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Facts of School is spot on: we live amongst crazy people with access to guns. There are evil people are out there, somewhere; in your classroom, church group, boy scout troop or online reading your blog. Or maybe just strolling into your movie theater. That’s the inconvenient truth revealed by the Midnight Movie Massacre in Aurora, Colorado. It’s no wonder that some Americans focus on the guns used; it allows them to mentally distance themselves from the actual crazies. But turning a blind eye to mental illness puts them and society in greater danger. At the very least, ID and monitor people who don’t seem quite right in the head. More than that, be polite to everyone you meet and have a plan to kill them. ‘Cause being polite may not be enough.

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  1. I believe it was that famous Chicago philosopher, Al Capone, who said “You can get more with a gun and a pleasant word than with just a pleasant word.”

    And isn’t it the current Mayor of Chicago who says “guns should be banned for everyone except my bodyguards, and other Chicago political hacks”?

  2. Or how about “be nice to the weird kid, because maybe your peer group has deemed them weird, because they dress or act a bit differently, and that person might turn out to be an awesome friend underneath their offbeat appearance.”

  3. Don’t forget that the vast majority of people with a mental illness are of no threat to anyone besides (maybe) themselves.

    • but for the Aurora shooter, // he was id by the schools threat team as been a threat to the school /his head doc was part of this team and alerted the team to his potential// BUT SINCE HE DROPPED OFF ……. they close the case, but forgot about the rest of the world outside from their glass tower of superior understanding.

  4. Good article up until the second to last line. With the line, “Be polite to everyone you meet and have a plan to kill them”, you’ve just served us up to the “Anti’s” on a silver platter. No wonder they think gun owners are the problem and that we’re all crazy.

    If you had said, “Have a plan to subdue them”, or “Have a plan to neutralize the threat” (several interpretations there). Then we don’t come off as bloodthirsty and/or looking to pull a Zimmerman.

    The war with the Anti’s (and it is a war) will be won battle by battle. Incrementally conversion by conversion. We can’t nuke them into realizing statistically and logically that we’re correct, because both Katrina and 9/11 couldn’t even do that. And if takes the SHTF scenario to do it, well then it’s to late and it won’t matter anyway.

    Overall I believe we need to distance ourselves from being lumped in the same category as the nut jobs and be perceived as the solution. Just my .02

    • i agree with the concept bryan. i try to educate and recruit new shooters regardless of race or gender. however, i’ve been at this long enough to know that the anti’s are not going to compromise or let up. and it doesn’t matter if we have a few loose nuts in the group. if we lived in a crime free , racially intergrated utopia they would still be pushing to get rid of our guns.

      • +1 jwm. Gun grabbers will not be appeased. Their force must be met with the same or greater resistance.

        • Agreed until SHTF the Anti’s will never be appeased. Greater tactical resistance needed (words/deeds), same force equals stalemate. Just don’t want to feed them ammunition is all.

      • While having not been in this fight as long as most in this forum (fresh blood or is that meat?) I too realize that there’s no compromising. We must have a give an inch and lose it forever mentality.

        Also never meant to insinuate that Mr. Farago was a loose nut, sorry if that’s the way it came off. SideNote-I love reading his articles and after all he started this forum/site. I just thought that the verbiage of that sentence could’ve been better suited to the cause.

    • You may be in danger of falling into the “political correctness” trap that the left has established: they really, really want us to practice self-censorship.

      I am not an advocate of unthinkingly offending people, or handing out gratuitous insults, but I will not censor my speech or thoughts on the basis of what may or may not offend my political enemies. And make no mistake, the organized political left in this country sees gun owners as THEIR enemies. We will not tamely go along with their statist goals, so our speech and our thoughts are to be suppressed.

      And if this comment offends anyone: good – you have made my point.

  5. “it allows them to mentally distance themselves from the actual crazies”

    Superficially treating the symptoms of social, political, and economic problems the way they do demonstrates their denial, ignorance, and fear of acknowledging that the modern utopia pipe-dreams of socially engineering a human-worker paradise is unrealistic.

  6. “be polite, be efficient, and always have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” I wasn’t aware you were a fan of TF2, Farago.


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