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Juan Williams, formerly of NPR, is far from a friend of the gun owner. So it was interesting to see that in an April 28th interview on The Lars Larson Show, Mr. Williams told Larson that the previous weekend, his wife’s car was stolen from the gas station as she was putting her credit card in the machine. In response, Williams reported that his wife said, “I wish I had a gun.” No word on what gun she’ll be getting [I’d recommend a .40 S&W, preferably an XDm], but if Juan’s a smart guy, he won’t stand in her way, regardless of his personal feelings on the issue. As they say, if momma ain’t happy…

A Baltimore police officer has been charged with the off-duty shooting of a man [autoplay warning] outside his home. Officer John E. Torres worked as a security guard at a grocery store with the victim and the victim’s wife. Torres and the wife had been exchanging text messages and the husband found out, and said he was going to tell the police department and Torres’ wife about the relationship. He drove up to Torres’ home, where he was shot. Torres told investigating officers that he feared the man, David Hohman, was going to kill him, saying that Hohman drove at him at a high rate of speed, and that’s why he emptied his GLOCK-brand GLOCK (14 rounds) into Hohman’s windshield. Police, however, said Hohman didn’t drive at Torres prior to the shots being fired and never got out of his car. What does all this have to do with guns, you might ask? Well, when Torres emptied his GLOCK into the windshield, Hohman was shot six times, including several that hit him in the chest. Torres is being charged with attempted homicide, because Hohman survived and is being treated in hospital. Wouldn’t you love to know the ballistics on that?

Two Canadian mathematicians describe a method for using a shotgun to calculate Pi, presumably in some post-apocalyptic world where people have forgotten basic mathematical concepts. Why you need to know the value of Pi in a post apocalyptic world, I don’t know, but just go with it. So they fired a shotgun 200 times at a piece of aluminum about 20 yards away, producing some 31,000 holes, and… well, you can read the rest over here. The most apt comment I read regarding this experiment was that, assuming this calculation was being done in a real post-apocalyptic situation, “I’d just say ‘3’ and keep the shotgun shells for later.”

There’s a well known problem of illegal immigration and smuggling coming across the Mexican border into the U.S., but what about when it’s the Mexican authorities crossing the border for reasons unknown? KVOA news out of Tucson has an interesting article about a unit of Mexican Army soldiers in the vicinity of Sásabe, Arizona who have attacked U.S. citizens, confronted U.S. federal agents, and even landed a helicopter about 300 yards inside the U.S. border. Reports obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show the incursions have happened at least 300 times over the last 18 years, including in January, when the Mexican soldiers drew their weapons on U.S. Border Patrol agents 50 yards inside the border, and in March, when soldiers opened fire on a Tucson man visiting his family in Sásabe, hitting him in the arm and the side. He survived, but his medical bills top $43,000, and so far, nobody’s paying them but him. Everyone (Homeland Security, Customs & Border Patrol, the FBI) seems aware of this problem, but nobody seems to be trying to stop it.

Yankee Marshal’s Five Most Beautiful Handguns (of all time) aka Gary the GLOCK’s “I’d Hit That” gun list:

No XDm, not a valid list.

A preview of Colion Noir’s new NRA-backed show, titled simply “NOIR” with his co-host Amy Robbins. I’m looking forward to it. I hope they stay away from Bloomberg as much as possible. He was only mentioned once in this preview, and I’m already tired of hearing about him.

And yes, legs for days.

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    • The real question is, who is she? A quick google search turns up nothing.

      I hope she has more qualifications than just a good look woman.

  1. If Juan Williams’ wife left her car unlocked and the keys in the ignition while she was getting her credit card processed at that gas station, she pretty much made herself an accessory before the fact to the theft of her car. My sympathy for her is somewhat limited, and her egregious lack of foresight makes me question her suitability for being a gun owner.

    • Before you harsh on her too much, do you take your key out of the ignition and lock your car when you pay at the pump? I know I don’t, even as I maintain as much situational awareness as possible.

      Also, carrying a gun often enhances one’s awareness. If Mrs. Williams approaches gun ownership seriously, the gun may give rise to greater awareness of her surroundings.

      • My standard practice is to open the fuel filler flap as I get out of the car, taking my keys with me. I lock the doors with the remote before I start pumping gas. If I’m more than 3′ from the driver’s door, the car is locked.

        • Damn. I leave my truck running, door typically open whenever I fuel up.

        • Alaskan Patriot. Gassing up your car while it is running is illegal in many of the lower 48. I don’t know what the law is in Alaska, but if you come down here, beware.

        • May or may not be illegal. But moronic. Blowing up the entire station to save cranking your engine is moronic. Also place gas cans on the ground before refilling (on leave in the vehicle). Static electric charge – gasoline fumes are not a good mix

        • He did say “truck” and “fuel up”. My guess, since I generally use the same terms, would be that his truck is a diesel. No ignition system, no fuel vapors (flash point of #2 is 125* F), etc.. Because its flash point is so high, diesel #2 is usually referred to as a “combustible” liquid, rather than “flammable” (like gasoline).

          Some (most?) of the state laws that mandate turning off the engine when fueling specifically refer to dispensing gasoline (or other fuels with low flash point temps). For example, NJ specifically exempts diesel fuel; when NJ defines “flammable liquid”, they refer to flash points below 100* F.

        • “Keys in the ignition” is not the same as “car running.” Most people I see, myself included, pull up to the pump, turn the engine off and leave keys in the ignition, door unlocked, since they’re standing right there by the car. Getting locked out is a good reason to take keys with you, though. I’ll have to add that to my list of habits that annoy my wife and friends.

        • If she was paying at the pump, that’s understandable. If she had to pay inside the shop, that’s stupid.

          Nothing wrong with leaving a deisel motor running while fueliing. I imagine that in an Alaskan winter it’s almost required to make sure it doesn’t freeze up.

        • Are you going to be that Bohunk who locks his keys in his car and it takes three hours to get your wife and kids out?

          I'm not going to be the Bohunk who either a) buys a vehicle whose doors cannot be unlocked from the inside when the keys are also inside or b) marries someone who cannot figure out how to unlock the doors from inside – with the keys handy.

          My only experience with locking my keys in my truck was in October 2013. We (I, my wife, and our 7-, 9- and 11-year-old kids) had gone over to my Dad’s house. With the unlocked truck in Dad’s driveway, I left the keys on the center console. Kids started goofing around outside, hiding in my truck. Eventually, they ended up toggling the “door lock” switch and closing the doors – while all three kids were outside the truck. Result: a 10-minute round trip to my house to pick up the spare key. Now I carry the spare key in my wallet.

          Oh, and in my truck (2001 Dodge RAM 2500, Cummins HO), if the engine is running and the driver’s door is open, the little door lock toggle switch in the driver’s door won’t lock the doors. The only way I can possibly lock myself out while the engine is running is to depress the lock “pushrod” at the rear-most edge of the driver’s door by the window (i.e. the typical “manual door lock button”). In 13.5 years, I’ve never used (accidentally or intentionally) that control.

        • It’s been a number of years since I’ve hung my hat in Minnesnowta, but we used to routinely go out to start the car 10 minutes or so before we had to go someplace, lock the doors with the motor running, and go back inside to finish our coffee or whatever while the car warmed up, then go from the nice warm house to the nice warm car. Obviously, we’d carry the two keys.

        • we used to routinely go out to start the car 10 minutes or so before we had to go someplace, lock the doors with the motor running, and go back inside to finish our coffee or whatever while the car warmed up

          Locked and with second key, that works. People do that around here (Colorado). Unfortunately, a bunch of them seem to leave the vehicle doors unlocked – and they find themselves without a ride to work.

          One of the benefits of my diesel vehicles (and a big, though unheated, garage)… the block heaters were standard equipment. Plug it in on a timer, and the coolant (and thus the engine block) is nice and warm when I go out to start it. I do it for the wife’s Excursion just about every weekday during the winter. I generally just start the Dodge cold; the 3-cylinder high idle is kind of interesting, but that only kicks in if I leave it in the driveway overnight and it gets a good, long cold soak.

        • Blowing up the station? You are a victim of controlling scare tactics much like those surrounding guns that “go off”. I know, sounds like a possibility, right? So, we have a lot of surveillance cameras everywhere, now, where has this happened? Ever! Be advised that at least in most places, possibly all, it is also illegal to pump gas without turning OFF your cell phone. Read the warnings on the pump, next time. Note it is not “don’t use it”, you have to turn it off. How many times was that violated last year? My guess is tens or hundreds of billions, given that hundreds of millions of people fuel up once a week for 52 weeks, and I doubt all cell phones in the car were turned off ONCE. Now! How many explosions (blowing up the station) resulted? Right, not a damn one. When I smoked, back in the day, I often smoked while pumping fuel. Why? It was demonstrated to me at an early age that an ember will not ignite gasoline and air mix. To do that you need gasoline and oxygen (pure O2) mix. Otherwise you need a spark or open flame.

          The same silly people who want to protect us from ourselves by taking our guns also wish to control our lives by telling us really silly shit. A gas station attendant in Oregon a decade or so back explained the fact that pumping your own gas was illegal in Oregon by how often people blew themselves up when allowed to do so. I pointed out that the other 49 states did not seem to have the problem, and he promptly claimed to have seen such an accident, leaving a 50 ft hole in the ground, leaving me wondering how he survived. Watch out for BS, wherever you go!

      • Um… YES! I remove the keys. Always, each and every time I leave the car.

        Number one, it sucks to lock yourself out of your car, doubly so if you left it running.

        Number two, a car is the typical American’s most expensive thing they ever buy, after the house if they’re a homeowner, or THE most expensive if they’re a renter. Even if you’re a trusting soul (in other people, your own situational awareness, or whatever) why take the risk?

      • Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. One can’t be too careful, and it takes only a moment for an enterprising thief to accomplish his/her aim. I also make it my business to be aware of who’s nearby as I’m exiting my vehicle.

      • I pull the keys and lock the door every time I get out, though honestly it’s mostly habit. The keys go in my pocket before I leave the seat and I hit the lock button before I let go of the door.

        I’ve even locked my wife in on more than a few occasions when she’s slower than me getting out.

        I’m incredibly forgetful, if I don’t make things routine then I miss them.

    • You would make a terrible juror or votor

      Look, I stopped a young attractive lady wearing fairly expensive clothing and generally an eye catcher, leaving a building at 2:15 am this morning working security. It was a very bad neighborhood, though not as bad as it used to be. She was not from here and planned to walk several blocks to her hotel, and she wanted directions. I got her a cab instead.

      But say she had walked and was robbed, raped or worse…would she be an accessory to her own victimhood? A young pretty white lady in a very nasty area, dressed to attract attention. Certainly dressing more subdued (both in less attractive but also lss “I have money” style), would help avoid trouble, as would having an escort (harder to attack a group). But just because the way a woman dress, e.g., contributed materially to her being attacked (for it draws attention), the attacker is still alone morally and legally responsible for his act. The thing is she should be able to dress as she wants and not worry. That she shouldn’t is a result of bad people, not her failing.

      Now, really. While I take the key out of my ignition (ever since I locked myself out of my car once), I NEVER lock the door pumping gas. Why would I. Oh and I leave the windows down parked on the street in front of my house sometimes. And if I need the cashier or turn out to be low on oil and go in for that, or just get the hankering for a soda before getting back on the road, so be it. Chances of me locking my car are next to nil. Only in real bad neighborhoods or when I have my rifle on the backseat do I exercise that extra vigilance.

      Your blame the victim mentality is disgusting in both what it says about you personally and in its logical consequences. I know a woman who 40 years ao, as a teenager, was raped while walking to her mother’s house in a bad neighborhood. She had moved out with an aunt to a better place (her mother was a druggie). She reported it the first time she was raped and the POS cops mocked her and badgered her about why a white girl like her was in a “n%$$@!b neighborhood” and dismissed her. She didn’t report it the 2nd time it happened. That is the wicked attitude you have shown here. Yes take precautions, be careful. But it does not excuse the evil act just because your victim was innocent and naive.

      • There is a difference between blaming the victim, and saying the victim was being an idiot.

        There’s no question Ms Williams was the victim, nor did she deserve to have her car stolen. It wasn’t right, period.

        That said, though, it sounds as though she failed to do a very simple thing that would have made the crime much harder to do, in fact would have eliminated it as a crime of opportunity.

        Neither was it right for the girl you describe to be raped, or for the policeman to ignore it. You know far more about the situation than I do so I can’t comment any further on the why’s and what’s, other than to express my regret that she had to continue to traverse such a bad area.

        Personally, I’m a little disturbed that Ms Williams – reading between the lines – might have been willing to shoot someone who was stealing her car without having threatened her. But that’s a different discussion.

        • That’s the thing, you shouldn’t punish the victim, but you should hope they learn something. We’re not that removed from the rest of the animal kingdom, and there will always be predators out there. Don’t stand out as a victim.

    • I check the back seat, and lock the car. I verify that each independent door has actually locked, and double check that the trunk is latched. After I confirm that the trunk is secure, I take a quick sweep underneath the undercarriage of the vehicle. Time for a quick 360 degree perimeter sweep. I find the nearest cover that will protect against at least a 5.56. I check the iphone apps to see if I have any suspect perimeter alerts or BOLS from CHP, LASO, or LAPD. If I’m traveling the apps to the appropriate locations are pre-loaded. It’s important to use the very latest versions of each app, since new features are periodically added.

      After that, I confirm that each piece of gear is still secure in my pockets and holsters. Once secure, I can advance to the ATM and withdraw my card with my weak hand as long as their is a mirror that always me to check my 6. If bystanders are clear within 50 feet, I enter my PIN which is changed weekly.

      Or I can just gas up and look around every now and then.

      • Accur81, dare I point out that there’s quite a difference between your sarcastically exaggerated disquisition on how you safeguard your vehicle when gassing up, and the much simpler plan of 1) at the very least, removing your keys from the ignition, and 2) using your remote to secure the vehicle if you are not in it?

  2. I have been an NPR listener for years but I really lost respect for them when Juan Williams worked there. One day he had an interview with George W. Bush and threw him some of the most softball questions ever. I swear a third grader could have asked tougher questions. I am glad he left NPR. Since then he continues to slide downhill.

  3. Hunh. I mean, I knew we had a tide of illegal immigrants coming over from Mexico, but I honestly had no idea that we were *being invaded by the Mexican army*.

    Thanks, Obama.

      • Indeed. While the current Admin hasn’t done anything to help the problems on the border, the previous ones haven’t either. I remember back in the late 90’s, there were a bunch of photos circulating of Mexican Military in southern AZ on several websites (can’t find them anymore unfortunately). The Mexican Military has been running cover for the cartels for years. The founding Zetas are all former Mexican Military. So are several other cartels. The country is so corrupt and infiltrated at every level that I just don’t see it changing. There are a lot of stories from the border that never get out. I have heard some real crazy stuff from some Feds I have worked with, but it is all second and third hand of course. If half of what they say is true, it’s still crazy (and enraging) stuff.

    • I don’t like our president either, but it’s been going on for longer than he’s been around. All of .gov needs to nut up and beef up security. This is simply unacceptable.

    • I guess you didn’t read the part about this happening over the last 18 years.

      “Reports obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show the incursions have happened at least 300 times over the last 18 years…”

      This has nothing to do with POTUS. It is about the leviathan that is the corrupt and inept government. You will never understand the problem until you see past your partisanship.

    • Well it’s not just the current occupant of the WH’s fault. US border security is a freaking joke. Has been for decades. It’s not going to cease being a joke until we can get a president or congress that’s willing to sack up and really deal with the problem.

      • “It’s not going to cease being a joke until we can get a president or congress that’s willing to sack up and really deal with the problem.”

        So, it’s not going to cease being a joke then?

        • Well practically yes. But I refuse to believe that we CAN’T fix this mess we’re in. That’s kind of a hallmark of being an American. Or… at least it was.

      • The traditional American way of “fixing border security” was to not try to stop immigration, but rather let it flow and use it to strengthen the country.

        In 1850, there were no entry visas, and getting citizenship took living in the country and paying taxes for a year or two, depending on the state. Worked fine for them.

        • While that’s a wonderful glimpse of a glorious history, we need to secure our southern border. Mexico is not a country to emulate.

        • In 1850 there was no welfare state, no EITC, no food-stamps, no WIC, no Medicaid and no minimum wage. You get rid of all those, and you can open the border to world.

    • I have a good friend that was in the Marines back in the mid to late 90’s and did quite a bit of drug interdiction along our southern border. He told me on at least one occasion his squad encountered a fully armed Mexican APC escorting a drug convoy across the border on OUR side. This was in the 90’s mind you.

  4. Ugh… I was under the impression that the value never actually changed… 3.14159265. (rounded off) Why would you need to keep checking it?

  5. There’s many reasons why nobody is doing anything about the issues in this article aren’t doing anything. Namely because the current administration is very pro everything except guns. ICE AND CBP are some good guys, unfortunately they don’t have enough man power in my opinion to secure the border. I think a 50′ high wall with towers and designated marksmen are the proper way to go about securing the border.

    BTW I am pro LEGAL immigration.

  6. OK, I’ve watched it three times now, and I still can’t see either a skirt or shorts under that jacket. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  7. Ballistics on the car shooting?

    Welcome to the real world. I once worked a shooting where the bad guy was shot SEVEN times by a .357 Sig and not through a windshield. As I recall from the autopsy, every shot caused a mortal wound, but he was still standing and fighting until the last one dropped him. It entered just at his eyebrow.

    This anecdote is more common. One shot stops are possible with handguns, but not reliably so.

    Any caliber.

    A good place for this link:

    • +1. Through a barrier (windshield), handgun, long range (for a handgun anything more than 15 yards is long range).

      Before some idiot starts in about the 30m standard military handgun target you shoot on the M9 qual range, I will say this: Put a softball at 30m and shoot at it. While time is running. Tell me how easy it is to hit the softball. Welcome to USPSA.

      The reality is anyone can hit a barn door (or E-type silhouette) that falls if you hit it anywhere. It wasn’t until I started shooting at relatively small targets, for time, that I realized long distance pistol shots actually require practice to pull off with any kind of consistency.

  8. Some people in the comments above are claiming the big US government is in need of protecting us/our border. Isn’t this a large part of why the 2A was written?

    • And that right there, my friends, is why we should be able to buy grenade launchers, grenades, > .50 cal weapons, etc.

      Or Stingers. Stingers would work, unless maybe these folks got their hands on a Russurp Hind…

  9. PPGMD. Unsolicited old guy tip of the day. There is no need to ID. While thee figure who dat, I enjoy the form, and that is prime time.

  10. “need to know the value of π and, being a mathematician, they turn to you. What do you do?”

    I say, “three point one four one five nine two six five three five eight nine seven nine… Is that enough significant digits?”

    • Meh, I stop at “one five nine.” Most measurement systems giving you the other data in an equation won’t be accurate past that anyway.

      Kinda like the argument I’m currently having with a couple of design engineers that insist on taking metric dimensions out to six places.

      • Do they need to do a remedial class on significant figures and what they actually mean in terms of measured quantities?

        • Assume the diameter of Earth is 8000 miles, then these lengths
          give these answers:

          pi diameter circumference
          3.14 8000 25120
          3.141 8000 25128
          3.1415 8000 25132
          3.14159 8000 25132.72
          3.141592 8000 25132.736

        • “Exit
          1/4 mi.
          402.3 m.”

          I don’t have too much of a problem with that. A mile is 5280 feet, so “1/4 mile” is exactly one quarter of a mile… 1320 feet. Four significant digits.

        • Yeah, I know, technically it’s correct, but it’s like: measure with a micrometer, mark it with a crayon, and cut it with an ax. Maybe it’s only funny to us nerds. 😉

        • Hey Don, how many sig figs are in the measuring device of the average car on the road?

          To me, that’s what makes it funny. Is someone going to miss their exit because the sign did not include the .3 m?

          By the way, I remember those signs.

        • I proudly call myself a nerd, and I also find it funny. However, I don’t blame the sign-maker. He, with an apparent understanding of math and significant digits, said to himself “well, I have 4 significant digits in the imperial system, so I should also have 4 in the SI system… thus, 402.3m.”

          It’s not his fault that the guys placing signs and building automobile odometers aren’t as conscientious and correct as he is.

        • 1/4 mile =400M=400 yards. Thought everybody knew that. Driving 70 mph, pick a spot, and when you pass it point out the window and say “now” when you pass 1/4 mile. That is how important the difference is in that application.

        • 1/4 mile =400M=400 yards. Thought everybody knew that.

          1/4 mile != 400 yards.

          Not to nitpick (and I don’t believe it’s nitpicking to point out a 10% error in a sub-thread where we’re discussing math, significant digits, and known values), but …

          1 mile == 5280 feet. 1 yard == 3 feet. 1 mile == 1760 yards. 1/4 mile == 440 yards. I’m pretty sure that’s why I remember running “the 440” around the track in high school.

        • Actually, 1/4 mile = 440 yards, not 400 yards. Yes, 400 meters = 437.445 yards, and 437.445 yards is approximately 440 yards, but why should we use an approximation when an exact equivalent is available that isn’t an irrational number like π, nor a repeating decimal like 1/7?

  11. Aaaahhh! I’ve been wondering for months how his name is pronounced! I learned to read by phonics (“Sound it out!”), so it’s frustrating for me to see something in print that I don’t know how to pronounce. Luckily, my little cranial pronouncer homunculus guessed right. No-WAHr.

      • “Noir is a common and well known French loan word. it means black.”

        Oh, yeah, I knew that, but in this context it’s a man’s name, and where names are concerned, all bets are off. I bet there are a lot of people who have been mentally pronouncing my name “grease” or “greasy” or “grizzy.” It’s “Gryce,” or in German, “Greiss;” it rhymes with ‘nice.’ Long I, silent E. And if I didn’t know the French, I’d have pronounced Colion’s name “Collyun Noyer.”

        • Rhymes with “rice”, maybe, “nice”? Come on now, you’re trying to put one over on us!

  12. Okay, maybe I’m just rehashing the “After the jump” thing, but when I read, “As they say, if momma ain’t happy… Read on for more .” and read on expecting more of the same story, I got different stories. So how is the “I wish I’d had a gun” story unfolding?

  13. People in El Paso told me about the Mexican military crossing the border and driving on I-10 outside of the city in the past. When people say we don’t need an “assault weapon” they are right. We need assault rifles, M240b machineguns and Javelin missiles on the border. Maybe a few M777 s for some shake and bake action.

    • Libertarians have been saying, “Just build the damn fence already!” ever since the problem was first noticed. Imagine how secure the border could be if instead of having 160,000 American boys and girls half-way across the world trying to occupy and control Iraq, Afghanistan, and Gawd-knows-what-all-else country over there, they were guarding our own border, like the Constitution says is their purpose!

      • Actually, border security is our job.

        To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

        Invasion – an unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.

        If a foreign government is sending troops over the border uninvited that constitutes invasion. The gummint should be the ones to nut up, call on the militia (US), and let us get to work securing the border.

        • Didn’t some guys try that a couple of years ago?

          And, wasn’t the general response, not unlike what we hear in self defense discussions, “That’s OUR job, not the job citizens!!”

          That pesky ole Constitution…just gets in the way of statism every time. How dare you bring it up again.

        • Ambush them while they’re on this side of the border? Me gusta. Just find a way to get the info out postmortem because no one will ever hear about that shit if you can’t get it on the webz.

  14. Digging a hole is cheaper and faster than building a wall. Have convicts work a chain gang and turn the border into a moat. Use the moat a a breeding territory for water moccasins and pirahna.

    • There is a comedian (Ron White, maybe) that put out a plan that would never work, but it always make me laugh to think about it:

      We should get closer to Mexico. Loan, LOAN, them a bunch of money to industrialize, improve agriculture, improve their general standard of living. Once we feel they’re up to snuff, we call in the note. When they can’t pay we foreclose on the country and annex Mexico.

      Rinse and repeat all through Central America until we get to Panama. Then we can stand on one side of the canal and say “Swim THAT, b*tch.”

      Impractical and impossible, but it makes me smile 🙂

      • I don’t really have a problem with Mexicans in general, except when they’re blocking the aisle in the grocery store, but people of all colors do that; I hate the welfare state in general, so getting the benefits isn’t really their fault, and there’s that voting thing, but if there wasn’t so much government power and jingoism, what difference does it really make? We really do need somebody to pick the strawberries!

        • I don’t have a particular problem with any specific group (ethnic, social, religious, other). I just hate stupid, which I define as those that espouse ignorance as a virtue. Means I can pretty much find someone I dislike any group of people 🙂

          As far as joking about it, I prescribe to the Carlin theory. Anything can be joked about, it just depends on how you construct the joke.

    • “Digging a hole is cheaper and faster than building a wall.”

      Maybe, but probably not cheaper and faster than a set of chain-link fences and some concertina razor wire (or is that razor concertina wire?). Or even *GASP* patrols!

  15. Everyone (Homeland Security, Customs & Border Patrol, the FBI) seems aware of this problem, but nobody seems to be trying to stop it.

    Politicians need the Latino Vote. They feel they cannot do anything no matter how logical that would upset the Latino voters. In the meantime, if the US did what they did Mexico would call it an act of War.

  16. To Juan’s wife my sympathy she now knows how it feels to be a victim of a crime. But she also is on the wrong side of it. The it being wishing for a “gun” is tantamount to blaming the the gun for the the crime the person commits with it. The what ifs are too many to go through like if it was in the glove box?…… I know its been stated before and it goes like this:
    Antis don’t want anyone to have guns until they do. or An anti is a person who hasn’t been a victim of a crime then they’re wishing for a gun.

  17. 1 I get the feeling that Mrs. Williams doesn’t usually fuel up in an area that screams out for extra caution.
    2 Looks like somebody’s going to be suspended with pay.
    3 22/7
    4 I agree on #4 and #2.
    5 Yes, nice legs, but she’s got anorexia face.

  18. Remove the keys and lock the doors when fueling. That keeps the snakes from opening the other side and stealing stuff. It also keeps thugs safe as they are unlikely to get popped.

    • I like how the door locks work on my truck. I can change the behavior of the door lock. I’ve got it set to only unlock the driver door when I put it in park. That’s the default action of the key fob as well: one button press only unlocks the driver’s door, two presses unlocks both.

      I like that setup because there are too many stories out there (a couple documented on this site a while back) of people jumping in an unlocked passenger door before the driver can take off.

  19. 1. The Mexican invasion story deserves its own individual story.
    2. The Mexican invasion story makes me think local militias should hold training exercises in the border counties…

  20. Juan strikes me as more than a bit whimpish and I can envisage the smack down he’d receive if he protested his alpha wife’s remark.
    As for the change in MAIG leadership, so, sounds like the swapped Hitler for ‘Little Hitler’ (on stilts) doubtless the rally attendance numbers will double to near 70 (counting press) as a result

  21. A gun wouldn’t have done her any good. Can’t shoot a bastard for stealing your car, as much as you might like too.


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