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The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre is now a part of our collective history. As the shock wears off, the country seeks greater understanding. Where America looks for an answer—whether it’s our gun laws, Adam Lanza’s twisted psychology or the unfathomable nature of evil—will determine what happens to our firearms freedom for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, this image is a kind of litmus test. I look at it and wonder A) what’s Uncle Sam got to do with it? and B) why wasn’t there anyone at Sandy Hook Elementary who could take out the man who shot 20 children. What do you see? [h/t Aharon]

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  1. I’m with you on “A) what’s Uncle Sam got to do with it?” That was actually my first thought, before I read the post. Perhaps the artist meant it as “All of America wonders ‘Why?'”

  2. I see Uncle Sam, the spirit of old-fashioned America, wondering WTF happened to our nation. Where lunatics aren’t treated or even looked after and the government neuters The People’s right to self defense.

  3. I see (a) as the country as a whole and I see (b) as gun free zone as free kill zones period untill they allow teachers to carry this has the possibility of happening again the police can’t be every where at once…..I hear on the radio that in Oklahoma this almost happened yesterday at a high school in tulsa except the asshole was stopped before he could cause any carnage…can you imagine if this happened at 2 schools on the same day…

  4. Why did we ever get so progressive and arrogant that we forgot that little lambs need to be actually, physically protected from aggressive evil by a Hero to stand guard over them?

  5. Right on schedule. Wait for pictures of Obama and Michelle at these poor kids funerals with the heart-breaking little coffins and comforting the devastated parents.

    • He’s scheduled to speak at an interfaith vigil for the families tomorrow night.

      For all the talk of politicizing the tragedy and all that, let’s be honest here… there’s really no way he could not do this. Regardless of your political affiliation, you have to admit that anyone sitting in his chair would do the same. It’s what Presidents do.

      That said, what he says will say a lot. Any President would speak. Some would simply speak of sadness, and rebuilding, and courage under fire. Some others might try to advance an agenda. Honestly, I would think just as poorly of a President who spoke out at an event like this in favor of armed teachers as I would of a President who spoke out in favor of gun control. Have a press conference if you feel the need, but at a vigil will not be the place for it. I hope he measures up to my expectations on this.

      • It’s what the media is going to do with the images, which is what this post is all about. Nowhere and no how did anyone say the President shouldn’t be involved.

        • You mean will someone manage to capture another Obama Halo photo, this time with tears? It certainly seems possible, doesn’t it?

          Edit to add: Yes, I’m aware that if you type in virtually any President’s name followed by “halo” you’ll get a similar set of results. It’s just how we work.

        • Sorry Matt, you can’t have it both ways. I have to believe that Obama and his minions are gathering as we speak to plan the most advantageous methods of curtailing our 2A rights. Images of him at the funerals via the media are part of that plan.

  6. uncle sam’s hypocrisy here is amazing.

    a century of gun boat diplomacy and a flawed foreign policy has killed many children in foreign countries. starvation, disease, and poverty exacerbated by economic sabotage and then there’s the military intervention.

    this is emotional bullshit that i have no tolerance for.

      • knock it off.

        you obviously havent asked me about beslan.

        americans are the first people to believe theyre the salt of the earth while being the first people to be damned to hell for their hypocrisy.

        • piss off.

          ill capitalize whatever i feel like.

          i only capitalize the Constitution. america is of the banks, by the banks, for the banks and does not earn the support of a contributing citizen such as myself.

    • I don’t think Ramirez was depicting the US government but the heart of the decent people in this nation. Don’t confuse the two. Uncle Sam may not be the best image to use, but it conveys the artists intent. At least to me it does.

  7. Why??? Because you legislated their protectors out of the ability to protect them!!! This is your fault Uncle Scam!!!

  8. It is just really sad. It is terrible that we cannot find out who the really sick are and get them off the streets. You see these twisted people will find a way to do harm..
    Knives, bombs, fire, they love mayhem. They are terrorists . So we need to find better ways to weed them out long before they can hurt us. And yes people that mean cooperation with the authorities Aka. The government . Teachers, counselors, coaches, LEO, firefighters, doctors, nurses , and of course parents and clergy.
    Report abhorrent behavior . Yes even if it is the neighbors kid……or your own.
    This isn’t about guns it is about terrorism .

    • No thanks, I don’t want to live in a country like that. When neighbors routinely report to the government, because they fear someone might commit a crime, that is a nanny-state gone wild, not freedom.

      “Those who would give up essential freedoms for a little security deserve neither.”

  9. I see a government wondering why after the mental health support system that once was has been dismantled. I see the government asking why the Brady Campaign gives Connecticut 3 out of four stars, yet something like this could happen. I see them asking why can’t we defend against evil. But the reality is unless you are going to take steps to fight it head on, you will be a victim. Unfortunately the general mindset has been take away guns, not how do we cut down on crime and deal with the mentally ill.

  10. Its sad that the gun grabber cant let people morn there loss. Sick PS I dont blame us for getting on progun comments since the left started this before any facts come.

  11. . What do you see?

    The beginning of the end.

    Liberty is obsolete. If you disagree, turn on your TV or look out your window sometime.The principle of individual responsibility is dead. Freedom is as quaint as those old silent movies, a distant cultural artifact of a foreign nation alien to this one which calls itself the United States.

    No longer can Americans accept and support individual practical solutions to problems. The population at large cannot rest unless the Big Federal Government does SOMETHING about the topical problem of the moment, no matter how symbolic or ineffective it is. Solving the problems of mental health and a morally bankrupt society requires intellect and social structure which has long since departed the electorate in America. In its place lies emotional turbulence and a need to trust others to find a collective solution.

    As such, Obama and others will support the reduction of our gun rights. To what degree and specifics are not known by myself; but rest assured I truly do mean “our” gun rights, because most of America doesn’t give a sh-t about rights or liberty. As such no matter what Obama and Company does, their actions will be cheered on;for those who determine the path of America’s present and future think with their hearts due to not having a brain to use, and they’ll be ever happy to revel in the emotional gratification of destroying America’s “patriarchial and violent” past via White House decree.

    As for our fate as obsolete gun toting holdouts living in a nation that’s all but spat on the blood of its veterans and forefathers, the quote from the movie Hunger Games comes to mind:”May The Odds Be Ever in Our Favor!”

  12. This is the most emotionally powerful political cartoon that I have ever looked upon. When I saw the image earlier today (I don’t like calling it a cartoon) it caught me up and I just starred and starred. I felt pain, sadness, and anger in my gut. I think it symbolizes to me how divided our country is and how far down modern American society has morally fallen.

    Why didn’t the gun owner, the mother, lock away her guns securing them from her son who reportedly had emotional health issues? Why weren’t there armed adults to protect the children?

  13. The Uncle Sam icon has been associated with what is decent in the American people. I see this image as a people heart broken and confused about this terrible event. I also first thought what does Uncle Sam have to do with it, but then I remembered how this icon was used in the distant past. Especially during WWII.

    Our children have been murdered and our hearts are wounded. Now the question is how can proud mankind prevent a godless and wicked people from destroying what we hold dear. Can it be done?

      • What the hell is wrong with you, WLCE? Disrespectful and rude. It’s guys like you that make it seem like this world is going to hell.

      • i can see the epitome of compromised morals and values in america.

        hypocrites like you two chuckleheads are the reason why america is no longer taken seriously in the world. Theres no public backlash against killing pakistani children with hellfires…americans remain strangely silent.

        once again, thank you for proving my point.

        • There is a difference between trying to kill civilians (murder), and trying not to kill them (regrettable and saddening collateral damage). While there is much to critique regarding Americas misadventures in foreign policy, I am still a firm believer in American exceptionalism, warts and all.
          I notice people tend to see things in the picture that feed off of their personal beliefs. There is alot of room for interpretation.

  14. Why?

    Simple answer because in a truly free society you are simply one of many and are at risk of the actions of all the others in the society. The alternative is prior restrain; where “authority” tries to per-determine people’s potential actions and act on them in advance. Sounds OK until the “authorities” decide that YOUR actions are potentially dangerous and restrains YOU.

    Regardless of all of that, the image is incendiary.

  15. Why? Because Patriotism and God are no longer in the classroom.
    Sadly, it will be easier to blame (and TRY to ban) billions of inexpensive metal boxes with springs in them (mags).

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