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Carli Richards was in the theater in Aurora watching The Dark Night Rises when James Holmes opened fire. She and her boyfriend got out, but not, according to, before she was hit on her arm, both legs, chest and back with a shotgun blast. Now she wants Holmes, when he’s ultimately convicted, to feel her pain. “‘I think death by firing squad would be totally justified … Just injecting him is painless.’ She says, ‘I had enough needles in me that night to know that a needle isn’t that bad. I want him to see what it feels like…I wish someone would shoot him and let him bleed out.’ She adds, ‘He shot me with stuff they use to shoot birds and deer. I want him to feel what it’s like to feel that helpless.'”


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  1. I’m glad she made it out with her life and limbs. I personally think life in prison with no parole, correspondence or visitation with anyone but a lawyer, in total solitary confinement would be worse than execution of almost any kind, but if she wanted to cap this asshole she’s welcome to borrow anything in my toy chest. I recommend a GSG5 with all copper hollowpoint. Start low, work you’re way up. Use as much as you want, I get boxes of 555 for 30 bucks. I’ll grab you two just in case.

    • awesome reply blinky.

      having to pay to keep this POS alive is NOT worth it to anyone but him.

      I agree with her 100% about justice, you take an innocent life….well you just forfeited your life as well in doing so.

      I would just go ONE step further and make sure to harvest all useful organs from Holmes for sale to pay for the costs of what he has done and because of his crimes I would say that he should be awake during the “harvest” wo no pain medication!

    • I personally think life in prison with no parole, correspondence or visitation with anyone but a lawyer, in total solitary confinement would be worse than execution of almost any kind

      Yes, but that will cost taxpayers millions. Better to spend less than a buck for a 00-buckshot shell and pay a janitor $10 an hour to mop up the mess.

      • Hey guys,

        finish him off however the victims families agree upon would be best, but BEFORE that happens, why not save/better the lives of GOOD people by harvesting this A-Holes organs?

        His eyes could help a blind person to see.

        His major organs could help save as many lives as he took.

        The MONEY to be made from selling his organs should go straight to the victims & their surviving family members.

        NOBODY here has even offered up a base-cost estimate for treatment, burial related expenses, loss of income due to murder for survivng family members, loss of homes for the same reason, ect. ect. ect.

        Yes it is a sad and horrible thing that happened, but the living have to go on LIVING and after a loss like this it makes everything harder to bear and a little financial help to shoulder this burden by the victims should be the FIRST consideration, not banning guns for everyone.

    • I think cruel and unusual is the way to go in order to sort out James Holmes.

      Poor girl, she was just trying to enjoy a movie…kneecap that a-hole Holmes, then when he heals do it again, for the rest of his life.

  2. I’m good with the firing squad. He was caught red handed so no trial is necessary. Just bring in survivors and families of the dead. Hand out some AR-15s, Rem 870s, and .40 cal Glocks. Line him up against a wall and shoot. Make sure the media covers it. Maybe it will dissuade others from committing mass murder.

    Hope she knows scars are sexy. She survived. She should be proud of them.

  3. Works for me. I hear the most accurate method of performing an execution by firing squad these days is to tie the target to a post some hundred yards away, next to several large plates of steel, and bounce .22s off them until he’s done.

  4. It’s refreshing to have a victim speak rationally about their assailant in the press. Usually the normal response is never included and all you hear are the pleas to forgive the animal.

  5. He was caught in the act red-handed. No need for a trial to prove he’s guilty. He showed no respect for human life, dont give him any in return. Respect is earned, not a given right. Give that girl a 0.22 or a 870 loaded with some birdshot and let her have at it. When she’s done have a firing squad finish the job.

  6. These are all natural reactions to the situation.

    I for one would prefer a trial by jury, a legitimate conviction, and execution. Firing squad would be fine.

    And, I’d be in favor of national broadcast.

  7. Give the perp an Airsoft and turn him lose on a mil spec Res. sell licenses, have Pay TV broadcast, give the proceeds to the victims families. IE Running Man

  8. I’ve never completely understood the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. Punishment MUST be cruel and unusual, else it has little deterrent effect.

    • It’s another one what I call the “Thou Shalt Not ‘Disappear’ People” clauses that are supposed to keep the government from abusing its power to silence political enemies. I find it’s a fascinating exercise to read through the Bill of Rights keeping in mind all the various ways governments throughout history have attempted to do just that. The First Amendment keeps them from flat out making opposition illegal. The Due Process clause means they can’t convict people without a trial. The right to trial by a jury of your peers, the right to counsel, to cross-examination, and the power of subpoena are to prevent kangaroo courts. The Double Jeopardy clause keeps them from bringing the same charges again and again until they get the result they want, etc.

      Of course, if you’re the ones making the laws and there’s a critic you really want to shut up, sooner or later you can usually trip them up in some minor infraction. The “cruel and unusual punishment” clause prohibits the government from, say, giving you a life sentence for littering.

      • “The “cruel and unusual punishment” clause prohibits the government from, say, giving you a life sentence for littering.”
        Clearly, that was the original intent. I do not believe that it is always applied so these days.

  9. Its great she survived , but of course NO ONE with a CCW permit could have possibly done any good in that theater! The bad guy was just too deadly with his high powered weapons of mass destruction , so resistance would be futile-CNN said so!

    As far as the disposition of Holmes is concerned, firing squad would be appropriate.

  10. I hope she learns from the experience and realizes the illusion that safety is; becoming proficient with a firearm and carrying isn’t immunity, but it sure is a step in the right direction to being safer. I hope that instead of cowering and becoming a pawn of the Bradys, who work every day to create more victims like her, she tools up and becomes wiser for the experience.

    Personally, I say cuff him at 100 yards and let family members of the victims take turns with a Five-Seven.

  11. Even if this animal does not get the death penalty (which I believe he should and quickly) I am pretty sure it won’t be long before a prison room mate makes him feel every bit as helpless and violated as those people in the theater. I’m not an advocate of prison rape. I don’t think it is right but I am aware that it happens on a regular basis. If it is going to happen anyway, I can’t think of a better person for it to happen to again and again and again, than this Holmes guy. I know she will never forget how Holmes made her feel in that theater but hopefully she will get to a point where it no longer keeps her up at night. Scares are indeed sexy.

  12. I’m quite surprised that she was shot with what appears to be heavy birdshot, and quite happy she wasn’t shot with buckshot, or I fear the outome might have been more serious or fatal.

    In any event, I wish her a speedy recovery and I wish Holmes a speedy trial.

    • It looks like buckshot at a range of about 20-30 yards. Even with BB or some other large-but-smaller shot, there’d be a lot more of it.

      Fortunately, that wasn’t the case, or a lot more people would have been hurt.

      • Even at 50 yards, #00 with a initial MV of ~1300fps is still moving at around 1000fps. According to ATK, that would be enough to penetrate 12-15″ of ballistic gel – which is a hell of a lot worse than the wounds shown in the picture above.

        Either she got pelted by richocet, or the pellets lost most of their energy penetrating other objects (wall, seats, etc.), or the shooter was using something much lighter than #00. Regardless, I’m sure it was scary as can be, and I understand her desire to see Holmes punished in a similar fashion.

      • Mr Lion:

        Not that any of our speculation is of global importance, but I agree with you that the pellet spread (figuring 1 inch spread per yard of distance traveled) could be correct based on what we can see of the wound pattern. However, since the smallest buckshot (#4, I think) is .24 inches, it still looks to me that those wounds are smaller. Which, again, if true, is a happy circumstance.

        I suspect we on TTAG will be reading the final ballistics report once it is pulic record.

  13. my wife has a punishment she’d like to see used on douches like the joker. feed them toes first into a wood chipper. it’s only cruel and unuasal for a short time.

  14. I see that most of you want to go medieval on his ass. Can’t say I disagree. But they should study him first a little bit more, maybe they can narrow down the causes of his mental state. Then throw him into the wood chipper.

  15. Upon conviction, after a fear and just trail (without the mass media giving him celebrity attention) then an execution.

  16. I’m glad that she and her boyfriend were among the survivors. Mr. Holmes needs to be put somewhere where he never sees the light of day again and the world can safely forget about him. My choice would be inside a concrete pour for a building foundation.

  17. An old fashioned electric soldering iron, put where the sun don’t shine. If you just want somebody to talk, don’t plug it in, just hold the end of the cord by the outlet.

  18. I am surprised at the hypocrisy in some of these comments. When gun grabbers are try to get your guns, you point out the 2A gives you the right to bear arms. When James Holmes kills people, you don’t point out his right to a fair trial by a jury of his peers. Although I agree he should be executed, the hypocrisy is outrageous.

    • We can be quick to judge because he was caught red handed at the scene. There is no doubt in anyones mind that he is guilty. His right to a fair trial will of course be carried out, WHEN he is found guilty, they should just execute him on the spot.

    • Nothing wrong with expressing a wholly natural desire for the most natural kind of justice there is: swift and brutal. It’s a “what he deserves” post. I bet you’d be hard pressed to find anyone here who would, if given the power, deny him a Constitutionally protected trial. But we can still ponder what Holmes truly deserves.

      That’s the difference between liberty-minded folks and progressives: we can differentiate between what we personally desire and what the Constitution protects, whereas they create oppressive policy based on their self-centered desire for control, to hell with the Constitution.

    • we already have state sanctioned torture. waterboading and who knows what else. might as well put it to good use. torture away.

  19. I certainly understand her feelings. On an emotional level I am all for letting her have her way with him…as someone else stated: “Start low and shoot your way up” or something like that.

    But, feelings should not rule the day. Logic, reason and practicalities should.
    Logically he is no longer a threat. Executing him will not fix the damage he has done.

    Conduct a thorough investigation, then lock him up and throw away the key. From a practical standpoint it is actually cheaper than executing him and, in a sense, life in prison IS a death sentence…it just takes longer.

    • I’m all for a fair trial and it’s true that executing him won’t bring anyone back, but I’m also not opposed to him getting the chair. Eye for an eye. He took 13 lives. What else would be a fair punishment? I don’t see why he should live out his years in prison.

  20. Glad she’s okay (at least physically), and scars are definitely sexy.

    Now to rain on the “justice” parade. We tend to throw that word around without really thinking about what it actually is. A DA once broke it down for me: There are 5 aspects of “justice” to consider in sentencing:

    1) Protection of society. Easy. Lock him up forever (pricey) or end him (cheaper). Leave it to his defense team to muck that one up for us.

    2) Rehabilitation. Don’t think we have any faith in that for him. Off the table. (Though his defense team will play this card.)

    3) Compensation. How do you really pay for lives taken and suffering inflicted? (See number 5.)

    4) Deterrent (of the perp commiting future crimes or others following in his footsteps). Hard to deter a psychotic. Or even someone in the throws of a passion-crime. They don’t care until it’s too late. You can only deter someone who’s afraid of the penalty and sure it’s coming.

    5) Revenge. Yes, it’s in there. But from personal experience, it’s a rather bottomless pit. I know from experience. Someone hurts or kills a loved one, a life for a life, even genocide, doesn’t satisfy (though it does give you something to do). This is why folks reflexively jump to punish everyone (gun owners) for the actions of one monster. Now, watching someone suffer is at least cathartic. So yeah: The death penalty is actually mercy (unless you assume he’ll be burning in whatever afterlife, and he’ll get that anyway). I vote for life in Supermax rotting with his own demons, or trapped with a population likely to exact a more primal kind of “justice”, especially if those that want to can watch. (Regular follow-up reports? We only see these guys again when they come up for parole. No idea really what “fun” they’ve had in the interim.)

    Just one of the many reasons I’m “Darth” Mikey…

    • Well Darth I’ll tell you…I was Tex Watson’s keeper when we brought him back and during his trial. I got that crappy duty because I was from Texas originally and was still called ‘Tex’.

      I have been to all of his parole hearings and when he testified, so did I. Finally he stopped going because he realized that if he ever got out I’d be waiting for him where the van dropped him off. He’s still healthy and lives in solitary and he is OK there. He got married gets conjugal visits and has fathered children in prison.

      He has full access to the California library system, food, clothing and complete medical care for life – and so does his family. I’m not really anxious to see Holmes afforded those rights. They aren’t luxuries at all, but his food is delivered to his cell, his clothes and bedding are cleaned for him and delivered and he has a color TV, a coffee maker, snacks and plenty of time to access a full law library access to the Internet and phone and he doesn’t have to do anything at all. He is not in the general population, but he isn’t actually in complete solitary, either.

      Holmes doesn’t deserve that. It’s not the punishment you may think it is.

  21. I believe Utah is the only state in the nation that the firing squad is still legal… He’ll have to be moved.

  22. I’m 65. Holmes has 40 years and 5″ on me. Let me go at with him with knives. Nothing could be more fair. I promise you though, he will be really uncomfortable by the time we are done.

  23. Put him in a cell with a drain, a toilet and a shower head in it. Shove food through a slit. No human contact at all. Let him stew for 50 years.
    There are a lot of things worse than death.

  24. I oppose capital punishment in all cases, but especially in the case of mentally ill people who do bad things. Sick people belong in hospitals, not jails, and they do not deserve death anymore than the people they kill.

    The general response in this thread is not surprising since most of you are incapable of distinguishing between justice and revenge. And you love the tough talk.

    And, let’s not forget that the young man in question was one of you, right up until that night. Now you want to torture him in so many interesting ways. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    • mikeybnumbers, he was one of us because he bought a gun. you belong to the group that favors gun control. that,by your reasoning makes you one with men like stalin. i know i’m wasting my time talking to you, you don’t believe the tripe you’re spouting yourself. in your own way as damaged as the “joker” and this is your way of getting attention.

    • Following that logic, people who poison the water in schools so children can’t be educated and shoot fourteen year old girls for the crime of being raped ….and serial killers such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and the estimated hundred or so others who are roaming America at any given time should be locked in hospital cells instead of prison cells. Some are, of course, but they remain a danger to the staff who must interact with them. In point of fact, exactly the same purpose is served in both types on institutions and prison is typically the more humane choice because some candy-stripe trainee isn’t going to accidentally open the door and because violent people understand violence.

      Insofar as Holmes, he will fail with an insanity defense because his crime was very well thought out and thoroughly scripted over a period of months. A similar case is Ted Kaczynski who refused an insanity defense. Holmes may try one because he grasped within hours that being locked in a cell might not be as romantic an experience as he at first imagined and is now probably desperate to avoid it.

      The concept of an eye for an eye is cathartic for victims. Anger allows them to fight for survival and not fall into into a cycle of self-victimization. Imagining all manner of revenge eventually vents their anger and allows them to put the experience on the back shelf. They no longer have to carry it as destructive baggage. In point of fact, justice IS revenge. The concept of long term incarceration as a method of rehabilitation does not work: evidence the recidivism rates for violent offenders.

      I doubt you are qualified to judge ‘most of us’ as being somehow inferior by encouraging the healing process for the victims or being unable to distinguish justice from revenge, since you do not understand the process. If victims do not expurgate the hurt, EXACTLY as this young woman is – and EXACTLY as everyone here is encouraging her to do, they can easy become violent offenders in their own right.

  25. I am steadfastly in support of upholding all of the rights outlined in the constitution. To have a fair trial, and to not punish inhumanely, was a pretty big thing for our founding fathers, as I understand it, reading back on their writings. And, It should be for all of us as well. To allow the government body (and cadres of corrupt lawyers) utter autonomy in de facto being the judges, juries and executioners was never the way it was supposed to be. Ordinary citizens are to be involved in the process, sure, with experienced elders to officiate, and the supreme law of the land to rule. To call ardently (even if half in jest) for this man’s blood to be shed in wild and imaginative ways goes against so much of what our founding fathers believed in. Give him a fair trial, and then if the deliberations yield a consensus on punishment by death, then try to make it as quick and relatively painless as possible. No dragging it out for years. Making it public record is important as well; There needs to be complete transparency and oversight by regular citizens at every step of the way. Our nation was not steadily built and grown on blood-thirsty torture and mob-thinking law-of-the-jungle, for the most part. I would sincerely like to see some better-thought out viewpoints here amongst us, and not just knee-jerk calls for violence. I know that this is a passionate subjects and emotions sometimes run extremely high, which I guess is natural. I am not immune to such thoughts and feelings either, I claim to be no saint. But ultimately, having cooler heads amongst all of us needs to prevail. We must not descend to the levels of some of the theocratic backwaters that we hear so much about. Embracing some of the hallmarks of tyranny, like trial-less execution, torture, and lawlessness goes against all of the values of liberty that I believe in.

  26. Start a lottery and sell tickets at $20 each. Money goes to help survivors medical costs. Which ever ticket gets drawn they get to kill him in any manner they choose. I’m in.


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