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Lindsay Lohan’s put a gun in her mouth for fashion and attention—again. “This week, she pulled out a gun to pose for notorious fashion photographer Terry Richardson at the Chateau Marmont, her favorite hangout,” reports. “Richardson, known for his sexually provocative photography, has shot campaigns for designers Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and YSL, as well clothing lines Aldo, Diesel and Diane Von Furstenberg. He’s also shot editorials for Rolling Stone, GQ, Vogue and Vanity Fair.” Sounds like a lot of shooting to me. I think this one is a miss, given LiLo’s troubled history. Then again, maybe it’s art. In any case, rather than take a grenade for ya, Richardson removed the photos from his diary [NSFW].

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  1. Lohan is one DUI/overdose/hit and run away from selling Polaroid photos at a comic convention in Boise, Idaho. This photo series is nothing more that Richardson exploiting Lohan’s talent for “shooting herself in the foot.” I’ve seen better photos in high school year books.

  2. “Then again, maybe it’s art”
    No it ain’t, and you know it; you’re just trying to be polite and objective. . .
    Oh – wait, this isn’t the drive-by-media, that’s why I was confused by the lack of hysteria and feigned outrage in your post. Sorry.

  3. I must say as a cancer survivor and being medically dependant on big pharma for being able to continue to live one day at a time, I find people in good health that want to kill themselves to be some of the biggest egotistical losers on the face of the planet.

    Even if you are not rich the gift of LIFE is one that should never be wasted.
    People die soon enough from natural/man-made causes, why not enjoy yourself while you have the chance to?

    LIFE is what you make of it and if all you can do is whine about stupid things and want to kill yourself then I say go right ahead and do it.

    • And I find people who think life in and of itself is “wonderful” without putting any thought into the quality of life are the biggest egotistical control freaks on the face of the planet. FLAME DELETED

    • Meh it all ends, why not cash out early when you still have all your chips. Just because you think life is precious doesn’t make it a universal truth. Life isn’t fair, but death is the great equalizer. Eventually we all die so if someone wants to skip to the line, let them we all wind up dead sooner or later.

  4. Two observations:

    1) There’s just no telling what Ms. Lohan will put into her mouth is there

    2) The trajectory in the first picture might not be fatal. A common mistake.

  5. Hey, she safety checked that weapon! The first photo in the series shows the magazine was empty and the barrel is plugged.

    Photo is SFW, but url may be blocked due to other content on that site. Link goes direct to photo.

    • Looks like her finger is in the trigger guard while she’s clearing.

      She’s a straight up loon. It’s only a matter of time. Believe me. She fancies herself as having the same destiny as other dead young stars like her friend Heath Ledger and that may very well be her own gun. I’m sure the Chateau had no idea what was going on, but going forward, do you think they will take pre emptive steps? And even though I’m wanting to say go ahead, it’s really a terrible waste of what was once a beautiful, young talent. I can be the coldest, hardest MF around, but there is a part of me that feels sorry for her too. All of you out there with healthy young daughters count your blessings and keep up the good work.

  6. It looks like someone did a poor job of using Photo Shop putting one person’s unattractive face onto another’s body.

  7. So what we have here are photos of a person who has a history of substance abuse problems posing with a gun pointed at herself. Not cool.

    Bravo. A new low in tasteless irresponsible attention whoring.


  8. To quote Hannibal Lector, garden variety manic-depressive. Tedious, very tedious.

    The trouble with people like her is that when the rest of us ignore them, they move up to more annoying ways of seeking attention. What’s next for her–standing atop a tactical nuke with a detonation app on her i-Phone?

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