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(courtesy Americans Against Assault Weapons Bans Facebook page)

“In recent events, the question of Assault Weapons being legal is now being tested.” So sayeth the About section of the Americans Against Assault Weapons Ban Facebook page, where this photo resides. “This page is devoted to ensure we don’t fall victim to the tyrannical grip of gun control. We support responsible and lawful gun ownership! We do not condone, advocate, support, or participate in . . .

any unlawful actions or ANY acts of violence (especially with firearms) and do not agree with or support anyone who breaks or violates ANY laws, we intend to protest gun control peacefully and in full compliance with the law.”

Yes, well, this. And the fact that New York gun owners are under the gun of said tyrannical gun control (is there any other kind?) thanks to the package of firearms and ammunition magazine registration and sales ban laws known as the SAFE Act.

Make no mistake: just because Empire State gun owners’ plight is not in the news doesn’t mean it won’t be. Like two tectonic plates rubbing up against each other, the pressure between pro and anti-gun forces in New York is growing every day. Unless the Supreme Court intervenes or the State backs down, an earthquake is coming. [h/t DrVino]

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    • For all you know it’s a “registered” “assault weapon”… Prove it ain’t bro.

        • Actually, if recent, that would be easy, there may not be any green grass in NY.

        • > prove it was taken in NY at all.

          You think people are editing their photos and removing the EXIF information before posting?

        • As a photographer 99.99% of EXIF information doesn’t contain a location. Only if it was taken with a cell phone with that feature enabled or one of a handful of cameras that have that ability. (read VERY unlikely)

        • WHEW, was about to say, it is getting nuts if the government can track us by our photos now.

  1. Wait, what? I’ll be the first to admit I’ve never been to NYC, so I’m probably completely wrong. But I thought the city was about as gun-friendly as Chicago, with the VAST majority being of the “guns are evil” type. Is that not the case?

    • Alas New York City is but a part of New York STATE. The further you roam from the 5 boroughs the less hoplophobic the residents become.

    • Yes, all the big cities are like that, but out in the country side and in Northern New York people are surprisingly very pro 2A and actually very republican. If you check out a map of the last presidential election by county, you’ll see the divide. Infact, most “blue” states are like this. The big cities just run the show, while the rural and small towns just dicked around.

      To get a better look at how the country really looks politically, by county is the best measure, its awfully surprising how much MORE of the country is Red as opposed to blue. the media puts it by state, and its very misleading.

      • That’s precisely why each district should choose its own delegate for electoral votes, rather than states that go “all or nothing” by statewide plurality.

        • I’ve been saying that for years. We can not eliminate the electoral college precisely because it would mean total domination by those blue mega cities and a complete disenfranchisement of the rest of the country.

          Individual district electoral college voters would FIX the problem of the tyranny of the big city. As it is right now we are closer to a tyrannical democracy, what the founders most feared, than we are of a Republic. Eliminating the electoral college would finish the republic in one election cycle.

    • Folks just can’t seem to get it that New York City is a friggin CITY inside New York STATE. 20 million citizens of the STATE. something like 62 counties. New York CITY IS 8 million in pop. 5 of the 62 counties. The SAFE Act is a STATE law.

    • NYC, yes. Five boroughs and three other downstate counties (Nassau, Suffolk & Westchester) where the voting population outnumbers the rest of the state. Eight downstate counties telling the other 54 upstate counties what’s what.

      The people in those 54 counties are pissed.

    • Thanks for the answers. I was under the impression that the SAFE act was an NYC law, not a state one, hence my confusion.

    • New York City is about 8 million people, out of a New York State population of about 20 million people. It’s not a majority by itself, but it is a substantial minority and solid voting bloc just in raw numbers. It is the largest city in the country, the center of major media, financial hub, and source of opinion makers in quite a few areas. It therefore has immense influence, especially in its own state.

      By the time you add in the college towns, Albany, and various other government-dependent communities in the state, there’s your liberal majority in New York state and they’re all marching to NYC’s drumbeat. Factor in that such people march in lockstep, and New York City basically *is* New York State for all intents and purposes.

  2. Yup and you thought the Bundy ranch was crazy. Wait till they try and flex their proverbial muscle in New York! Or Connecticut.
    I think the politicians are sitting back and wondering what now?
    Well CT, and NY gave them a response. There move…

  3. “We do not condone, advocate, support, or participate in any unlawful actions or ANY acts of violence (especially with firearms) and do not agree with or support anyone who breaks or violates ANY laws, we intend to protest gun control peacefully and in full compliance with the law.”

    Give up, you have been disarmed. The state has won. You are a good and well trained citizen. Welcome to the new USSA! etc. etc. ad nauseam.

  4. Active and open civil disobedience is the first step. You’ve already followed in the footsteps of your fellow citizens in Connecticut, assuming that rifle and magazine aren’t registered.

    But, if the state doesn’t back down (it just may but you never really know), you may just have to answer if the wolves of the state start growling at your door trying to blow your house down. Dig?

  5. I hope he took the geotag data out of the picture, or at least edited the picture before posting.

    Otherwise Attica will have another indefinite inmate.

    • While the law in NY tries to ban “scary looking rifles” (like most such laws) there are plenty of ways to modify one to make it legal (pinning the magazine, for example) and even if not it could have been registered prior to April 15th.

      • Not officially. All AR-15 modifications to make them legal are a gamble right now as the SAFE Act is written so arbitrarily. Pinning the magazine, magazine lock, FRS-15 stock, etc…all are a gamble right now. If caught by a cop, it depends on the officer if you get arrested. No one wants to be the first test case. In the rural areas, you are safer, but in the city areas, you’d better be careful right now. None of these modifications are like say what the bullet button is in California, i.e. something that has been officially approved by the state.

  6. People who post photos like that are just asking for trouble and bring a bad reputation to the pro freedom community.

      • Agreed. I’m a cop, and I can’t confirm any laws were broken. Innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

        With that being said, some laws are simply so unjust and terrible that they must be broken.

  7. Why advertise?
    Anti neighbor sees photo
    If not already on the list you sure are now

  8. It’s great to see so much interest in the plight of New York gun owners. One of the best places to stay abreast of current events is:

    Another is:


    All newly classified “assault weapons” had to be registered by 4/15/14. Magazines for said guns holding more than 10 rounds are illegal. Sale or transfer of those guns is illegal in NYS. There are about 6,000,000 gun owners in NYS. There are about 1,000,000 guns that come under regulation by the SAFE Act. When governor Cuomo got elected 1.4 million downstate residents voted for him. 3.2 million upstate residents voted for him. If all gun owners in NYS vote for Rob Astorino Cuomo is history. Please consider supporting Rob Astorino financially.

  9. All,
    Make sure your photos have the GPS data scrubbed from your photo headers
    Most smart phones embed it unless that function is turned off.

  10. I was in central NY recently and made the ride over the back roads from NH. I would guess that at least a 1/4 of the houses had some form anti-SAFE poster or signage in their yard. After passing through Troy and on the back roads outside one the mid sized cities up there the sign density might have been 1/2.

    As stated before the SAFE act is a frog boiling operation. People will get picked off over time for doing stupid things or by getting ratted out by an ex. It will be real interesting when an otherwise law abiding citizen gets pinched to see how people respond.

  11. Every line in the sand that is crossed, gun owners step back and draw a new line thinking they will not be pushed beyond the new line….same old repetitive story.

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