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  1. this is bad information to be broadcasting right now….all we need is another nut job to fill in the blanks

    • @r,f,a, I don’t understand your point. Are you saying that some murderous b@stard is going to see this map and suddenly realize that the building he walks past every day is a school? Or are you saying that the same murderous b@stard is the only person in America who doesn’t know that school zones are gun-free?

      This is San Francisco. Nobody has guns except cops, and they can’t shoot straight anyway.

      • And the gangs which IIRC, include a Crips franchise or two, the Triad and some more modern Asisan offshoots, Russians, MS-13, a couple of other black gangs, and that’s only SF proper. I’m sure I’m missing a couple.

        It gets more fun in Oakland.

  2. The blue rounded group patterns makes the map look like a used target. I think my old street in San Francisco missed being in a gun-free school zone. What happens if you live in a gun free school zone and own a gun? Can you ever legally take it with you to go to a range? Anyone know what the SF loonie rules are these days?

      • Compliance with the federal transport laws suffices. State law pre-emption. Locked container, unloaded and you are legal. But this map is also indicative of other California cities, and pretty much all of the Bay Area. This is one of the issues expected to be argued in support of “shall issue” as the only way to legally bear loaded weapons in every urban area of the state is concealed with a CCW (open carry, loaded or unloaded, is illegal separate and apart from the school zones issue).

  3. Ask for volunteers to step up for “school marshal” training. Just like on airplanes, no one knows if or how many are available at any time to put down bad guys. You wouldn’t even need to pay them. Maybe just free ammo and range time to maintain proficiency. Even the tiny percentage of non-lefty teachers and administrators would provide a large enough pool of persons yearning to be able to protect their innocent charges from vicious loonies or terrorists.

  4. Presuming this comes from some use of the maps api, it would have been awesome to include a link!

  5. We need someone with more graphic design skill than myself to lay a map of violent gun crimes committed in this area over the Gun free school zones so we can see how “gun free” they are. My money’s on not very.

  6. Let’s get to the root/foundation of the situation. If we sell all public schools to private institutions, repeal all taxes that fund schools and let parents home school or send children to private schools we can end this problem in short order. If you choose to send your children to a private school, you can pick one that arms the teachers or has parents/relatives that provide security. In high schools you can teach the older/mature students to do the same. This will not only resolve the problem of free fire zones we currently have but will give us better education of our children and teachers and schools will have to earn their money by producing well taught students. No government solution to a govt. created problem and it will cost less. A lot less. is the first 10 minutes of a video created around 1990 that explains why our society/culture has devolved to where it is today. And why it will keep devolving. And if you watch the rest of the the video (in 10 minute segments) it will show the ultimate solution. Whether we choose to follow this wisdom will determine our future. Regards to all.

    • Agree 100% David. But the perfect is the enemy of the good. So in the interim I don’t see a better solution than mine. I hate the NRA proposal of hiring armed guards for every school. Expensive and would end up just like the government unionized TSA debacle.

  7. Schools are for the most part gun-free regardless of area.
    So it seems a little pointless to list them. However, I kind
    of like the idea. Let’s start posting maps and pictures of
    stores and areas that are gun free. Add a caption that says
    “This establishment does not allow self defense.”
    I think there would be a fair sized movement to actively
    avoid these areas and businesses. It could cause some
    serious problems for the antis.

    • Chuckn

      Already a few sites that do that. One deals with open carry and another dealing with those lovely signs free state people see in stores that are Kill Zones Sorry I mean Gun Free Zones


  8. Any city dumber than a rock dumb enough to have DiFI since the 80s is going to be just as dumb in there local policies. No Shock There!

  9. not entirely on topic … about 1/3 of the images at TTAG posts do not fully load like the image for this post. This has been going on for months. Does this happen to anyone else? I use Mozilla Firefox (latest version).

    • It only happens to me on the mobile site, and then only infrequently, on the order of one post a month. I use Chrome on my PC.

  10. I don’t remember if they did but California wanted/wants to expand gun [defense] free zones to 2,000 feet. Which would essentially ban carrying a gun any where. I also don’t remember if a CCP would allow them to carry through school zones. So in California you basically can’t protect yourself. This is the major reason you should never move to that state even if you have a good job offer.

    • Actually, the bill was 1500 feet, last session, and failed to get out of committee. Whetehr or not CCW is exempt from schools and/or school zones is in the discretion of the individual issuing county sheriff. Most that do restrict restrict only to no carry in the schools themselves, not school zones, from what I”ve read.

  11. I work with the GIS software that was used to draw this map.
    It’s worse than that, the circles are drawn from a point (school building). The law states 1k feet from school property. That means the circles should be rectangles and they should be a lot larger.
    Schools and their playgrounds, athletic fields etc can take up an entire block. It is 1000 ft from the edge of the property, for legal safety’s sake lets call that 2 tenths of a mile. It is obvious that the law was intend as an encumbrance not as a safty buffer for the childen. Because the city owns 15 feet of my yard, with out a CCW, I violate the law if I mow my lawn to the street while carrying. I have CCW!

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