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Another day, another actor, another shotgun. Am I the only one who finds it funny-peculiar that the Mayors Against Illegal Guns use firearms for props in its civilian disarmament agitprop? In the last ad an actor right out of central casting—send us a bearded redneck with a plaid shirt and all his teeth—held a traditional wood-stocked shotgun across his lap as he railed against politicians who aided and abetted criminals and the mentally ill (his cousins?). In this one, another unnamed actor holds an ee-vill black home defense shotgun at the low-ready. His finger isn’t on the trigger, exactly, but it isn’t across the action as it should be. Never mind. It’s good to see Mayor Mike pissing away his money in Nevada, adding to his rep as the Big City gun-grabbing interloper who sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong. As a Jew I only wish Bloomberg wasn’t Jewish. Know what I mean?

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  1. So, all the People of the Gun use that number that kapo bloomberg provided us with and call the Gov and tell him well done for supporting the civil rights of gun owners.

    • Give me your, NAME, RANK, & SERIAL #,,,once we have that we can come and confiscate your GUN’S……
      With Registration can Confiscation be far behind….
      “WE are the GOVERNMENT, We are here to HELP YOU”

  2. Gun owner? Probably the first time in this ass clowns life that he has ever held a gun. U guys think that maybe the actor is rtempleton?

    • Too handsome for rtempleton. Maybe too mascu… on second, thought, no.

      Interesting tactic, isn’t it? Guy winces and does the Clint Eastwood thing, clutching his shotgun in an Eastman-esque manner… “if you want to take my gun confis…registration away, YOU’LL HAVE TO PRY IT FROM MY COLD, DEAD FINGERS! Are you FEELIN’ LUCKY, PUNK?”

    • They’re conducting their campaign like a political business, appealing to their target electorate, revealing their intent with ONLY the information to sell the product, and asking for the sale.

      MAIG and Bloomberg are still a bunch of fraudulent elitist nincompoop a-holes selling a defective product.

    • I’d chalk that up to more misdirection… We’ve been seeing a lot of that… The truth is on our side and they know it…

  3. When you call, you will be given 3 options
    1 to vote for SB221
    2 to vote against SB221
    3 to connect to the receptionist

    I think you all know what 2 do

    • Thank you for posting this. I hope everyone calls it and pushes the right button (hint: Dr. Evil’s “Segundo’s” name is Number – – -)

    • I called and voted. Isn’t it nice not to have voter ID? I can for or against all sorts of things. Like I’ve said before, support gun rights from wherever you are, even if its behind enemy lines.

  4. Ummm I thought we already had background checks? From all of these ads they keep preaching like we have zero background checks. Of course background checks would not have prevented Lanza (human garbage) to get his mother’s guns after murdering her. That’s common sense.

  5. Somehow, I don’t think that Nevadans are going to favor Mayor Napoleon over one of their own. And I also think that Nevada legislators who voted to take MAIG’s money are going to regret it.

  6. MAIG: Thank you for providing me Governor Sandoval contact information so I may call and thank him for supporting gun rights, the constitution, and the representation of his region’s populace. After all, Governor Sandoval (who lives in Nevada), knows more about the people of Nevada than the MAIG propagandists on the East coast.

  7. RF, not a Jew but feel your pain, after all the Jewish people have been through I still can’t get me head around those that support/promote gun control.

    • Agreed. Jews above all should know the consequence of turning in their arms. They trusted their government and followed whatever their government asked.

      • Most of the gungrabbers — Malloy, Cuomo, McCarthy, Brady, O’Mally, Hickenlooper, Yee, Brown, Toomey, Manchin, McGinn, Clinton, Obama, Durbin, Menendez, Reed, the list is virtually endless — are or claim to be Christians.

        Shouldn’t they know better too?

  8. I’m looking forward to the next election and the wails of frustration from MAIG and their supporters when none of the politicians they’ve targeted are defeated at the polls.

  9. Good call on trigger finger. I apparently am wrong, there. Capt. Nick over at GA agrees (updated post to include his disagreement).

      • OMG, uptight people. Just a joke. Get over it and calm down. Just my tactical shotgun and two handguns. My friend has the arsenal.

      • A death message just because of that. Wow…go out and fire off some ammo. If you are wishing death on someone just for that…I hate to see if someone truly pisses you off.

      • OMG, uptight people. Just a joke. Get over it and calm down. Just my tactical shotgun and two handguns. My friend has the arsenal.

        • People here care about their rights. FOAD is not a death threat, just like ROFL is not rolling on the floor laughing and LOL just needs to be banned altogether.

          In the future, a / sarc helps to indicate tone to folks online who don’t know you very well. Most of the gun owners here are pretty articulate, but some of us in the slave states are pretty ticked off because our “well meaning” legislators are making daily attempts to criminalize our way of life.

          If its any consolation, I get a hard time for being an LEO. If you support the 2A, that’s good enough for me.

        • @Accur81
          Well said. As a retired “peace officer”, +25 years, I’ve openly stated as such and taken a bit o heat.
          Thick skin here definitely helps.
          Even RF has a dislike for LE. I totally understand it and get where he’s coming from.
          Again, a mind is like a parachute, they work best when open.

  10. this guy is holding that gun like it’s about to wriggle out of his hands and hurt someone. really white knuckling it.

    also, the immediate juxtaposition of “criminals and the gun lobby” in one breath is incredible.

    Well, I consider myself a grassroots part of the “gun lobby” and Bloomberg can choke on a d*ck.

  11. If Bloomberg can foot the bill for propaganda in an attempt influence the politics in a state, would it be ethical or unethical to call Nevada Gov. Sandoval to support him in opposing out of state meddling?

  12. Dear Gov Sandoval,

    Please ask Bloomberg why he is running an ad in Nevada, with an actor holding a gun that is illegal in New York City. Please ask Bloomberg whether he supports the $340 pistol permit fee in New York City, fingerprinting, and whether he is also looking to push those measures on residents of Nevada. Maybe Red State governors should push a NYC ad slamming Bloomberg. Turnabout, after all, is fair play.

    • Maybe Red State governors should push a NYC ad slamming Bloomberg. Turnabout, after all, is fair play.

      Actually, that’s a great idea for the NRA and other groups to create ads for. Make an ad showing just how insanely hard it is to legally obtain a gun in NYC and then say “Do you really want the man behind these laws deciding the gun laws where you live? Let [name of state] citizens decide their own laws, not a rich elitist from New York City”.

      • Hey, Bloomberg-
        I don’t know if you know, but there are a lot of more enjoyable ways to piss your money away in the great state of Nevada.

      • what is kinda amazing to me is that Bloomberg also said banks were not responsible for the sub prime foreclosure crisis. Riiiiight. How can any state like Nevada having just been through the financial crisis, think that another thing exported from New York’s Financial sector onto the rest of the country be a good thing. It’ll end the same.

        • Actually, it wasn’t banks fault, it was the government who caused it. Look up the Community Reinvestment Act and the provisions that Clinton added to it. These laws forced banks to make risky loans because Democrats believed that “everyone should own their own home, even if they can’t afford it”. Clinton’s additions to the law happened shortly before the housing bubble appeared (because suddenly people who were being declined loans were being granted them). Then when (predictably) the whole mess blew up, the government denied any involvement and blamed the banks that they forced to make risky loans.

  13. you can not take my natural rights away……or the items I may need to enforce those rights….I will not allow you to do that….Semper Fi

    • No, it looked to me like he was afraid of the gun and out of his element. To go overnight from being a high paid male prostitute in NYC to the great American west can be quite a shock.

      • Oh
        Geez! The wife unit is sleeping.
        I think I blew a pneumothorax trying to stifle a laugh.
        Please stop. Trying to watch top shot

  14. Tell the governor to stand with Nevadans a billionaire mayor from NY that doesn’t have to live among the peons in the real world.

  15. This is the second Bloomberg ad where the guy holds the gun in an irresponsible manner (the first one really idiotic). In this one, the guy doesn’t have his finger on the trigger like in the first one, but he’s still pointing it off to the side and thus flagging anybody/everybody who walks to his left. If he had a negligent discharge, then he runs the risk of shooting someone by accident.

  16. Being a NV resident I watched (literally watched the video feed) our state Senate and then Assembly pass this bill on party line votes right up the chain. Of course, Bloomberg paraded his group of ‘whore your dead children’ speakers through our capital prior to the votes. Our Governor has stated he will veto this legislation and that is why these ads are now in place, catering the large left audience in the larger urban areas of NV (large being relative). I hope our Governor responds in a manner like another state politician who told Bloomberg to take his NY nanny state disarmament routine and blow it out his…

  17. My only hope is that Bloomy spends a decent portion of his millions, just to have the elections BLOW UP IN HIS FACE! Wasting his money would be a grand revenge…

  18. This add is full of mistruths starting with their ‘86%’ fantasy .The Mayors Against Guns [call it as it REALLY is] conducted a poll of 2586 People supposedly in Nevada and 251 gun owners so is the population of Nevada been reduced to 3000 people? So their whole Campaign Of Shame ,if you are a gun owner ,is based on a huge LIE, AND BORDERS ON ETHICS VIOLATIONS. Now if we take 2586 and we separate the 25 that leaves 86 and if we add a percentage figure,%, and we put it together with the 86, then we get 86%,don’t we? YA that’s the ticket ,that’s what we will tell those Nevadans and they will believe it.

  19. That a majority support universal background checks, unto itself, is meaningless. It doesn’t mean that a majority of people support individual policies to do so. For example, a majority probably support balancing the budget. So what happens? The Republicans present their plan, the Democrats present their plan, both sides say that the other one is nuts, and gridlock occurs. Also, even if a majority do support a particular policy, it doesn’t mean that it is an informed majority. A slight majority support an “assault weapons ban,” but I bet there’d be less than 50% support for an assault weapons ban if every person polled on it first had to take a class in which a detailed explanation was given showing the silliness of the term. Same with the term “high-capacity magazine.”

  20. Dirty libtards and their evil tricks. Use some conservative looking dude (with a Biden bopper shotgun) to spout your anti-liberty crap. I would love to slit their throats.


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