up Pranking Paige in youtube. Sturmgewehr and his friends at Military Arms Channel had some fun pulling jokes on her and she was a very good sport about it.

        • I’ve seen that video, and it makes her parents’ shameless pimping all the more, well, shameful.

  11. Gee, I can’t wait to slap a Paige Wyatt sticker on my Wrangler. Right between “Hang on… I want to try something” and “Paved roads: Another fine example of unnecessary government spending”.

  12. *yawn*

    Answer – Three years

    Question – How long until she’s married to some knucklehead and pregnant?

    • Why isn’t the NRA recruiting more trannies? Now that’s a bunch of folks who appreciate concealed weapons.

  13. The only good thing about Sons of Guns, they can’t successfully exploit Stephanie’s image. They try, but ain’t nobody buying.

    • You could do worse.

      I have done worse.

      LOL! “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

      Yes, I know. Thanks.

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